Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Thanksgiving break was both fun and full of rest.  I used a couple of the days to just unplug and rest my brain.  The stress of dealing with a bus load of kids and daily traffic has a way of wearing on a person.  The break was a welcome one.

The food was plentiful and spending time with the kids was great too. 

Dakota on Thanksgiving day...

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The grandsons all had colds and drippy noses.  Dayton is cutting molars so he's especially drippy.  Isn't he cute all snotty and red!???

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Jacob loves girls and has a crush on one of Liz's girlfriends.  He also spent a lot of time with my son Tim's girlfriend Kristin on Thanksgiving day..  He's a smart boy, she can cook!

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The boys came over Saturday night for a sleepover.  I have been helping an older lady and she had asked me to come over Saturday night for a couple of hours.  Mark stayed with the babies and even got them to put vicks on their throats.  Kept them from coughing all night! 

Sunday was a bit hairy as it's been freezing here, too cold to play at the park.

I only have three weeks until my Christmas break.  I have been packing in as many extra hours as possible.  Next week I have three extra trips. 

Still planning a trip to Florida over far so good....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving...

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Dakota, a few weeks ago...

I am enjoying a well deserved day off...Both Monday and Tuesday nights I had sports trips that lasted until 8:30 in the evening.  The weather has been awful, rainy, and cold and now snow is expected.  I actually enjoyed the trip the basketball time was polite and well behaved.  I am actually off work until Monday.

We are going to Jeremy and Tracey's house for Thanksgiving.  This is odd in that last year we were not allowed, because Mark's ex was going to be there.  Now she is coming in the morning so we are invited for dinner.  We are very civil to one another, but kids even as adults have weird ideas about relationships.  I was surprised by this invite.  I heard about it in the middle of buying my Thanksgiving dinner on Monday morning.  At first I was mad, thinking we were only being invited as after thoughts, but my better judgement took over, and was actually relieved, less cooking for me!  I put most of the dinner back on the shelves, saved the Turkey, he was on sale.  Him, I will cook Friday.

The boys will be here Saturday night.  I miss them a lot and I know having grandma time is so important to them too.


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Dayton...same day...

So today I am grateful and blessed.  I will be with all my children tomorrow.  And I give God the Glory!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Being Thankful

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Hubby & the wedding reception.

I am finally having a free Saturday to sit at one of my favorite computer and catch up with J-land.  This is a busy time of year and it seems to be getting earlier than ever!  Christmas music in the air & lights up are one thing, but those balloon things up in people yards is too, too much!  At least let's enjoy fall people!

My entry today is all about being thankful...I tend to freak out less when I remind myself of what I have and where I've come from...I am one blessed girl, but still tend to hang out in the land of fear.  Not a nice place for sure...

My family and friends are so important to me.  I tend to not nurture my friendships, usually back away from letting people get too close, but I think I have matured and grown out of that.  I am even letting people hug me, weird...but nice.  I have some old friends that work with now.  It's so wonderful to have them around.

Last Sunday went to a small store front church with a girl at was a very, very powerful experience for me.  God has always been good to me, me not so good back.  I tend to be a control freak and try and plan out everything in my life.  Not so easy, but I am learning (again) to step back do what I can and let God do the rest. 

I am off work Wednesday through Sunday!  Monday & Tuesday and 5 hours school days, and I do have a sports trip Monday night.  BUT I made sure I have off the rest of the week.  To be filled with family, food and fun...I've earned the time off.

I am also thankful that my hubby is working today.  Saturday work has been no where to be found this construction season & with a short week next week we are very blessed to have this extra work. 

I truly believe, but have a hard time practicing, that what we focus on we become.  Today I am focusing on my wonderful life, and while I still have some problems they will all work out in the is good.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bobby's wedding

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My children...Liz, Eric, Tim and I...

I've known Bobby's father since I was a teen going to the local pool and he was a life guard.  Bobby always played sports with my boys so his mom and dad became fast friends of ours during our 'going to the kid's sports' days.   Bobby's mom now works with me and we have always had a warm friendship.  After college my son Tim & Bobby shared a house along with a few other guys.  When it was time for Bobby to get married he chose my son to be his best man.

The wedding was this past Saturday.  And I have to say the wedding was beautiful, but the reception was awesome...very very fun.  These kids wanted to put a good party and they succeeded.

I danced!  To Britney Spears!   But sorry no dirty dancing, that was saved for the over 60 crowd!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

fall fun

Grabbing a moment to share my family fall fun from last weekend.  I am doing this to remind myself just how blessed I am.  I will be by to visit very soon!!

Thank you all for being my online friends!



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Dakota, Dayton & Jacob.  It's nearly impossible to get them all to stand still to snap a group picture.



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Baby Dayton is getting so big!

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It's hard to see with the shadows but this is grandpa and the two big boys.  We had a great time with the leave pile!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hallween, work and too much sugar!


My busy life, filled with work, family and of course FUN!


Jacob...he was all hugs and smiles this weekend!

Way too busy!

My work schedule is nothing like years past.  Gone are my lengthy breaks, no more Wednesday midday's off.  I am lucky to get an hour in the am, and a short break in the pm.  The morning break have been being used for errands.  Now I know how normal working people feel...but work is good so I do not complain.  

Some days I am lucky to get a quick nap in one of the seat in the school bus!  Thank God for cell phones with alarms...

I survived Halloween, always a chore for educators and anyone who deals with children.  And to top the week off there was  threat of violence at one of high schools so my normally fearless junior high kids were freaking out and spreading their own rumors, which I put an end to.  Thankfully we had no school yesterday, hopefully the candy will be gone and the kids can go back to their less sugared up selves.

We went with the grand kids trick or treating.  It was very entertaining to see their excitement. 


Jacob and Dakota were Knights...

Dayton the Dragon of course!   or the Candy monster, take your pick.

The kids were here overnight yesterday.  Thank God grandma gets an extra hour of sleep tonight.  Next week proves to be even busier for me, with an evening trip for work Monday, and I have started a part time job one evening a week helping a senior, Wednesday I am subbing for a friend.   But I have my eye on the prize...Christmas break...on the beaches of St Petersburg, Florida for a visit with dad!

Stay safe!