Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Feeling a - ok

Feeling very connected to the world today.  Did some errands for Mark this morning.  He is very happy with his job, but he comes home so tired at night.  Hopefully, he will adjust.  I dyed Liz's hair for her play that starts tomorrow night.  Dyed it blue, didn't work last night but I got her hair to turn blue today.  Thankfully, don't want a mad 15 year old on my hands. Her picture is her from here play from last week.  My children are so cool...they are really expressing their political views and their opinions about the world.  I am so proud! Then stopped in at work to check the bid board for field trips.  I looked all grubby in sweats and dye all over and did not care.  Got asked to work tomorrow that's cool because when I worked last time I only worked 12 hours and cleared $130.00.  They paid me driver pay because I got called in.  VERY cool.  Not even freaking out about my Home biz, it will work out.  I really thought I would be doing better, but everything takes time.   I gave Tracee some products to use for Jacob for his skin and allergies.  Just want him to feel better.  Plus then I won't have to worry about Grandbabies drinking cleaning products that could hurt them.  The holiday is coming up and Mark's off Monday.  Going to spend some time at the trailer...looking forward to that.  Need a BREAK!! =)

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Whew!!!  I made it!!!  Today was really a crazy day!  I drove the bus on a field trip and had to go toward Chicago.  I did ok, but the tollway of course was tore up and there was so much traffic it was nuts.  Went with 4 others.  Two brothers and a father/son.  I kept up with them and that was cool as I am pretty new at this.  We had breakfast of course ... bus drivers always eat out ... and breakfast is the most important meal of the day...right???  Had a nice nap after in the bus.  I LOVE my job...hope the district doesn't decide to get rid of us.  There are talks of sub contracting out, first special services then I would imagine us...hope not.  This is a job that I had hoped to retire at, but as always, "the best laid plans..."  I live my life by trusting God.  He's plans for me are always better...

Monday, June 28, 2004

It's a good day

I made it through the birthday party yesterday!!!  Mark's ex has decided that she is the main Grandparent in his son's little boy's life.  But I knew that when I married Mark 9 years ago.  It was nice just to enjoy the party and just be me.  I didn't feel all nervous or like I had to behave a certain way.  But for a 1 year old Jacob got enough gifts for 10 kids.  Oh well, he's the first...they always get spoiled don't they?  I was able to talk to Mark's ex too.  That's a step in the right direction.  They have 5 kids together and there will be 4 more weddings and many grand babies ... peace is better than the bitterness that used to follow all of us before.   I guess Loving others and the Golden Rule do make you feel good!!

Today was pretty good.  The kids are all home for the summer, including Tim who's 22, Eric who's 19, Dale who's 17 and Liz 15...I have to remind myself to treasure these  times they will be all back to college, high school and me driving the school bus come August and then I won't have these crazy times...Gotta always remember to stay in the moment!!