Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am going to be using Everything is going to be all right 2
as my home....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

moved in...

I migrated my journal but it didn't go to my new one...oh well. I guess I'll have to copy and paste my entries from that one. anyway, being here gave me a chance to read my old entries from 2004...Wow this girl has grown up....WAY up!

And to think some of the same crap that was going on with my kids is still the same! Same with the jobs, but NOW I'd don't let it bother Mark and I have back up jobs! And God! He's my back up job!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ever the rebel...

ever the optimist I am going to hang out here in AOL land until last call...even though I don't drink I can still party with the best of 'em!!! 

Things are very fall like around the Midwest, nice temperatures with only a hint of rain.  Hubby's working construction after a 7 week layoff (I've been so busy I thought it was only 5 weeks!!)  I have a sports trip every evening, getting home before 7, with hubby home at 3:00 he's been making dinner.  I think because Jeremy and Jim are officially moved in next door, he's feeding them too....sigh...sometimes it's hard to let go...
speaking of, my son Eric has had enough of being in Ohio, working a stressful job and being 5 hours from family...he's finding a WAY to come home...transfer, beg, whatever...he misses family & security of knowing someone who loves you has your back.   He's planning on moving in his dad and step mom to save money, by Thanksgiving.  It'll be good for them all.

Dale has his first session with my friend the therapist today.   I trust it will go well...she yelled at me last week because I do everyone's laundry.  I depend on my washing machine, and with at one time 7 people's worth of large jeans I do NOT let anyone touch my machine.  She says they should go to the laundromat.  whatever...

Otherwise AOL I am staying until you throw all my stuff on the curb! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am here!  I am moving on...too!

Dang it!!

Just got the email regarding AOL journals!!!  I have over four years of journal to figure out how to save...a fitting end to a very, very crappy day...

The babies are coming!  Jeremy is renting the house next door to me...officially...and he's taking my stepson, Jim who's been here for nearly 2 years with him!!

The youngest, Dale after many threats and weeks went to Target this morning to apply for a stocking job...with Liz as his reference he is pretty sure he will be employed by weeks end.  He feels this job is beneath him as he is used to well paying construction jobs...but with the current economy his older brothers may be joining him. ;)

Mrs H is in the nursing home, healing, having us still work for her, and demanding to be sent home.  Guess I was wrong, she's feisty as ever and wants to keep on hanging around this earth for a while.  She often tells me St Peter asks God if it's time for her to come to Heaven...He says not yet!

Hubby's 35th reunion Friday evening get together. 

Fun, but Saturday's picnic was better...less alcohol by some...Here's some comments...D says, "I don't remember you, who were you?" to me...and " I had such a crush on Mark during junior high"   By the end of it all as with all things age is the great equalizer.  People I thought were snobs are now down to earth, others are trying too hard to look either young or older than their years.  Otherwise it was a great time.

Another busy work week...but busy is good...especially with 3 school days off in October...God I love my job!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

mrs. h

I can't figure out why this underlined ... It won't undo...::sigh:::

I am sitting here trying to phrase what I want to say...perhaps it's sadness, perhaps frustration, I got word yesterday from my friend J that Mrs H, whom we both work for took a fall and broke her arm.  J and I went to
see her last evening at the hospital and she seems resigned to the fact that this was inevitable.  The fateful day had come when she would no longer be able to live in her apartment.  A nursing home was in her future.  I feel such great sadness not only for those of us girls whom have become her dear friends but for her.  Hiring us was her last grasp of independence.  Now she will have to go into full time care.  She is a woman who has always been independent, a fair yet sometimes stern employer, but always with a sense of humor or a kind word upon my departure each work day. 
Maybe it's us who has to accept it.  Working for her was never about the money.  It was about sharing a friendship with an elder who showed me that getting older was not so bad, that the road ahead was bumpy, but I'd be ok.  Her way was always, always be true to yourself, work hard, don't use dope (a person will sell their mother's eyeballs for dope, her mother used to tell her), and stay happy.  It's hard to be happy today.  My friend is fading away and there is nothing I can do, but understand that this is life.  Her life, Mrs H's way.  She seemed for her I will be too.