Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mom's birthday

Today would have been my mother's 66th birthday.  She has been gone over 6 years and it seems like yesterday she was here.  I miss her daily and I often wonder why the good die so young.  Granted she abused her body with cigarettes and alcohol finally quitting both 5 years before her death from cancer.  Her death reminds me how valuable and loved I am to my own (sometimes self-centered) family.  My daughter once said to me she never wanted me to die.  I am sure she has wished I would disappear at times, but die ... no.  My mother's unconditional love was always there for matter what me or my 3 younger brothers did she loved us.  I am proud to be her daughter and only wish were here.  She hs taught me well as I am able to open my heart to 5 stepsons and their growing families.

I am now a grandmother to my stepson's little Jacob.  Hopefully if all goes as planned we get to take the little fatboy for a few hours on Sunday.  That kid is so darn cute. 

Happy birthday mom!  I know you are in Heaven with your brother Nick and your sisters Rose and Mary singing Neil Diamond and dancing up a storm.  I love you!!!

oh what a day...

Went outside this am to a flat tire so I had to hop on my trusty huffy and bike to work.  It's only a  mile away but brrrrr it was 39 degrees!  But the freash air and biking helped with my mood.   Hopefully the day will go better...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

We had the safety meeting.  Oh course all the drivers that had the accidents (12 so far this school year...and that's only 3 weeks in ) were NOT in attendence.  Which is a bloody shame.  I know accidents can happen, but with this type of job the BIG guys look at whether or not they are preventable and ALL of them were.  These accidents are stupid errors, drivers going too fast, not paying attention, etc.  This will mean more training which can't hurt any of us, including me.

Made it home in time for our Homecoming Parade.  WOW we aren't just a little town parade anymore. 

Musical Notes Bubbling

Our band is beautiful with their new uniforms proudly marching by.  Our football program sports 3 different teams consisting of 4 levels, plus cheerleaders and poms.  My daughter walked for the drama department.  I should have we the bus drivers, but I love my parades...especially since they march right by my very home! 

It was so cute, kids yelling, "hey there's my bus driver!".  2 little girls I had last year, were saying,  "Rose we want you back!!".  Made me feel so proud!  I have a niche' in life and I feel so needed!  :).

Nite all!  Love Rose

Safety meeting

As I predicted we have a safety meeting in about 10 I have to be brief.  I knew this would happen as there was another accident yesterday.  I pray everytime I get into the bus to for God's protection.  So far so good.


Do not cast away your confidence for it will be richly rewarded (Hebrews 10:35)

God has always been there for me...and I am confident His protection will always be there...

Have a great day...Gotta go...tonight Homecoming Parade!  Goes right by my house and I love parades.  This year our high school band is going to the Rose Bowl...Quite the production! 


Monday, September 27, 2004

It monday

It's another fun filled Monday and already drivers at work are crashing into things, namely turning a corner and scrapping some car's bumper...either these people are too lazy or just don't care, but I see a safety meeting in the works.  My day is normal, I am glad I rested yesterday, made a big difference in how I felt this morning.  Especially my attitude.  Feel like my old loveable self again.

This is our High School's Homecoming this week so there will parades, and all that.  Plus I have to ask the neighbor to help me hem Liz's dress.   Poor short kid always has clothes that are too long.  I could do it myself but the two sewing machines that were my mother's stopped working right after she died.  Weird.

Whelp I am off going to get those stickers I promised to my little ones.  They were sure to remind me and they have been so good at keeping each other in line on the school bus.  Love those little guys.



Sunday, September 26, 2004

sunny sunday

It's beautiful, bright and sunny warm day ... here in the midwest.  Amazing how poor Florida has so much crazy weather and we have had only a few inches of rain this month.  One lady today said the ground is so hard her kid fell on it and broke his arm!  Got up bright and early and went to the campground to make the BIG breakfast.  Been fighting that cold thing so I came home and napped.  Feeling much better.  Sleep ahhhhhh sleep God's way of recharging the stressed out body. 

Jeremy, Tracey and Little Jacob came to the breakfast.  Jacob saw me and gave me a big grin.  That Fat Boy is sooooo cute!  I didn't get to play with him though I was serving food on "the line".  But I am glad they came made Mark happy too.

Liz is off her banishment from the computer, but now she is walking the dog to "think".  Ewe!  thinking and a teenager...very dangerous stuff! 

Going to just hang out today.  Hopefully next week will be nice and calm.  Talk to you all!  Thanks for listening to me whine.  Now I am back to my old self.  Much better.  Have a great rest of the weekend.  Rose

Saturday, September 25, 2004


Doing better...Mark and I had a "talk", I guess with all the normal stress that life throws us normal people, we normal people have to let off some steam.  And Mark and I being such emotional people we do everything with passion.  Since we don't drink or smoke or do drugs we have to face our problems and then figure out how to solve them.  Hee haw!!

Liz is off the computer for at least today as she has neglected to wear her retainers, as she was "reminded" to do over and over and over again.  She is so dumb too, she leaves them sitting in a cup in the very bathroom that Mark uses every morning.  Guess she will not forget again.  She's napping now as she is mad and bored and "just wants to get out of this HOUSE!!"  The drama of a drama queens.  God love my little girl. 

There's my little drama queen from a couple of years back...she's the 3rd one with the yellow sponge with her best friend Em.  I am going to get my film from "Her Highness the princess Liz's" homecoming dance put on a disc so I can show her off on my Blog.  Her dress is beautiful, we went out last night to get it, we actually had no fights and it was the 2nd one we saw.  I guess we are both growing up...:)!!!  Although we are both very stepson Jim's girlfriend Sara always does Liz's hair and she can't this time she's studying to be a nurse and is busy that day.  Oh well, it's off to the beauty shop for us.  Changes! Changes!  My poor kid is as stubborn as her dear old mom!  But I would not change a THING!!  Hooray for hope!!  Bye guys...

Another day in the never boring live of Rose....

Had to put the picture up as this is what the world around here usually looks like...but because of the chilly, weird summer weather the trees are as brown and dead as can be...about as brown and dead as my mood.  I caught some sort of funky bug from the little school kids or could be the bus drivers but I have been fighting a cold all week.  Today has been the I don't quite feel sick and I don't quite feel well either.  Oh well, hubby is on the war's over due as he goes in streaks.  His son Dale got angry last week at school and punched a locker and now Mark and he are trying to figure out why Dale is so angry.  This will not be an overnight discussion as Dale is neary 18 and has been angry for a long time.  But it's part of the process they started a long time ago.  Both father and son can both be quite "trigger happy" as far as tempers and right now I am staying out of it.  I tend to make it worse.  Our parenting styles as far as our own children tend to be "take care of our own" kid as far as when the BIG issues come up.  It works out best for us.  We talk about it together, but ultimately it works best this way.  As I write this hubby is at work and we are still trying to figure this kid out.  I am beginning to think that this kid is going to have to learn life's lessons the hard way.  He is constantly saying that Mark yells at him (not true), and then calls his mom to complain about us.  She doesn't want him there, because he is too much trouble.  Ish!  I am giving this one to God and He'll help us figure it out!

This week went pretty well.  My kindergarteners are behaving.  The little guy that likes to stand up now has a cute little girl blocking him in his seat so he only stands up once in a while instead of changing seats all the time.  He loves the girls so that really helps me to drive and not  looking in the mirror all the time.  We have started singing as a way to keep track of the ride and these little stinkers are so smart for so young.  They already know the route and when I had an addition to the route they said, "bus driver you're going the wrong way!".  So cute.

Yesterday was filled with car wrecks, traffic jams and down power lines, and Thursday had a kid go to the neighbor's house instead of going straight home.  This lead to an hour neighborhood search by 4 different (including me) buses looking for this little 5 year old girl.  She finally showed up 45 minutes later after some kids selling candy tipped her off to the mass search efforts.  Never a dull moment in bus driver land.  For some reason the parents of this generation don't label their children or teach them their names, phone numbers or addresses.  Kids as old as 3rd grade have no idea where they live.  What's happened to this generation???  We have had more kids get on the wrong bus, get off at the wrong stop and even high school kids can't remember what bus to get on! 

Hopefully, today will calm down and I can have a peaceful weekend.  Going to head out to the camper and enjoy some quiet...for now going to do some housework.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Finally used to this work schedule!  Not so tired today.  I really like being busy but I really miss "cruising the Journals", I need to set aside a day to catch up!!

Sun Playing With Beach BallIt's funny how I have noticed just how different teenagers are from each other.  My 5 girls that I shuttle from the new high school to the old one talk about how fat they are, what they are wearing to the dance and how they look.  The boys on the other hand talk about CD's, how to roll a good cigarette (they"re stoners that's usually their main topic, pot).  Now when I have a mixed bus load it's all about mixed topics.  I think it's very interesting how when you separate the sexes how the topics are very different.  But the nice thing is I don't judge them so they always feel free to talk to me.  And so far they are being the 2 today that said "hey there's no sign that says we can't smoke".  And I am like have you ever seen a bus go up in smoke?  They discussed the cons of the bus burning and agreed to not smoke even if they were just kidding me.  I have asked them what the big deal with smoking is.   I tried to talk to them about the costs of cigs, the health risks, etc.  The one kid says that he's addicted and the gum to quit costs too much.  As an ex smoker I know how they feel.  What a shame, and waste of a young life,  all to be cool.  Hopefully they will grow out of this phase, but this group of boys in particular have other issues and they are at this special school because they are a step away from jail...and again what a shame, all four of them are great young men.  I am glad I can help contribute in some sort of positive way.  Time will tell.

Life is good, things are looking up or maybe it's just my attitude, yep that's it...attitude and prayer.  God bless!

Monday, September 20, 2004

All work and no play makes Rosie HAPPY for today!

Wow I am a busy girl!  Saturday took the Junior High Volleyball team on a sports trip and got 9 hours in.  Another driver was there with another local school so I had company.  Otherwise my ex and his wife and kid were at the Youth Football game at that same school and it didn't even click in my brain.  I really didn't want to talk to them anyway, my ex's wife likes to gossip way to much and can be very negative, so I try and avoid her.  I have learned many a hard lesson that way.  I must of been tired because Mark told me I was talking in my sleep!  I guess I said, "don't worry about it!".  Hee.  Yesterday we went out on the bike, the weather has been beautiful, but very dry, which I think will effect the leave colors this fall.  They seem to be turning brown and then falling to the ground.  I did have a hummingbird in my garden this morning.  I noticed him as the village ordinance enforcer was telling me that we had to move our semi out of our driveway.  We'll figure something out.

I am doing better today, because I do finally have a routine.  Which is always very good for me.  Now I just need to get my family to pitch in and it will be all good.  I got a call from a girl who also does a work at home business like I have been trying to do and she has wellness seminars 2x a week nearby so I am going to check that out tonight.  So I will definitely be busy, which is what I wanted.  That was my whole point of resting up this summer. 

This afternoon I have my kindergartener's and I have a nice seat with a seat belt all ready for my little guy that likes to stand up.  I am going to get him some stickers and see if that helps.  It's so hard to be good on the bus for some of these little guys they are so short and it's so hard to not make the little girls giggle.  They are so cute, but they do need to be safe.  Hopefully after they get used to me they will behave.  That's what happened on my other route.  Now they all know to sit down and stay down. 

Well gotta go be a housewife for awhile...have a great day! 

Friday, September 17, 2004


Lochness Monster Saying HiI am soooooo tired!!!  I managed to bid on a kindergarten route and actually got it.  Yesterday I took a bus to the safety lanes and on the way back the bells went off and come to find out the radiator was bad.  Then as I was taking home the last route a new girl radioed in that a car had hit her.  Not sure if it was her fault...but messed up our bus really bad and the lady that hit her car was totalled.  Made me be MUCH more careful...traffic around here is so crazy.  So I worked a lot yesterday and today I started at 6:15 am and took a break to let my dogs out at 11:00 and went back at 11:30 until 4:00, (got paid til 5) I didn't have to do my last hour because those kids didn't go in.  So, my part-time job has become a full-time job...but that's ok, I still get a break from 9:30 til 11:30.  The kindergarteners that I take to school are pretty good except one kid can't sit still.  I'll take care of that though.  We bus drivers have OUR ways of getting kids to behave.  Most of these kids don't speak much English, but I only have 10 and they are off in 15 minutes.  I think they will settle down when they know they will have the same driver everyday.  Kids love to test.

So I am happily tired and pleased because I have a Volleyball sports trip tomorrow.  I never get Saturday trips, but maybe I have finally got enough time in to get trips.  Oh yeah another guy crashed into a post today.  AMAZING!!!

WEll, my new favorite show Third Watch is on tonight.  I fell in love with it when it was on in returns during the day.  I have always enjoyed firemen shows.  There are days I wish I could have been a firemen.  But I am too I'll just watch and take the towns kids home safely.

But by the Grace of God go I.... God bless you all!



Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It's a good day

2 Corinthians 4:17-18  For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 

This verse seems very appropriate for me right now.  I look  back at the past few years and all the ups and downs and realize just how far spiritually I have come.  I used say the words that I had faith, that I believed that God would take care of me, my family.  I tried to will myself to believe those words.  I remember asking God to mold me into the type of human being that he would have me to be.  Little did realize that I would have to experience some really trying times.  But today as with everyday I realize how hard work does pay off, that having even a little bit of FAITH really goes a long way.  My paycheck was 4x as much as I thought it would be....I am making arrangements with the creditors, and I am even getting extra hours at work.  And even though it is only money, it does cause so much stress in the household.  Today I truly believe in the words that God provides for my family for today...tomorrow will take care of itself.  God is good always and in everything for those who truly believe in the unseen.  Thank you God!

Also, I talked to my biggest boy last night because I haven't seen him on line and wanted to make sure he was ok.  He said he had met a girl.  And of course being the wonderful mother I am I said is she sane?  He said, yes mom she is very nice.  This kid is the biggest sweetheart, and he wears his heart on his sleeve.  Not much dating experience, well yeah dating but no girlfriend yet.  He usually picks the really needy crazy girls so hopefully he can get to know this one and have some fun (good clean kind hopefully! =) ). 

Life is pretty darned good here, worrying about how we are going to pay our bills is FINALLY getting less of an emotional issue with me, and more of a take one step at a time issue and having the faith to truly believe.  God is good all the time and for that I am grateful!  Love you all....Rose

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Wow I just realized I haven't been here since Saturday!  My husband has been greedy with his time with me.  Makes me feel guilty if I am up here on the computer.  Saturday we went to the Sandwich Fair which is one of the biggest country fairs in Illinois.  It was so fun just to walk around and see all the sites and smells. AND to eat the foot long corndogs and drink the lemon shake ups.  Wouldn't be the Fair without them.  We spent a lot of time looking through the campers.  Then we came across Mark's kids.  They were there with my stepson's future in-laws.  It was a very enjoyable day.  Sunday we took the bike out to see my middle kid.  We caught up with him as he was leaving work.  He was his normal charming cranky self.  Whining about his car insurance.  So many problems for such a young man.  He shares an apartment with 3 other guys and it's located in the same block as the fraternities.  And there must of been a heck of party going on that weekend.  Dumpsters college and beer...glad my kid doesn't have much time on his hands.  Plus his girlfriend will keep watch over him.  She is very anti drinking.  One less thing I have to think about. 

 The weekend was very good, and yesterday was a normal Monday except hot and I worked all day.  We are trying here at home to get the family together for meals, so far we made it last night.  Hopefully it will happen again tonight, but I forgot how much my husband cannot resist "picking" at my stepson's eating habits...brought back all the dinners of times past except with 5 less BIG boys!  Much calmer mealtimes.  I wonder how I did it back them feeding all those kids. 

Today though I am really tired.  I drove by one of my streets when I was doing my grade school route, luckily I was able to get turned around, but I ticked of a guy in Mustang.  He proceeded to let me know of his rage by blasting his horn at me.  I think he was one of my neighbors.  The guy's kind of a jerk anyway.  In times like that ... I always bless the person and say, "go in peace" and carry on.

I managed a quick nap a while ago, but I still feel sort of out of it.  I'll go take some vitamins maybe that will help.  Have a good day!  rose

Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11

Twin Towers Heroes


Like must people I remember exactly what and where I was on September 11.  I finished my paper route, and on that day (it was a Tuesday), I had 2000 more free papers to throw (paper boy phrase).  I wasn't looking forward to was hard work and at that time my sleep was so crazy and off.  I decided to take a quick nap on the couch, I always left the TV on.  Hubby called and told me to turn on the TV because there had been a plane crash.  I saw the helicopter circling the towers and saw the gapping hole in the building.  My first thought was what the heck happened that pilot that he got so lost??  I thought the plane was like a little plane, never occurred to me to be a jet.  Then I thought how are the firemen going to get their hoses that high to put the fire out.  When the second one hit I was in shock....then the rest ... it was too much for me to understand.  And when the 1st tower fell all I could think of ... one is going to fall no fireman don't go back the other too.  My daughter called me from school she had forgotten something so I asked her if she knew what was happening and of course she said "huh what?".  I said never mind....took her the item.  Then I called my boy at college and told him to be kids can be stupid at these times.  After some kids there burned couchs and dumpster after a basketball game, I was afraid of what this would cause them to do.  His college has a wide variety of backgrounds, and some kids can be so judgmental.  I just didn't want my kid to get in anybody's crossfire, or if he was going to stick up for somebody to be careful.  It reminded me of the school shootings.  I also told my kids don't be heros.  Just be careful.

After that the powers that be at the paper decided that they needed to put out a special "wrap around" for the daily paper.  So I got to see the news first and it still didn't sink in.  I took the papers to a couple of gas stations and one of the owners was of Eastern decent.  Nice people...I told hem I hoped people were kind to you know how some people can be so judgemental in times like this...

After that I remember the TV was straight 9-1-1 news ALL day ALL night.  You could not escape it.  I cried many tears for these poor people, for our country.  Living in the Midwest though I felt so far away from the actual event.  I knew no one that died, I didn't even know anyone that was directly effected.  But as an American I was effected.  Our country suffered a great wake up call.  I still do not see anything different today.  People still treat each other badly, they still don't think this can happen to them.  They still don't realize how much we are hated for being who we are.  There are days I still act like a stupid human being and just go through the motions of life.  I think as humans we are wired that be self centered and self serving.  But in a crisis most of us jump to the call and help each other.  Maybe that is how we are wired.  I don't know, I'd like to think that I am different because of 9-1-1, I know I value my family more.  I realize how fragile life is and in a blink it's gone.  This thing that happened makes your realize how fleeting life is.  How in a instant everything can change.    When it's your time to go to God, it's your time.  Let's try to be a little nicer to others, for me I need to be a little nicer to me.  And give myself a break, then I can share myself with others and make things a little easier for the people around me.  Make this a great weekend. 



Friday, September 10, 2004

Sun flower clipart picture

Today would have been a perfectly wonderful day had I just not come home.  I really wanted to go out to eat...we have some of those gift cards and I just wanted to go's been a long week ... BUT when I called home Mark's like, "I'd have to take a shower and shave."  Which in men speak means I don't want to.  I said fine, finished up at work went into the office and listened to this girl Jody get yelled at by one of the bosses.  Jody is a little high strung and she and the boss clash so I think they just clashed together...a fine ending to a long week at the transportation department.  On a high note, all the principals agreed we are doing a fine job.  Great.  Also, if I wanted to get into a one upmanship with the hubby, last Friday I was tired, in sweats and falling asleep and just because his kid wanted to out to eat at 8 pm we went...I didn't even get ask if I want to...very aggravating...BUT I was good and never mentioned this...why start a fight...

So I come home and all I here is, Liz did this, liz didn't do that...blah I say, "you know what I just really don't want to talk to you tonight."  So we didn't and he went to bed at 8:30.  Ah silence it won't last though...Mark can never last...but at least I didn't have to listen the constant complaining about MY kids...we learned along time ago in a remarriage situation it's impossible to be we aren't ( and anybody who pretends to do it is nuts or lying) .... it's just that since my kids are less likely to get into trouble they get "picked" on for all the little stuff and held to a higher standard by dear old hubby.  Oh well, I signed onto this so it's what I get...

Also, daughter drove at school today and she did happy, she said her teacher was really good, which is good for $100 he better be good.  My instincts were better to get the teacher to get her started, then she will be better off driving with me. 

Not much else going on ... she need to gripe a bit...

Thursday, September 9, 2004

I'm tired...but happy

Wow am I tired.  I worked most of the day...which will be good for the pay check...but whew am I tired.  Hubby called the bank today and they are extending our note for his semi truck...which buys us some time.  His pay check will cover most of the pressing bills, and with me back, we'll get caught up.  Being broke and struggling really makes you look at your life and what's important...I vote people!  They are the most important!  And besides God is so good, He has saw to it that my most important bills are being paid.  The rest...will get taken care of.  My everlasting soul is much more important AND my happiness on this planet...I finally believe that God makes ALL things work for good for  those who love Him.  I promise!  I am tired but satisified.  Trust me in this we may not know what is in store for us, and we may not like it...but everything does work out...and they work out without any bells and whistles...just a nice simple calm...I love that feeling...God's everylasting love for me...I love you guys have a great evening!  Rose

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

goofing around....when i have a house to vacuum

it's a good thing i have a job outside the house or i would spend alllllll day on this stupid computer...looking for goofy animated'd think i had a life?????  but it is fun!

not much new is the same, all the poor new people are riding with other new people getting lost and having their buses act up.  but hey it'll make "men" out of 'em.  and at least they will know the area that way.  poor people i try and help ... hopefully the group will get the line up right at the high school yesterday it was a mess and everybodies calling on the radio, where do i go???.  yesterday a girl i knew from outside work didn't know she had to be like 2nd in line at the junior high so these drivers are calling her number on the radio wanting to know where she's at...she says, "i am coming, i am at the light", then some other goof ball calls her again, she says the same thing...then to top it off another nut calls her again, by then she's screaming in the mike, "I"M COMING!!!!!", she was she says to me, "and i thought truckdriver's were crybabies", because she used to drive a semi dump. ha!  no way bus drivers hands down are the biggest group of cry babies!, but they can't help it most of us are retired too young, or too old to work anywhere else, or housewifes and we ALL come by it honestly. :) oh well makes for an exciting day right?  brrrrrrrrrrr  it's cold here again.  i really need to find a warmer climate to live in....california?????  have a great day guys!  rose!~bus #30...

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

What the heck did Florida do to tick off the weather???

What in the world did Florida do to merit such weather???  I mean didn't Charlie just blast through there???  My area of the world we get storms, tornadoes, rain, hail, snow, but man nothing like the wrath of Mother Nature!  My Father told me that he is lucky he didn't sell his house or he would have been in Charie's!  I feel so bad for these poor folks!   

Things are normal here, talked the college boys and seems Big Purdue boy had a better weekend.  Seems one of his old heart throbs came to visit...nothing like the attention of a cute girl to perk a guy up.  The other kid Working Junior College boy seems to be doing a-ok too.  BUT, Stepson who needs to get his act together came home from of course his old haunts and reported he dodged being taken to jail with his old pals.  Seems 2 of them are Jr Alcoholics and the other one has no brains.  No brains threw a firecracker in an elevator at Drunk boy's apartment complex.  The kid wasn't supposed to be there anyway because he had already done something in the past to ban him.  The police were called and all the lecturing we gave Dale over the past few months must have sunk in because he actually was honest with the police officers.  He had firecrackers but said he didn't do the deed, and he gave the police all the fireworks he had in his truck.  No brains boy admitted he did the firework stunt.  The police believed my stepson, but his pals weren't so lucky...all of them are in jail.  His old friend who has a very bad drinking problem (at 17) has been in a lot of trouble in the past and will problem be sent away.  His father is a drinker and lets this kid do whatever he wants.  Which drives me nuts!  How can a kid guess at how to do things in life, if his example is so rotten, which explains why the kid is the way he is!  I guess Mark and I aren't such jerks afterall...ahhh lifes lessons in action...I love it when all my nagging actually has an outcome in my favor...and at least my goofy kid knows enough to stay out of trouble, now if I can just get him to avoid these kids all together.  Which shouldn't been a problem now that they will be "doing time".  Kids!Angela Hovering With Pixie HarpThank God they have a guardian angel looking out after them!  Gotta's gorgeous outside and me 2 doggies are looking to be walked!  Love you all.....rose

Monday, September 6, 2004

Happy labor day

The next generation will not charge us for what we've done; they will charge and condemn us for what we have left undone.

-Mother Jones

I rarely talk about politics in my journal but I read a lot about the subject in many out there in j-land.  I often feel helpless to do much in this country.  We here at our household have been subject to many different government agencies.  Both Mark and I have been to family court many time over our children and their support, we have had to deal with the state and federal government concerning our semi truck, we have also had to deal with our local government in that they have very little vision for our once small town.  Building more and more subdivisions without thought to the past...our once small farming community has made way for house upon beige ( or some various shade of it ) house stuck together as far as the eye can see.  Gone are the beautiful old farm houses, with their red barns and silos, replaced by the Target, Home Depot and soon Super Walmart.  At times we feel helpless to secure our future in this little square of world we have put together for our family.  We feel helpless to try and teach our children the values that we hold dear when the very world they live in tells them they must consume more to be popular.  I guess my point is this is we must in our own little way be true to ourselves and seek to change what we can and do what we can to make a difference in this life, in our little worlds.  Mark chooses to make right the time he did not spend with his boys when they were little by working with them, connected to each of them and trying to guide them to become better men.  I have chosen to not only guide my own, but to try and make a difference in the life of all children I come in connect with.   That way I can go to bed at night knowing I did something to contribute to this big old world we all live in....hopefully something good.  Love you guys, take good care of yourselves!  Rose~

Sunday, September 5, 2004


My J-land buddy Barb suggested that we go out on the motorcycle this that's what we are going to do.  We did some yard work tore out some of the bushes that are pretty ugly, Mark's trying to talk me into ripping them all out...We made a deal he can rip them out (crazy chainsaw nut) if he puts grass in and we fence it in for an eating area.  Our 2 dogs have the backyard which isn't all the big.  We only have a 1/2 a city lot and you know how dogs can be.  Especially the Brittney that nut loves to dig.  Although I am old fashion and still hang all my laundry (not socks) out until they freeze.  If the bushes go I'll have more room to plant my beloved flowers and for me!

While we were outside this little yappy dog chased a neighbor's cat up a very high tree.  Poor thing cried for 2 hours, until I told the kids across the street and they got him down.  Boy was that cat mad. 

I am glad we decided to stay home...charge the old mental batteries for coming season...our school district gave up a lot of the holidays because the building.  The recharge will really help with the old it's supposed to cool off, nothing like sitting behind a giant engine to make your day.

have a happy holiday to all!


Stayed home

We decided to hang out here at home this weekend.  The holidays tend to bring out the folks that like to know the type the kind that start drinking after work on Friday night and don't sober up until Tuesday morning.  A lot of them like to camp at our campground so we try and avoid that crowd.  Reminds me of the old days...besides drunks act like idioits.

Yesterday I was out walking and went by my favorite house in my neighborhood.  You know the house, the one that "got away".  We looked at it 10 years ago, but it wasn't in the cards for us to buy it at the time.  As I am walking I hear "Hey Mary" I look up and it's a lady I know from my old job at the special ed co-op.  Her daughter went to homecoming with one of my kids.  She had my name wrong but that's ok, I do that all the time.  She invited me in and I was so happy for her...she is living in my favorite house and in a good neighborhood.  She's a nice lady, they have their troubles too, husband lost his job, they haven't sold their other house.  I told her God has a plan for her and that everything would work out....just as everything will work out for us too.  We went and got Mark's semi.  Brought it home to try and sell it.  There are some folks considering it....I know it will all work out as everything else has in my life.  I feel bad though the semi is beautiful, runs good (now!!!),but everything changes in life.   And sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do. 

We have some yard work that we need to do, the bushes have gone nuts with growth with all the rain this season.  It's nice to hang out at home on the long weekend, although now we wish we would have gone to the Purdue game, they never have games on Sunday and there's one on right now!!!  Oh well, I would have had to yell at my goofy son if I was there.  I know he is just feeling the stress of being at college for the last year, but he really doesn't have to lose his mind over it!  EVERYTHING is a crisis to him.  He was fine all summer, but now he's at school and being goofy.   KIDS! I am glad though that none of them acted like I did, I was a very wild kid.  

Gotta go watch the game...with hubby. 

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Happy Labor Day~~

labor1.gif - 8.8 KI am not too sure if I'll get on the computer this long weekend so I just want to tell everybody to have a safe and great Labor Day weekend.  We live in a great country with so many opportunities.  Sure we have our differences and such, but I personally feel blessed to be an American.  With all the hatred and violence in the world I feel lucky to be in a country where we can try and get peace....

Hubby is home today, the powers that be at his job decided to give the guys the long weekend because they have a lot of work coming up.  Problem is they all weren't told until yesterday, but we probably wouldn't have gone too far away I am not sweating the small stuff...and in my mind everything is small stuff.

It's hot and humid here again and I LOVE IT!  Although like most area's of the country fall is peaking it's colors out.  I love autumn, this part of the country is beautiful this time year.  Although I complain about the weather here in Illinois I sure do love the changing seasons. 

Time to enjoy the day...If I don't talk to you all sooner make this a wonderful weekend...I have the dogs and bugers bought and ready to take out to trailer to hang out with the family....Peace all!  Rose

Friday, September 3, 2004

I'm full....

Whew I am really full.  Had a nice dinner with middle stepson and finance' Brandy.  She started teaching Math at the new high school and she still looks like she is IN high school.  She just graduated in 2000 and she is already teaching!  She just looks so darn young.  But she'll do great.  We sent her a plant and she was so surprised she told us she got goose bumps.  Made me happy.  They are getting married next summer and are building their house at the end of this year.  They have been together since high school when they were just 'babies', boy does time fly.  I had the pleasure of raising Matt since he was in 8th grade, he's turned out very well, thank you.  And he wants kids, so I get to be a GRANDMA again!  I gotta get a scanner or a camera so I can show off my family.  I'll put that on my dream list.  It was so nice to spend time with them.

Today was a long day.  I ended up getting called back in to do a midday.  It was so cute. The kindergarteners first day and they were so excited.  Their parents were taping us and taking pictures.  One even followed me in his van through the rest of my route!  But the kids were very good.  Although at the end of the day they couldn't find a kindergartener from another school, seems she got off at the wrong stop.  Poor driver is brand new and it took almost an hour to find this kid.  Thank God it's Friday or I think this poor girl would have quit after today.  But I always say what doesn't kill me will make me stronger.  I actually had an awesome day...I've learned a long time ago in my working of various jobs to just go with the flow...and make the best out of any situation.  I have had some pretty awful jobs in my lifetime, so with this job, which I adore I feel very blessed.  I am tired, and full, but happy!  :) Happy Friday!!!  Rose 

Thursday, September 2, 2004

DAY 2 ... The goes all day....

magicbus.gif - 16.25 K

Full school day today, the morning went fine, except I still have a mother that thinks it's ok for her little 3rd grade daughter to cross a busy street to prevent her from having to stay on the bus an extra 20 minutes.  People are so weird!  This year I refuse to drop kids off on the wrong side of this street...if she's so hip to the kid crossing the street she may as well have the kid walk to school, there's an even busy street there :).  Sheeesh

I am in one of those bratty moods where I want to stir up some action...but I better behave, too early in the school year to start messing with the new people.  Might freak 'em out.  I am the type of person that gets bored very easily.  Used to be that I would go look for trouble, but now a days I try to use my personality for 'good' rather than evil.  But with so many new people at work it is so tempting to be naughty.  I am not really naughty, I just like to tease people.  They can be so serious about life, and it just doesn't need to be that way.  Life is way too short to be so darn serious.

My stepson is really trying to drive my hubby crazy.  This kid came in 10 minutes late two nights ago, which means it was after 10 on a school night.  And last night it was 20 minutes late.  My husband is the type to make threats first, be rational later, but usually he is smart about it and vents to me and then doles out the punishment.  If it was up to me I'd just tell the kid he's in the house on school nights and can go to his mother's house and do what he wants on the weekends, but hubby won't go along with that.  He'll keep playing the game with this kid.  I personally quit playing games with the kids. But I like to let my hubby figure this out on his own.  He takes the kid's mistakes and testing personally.  I don't, having raised 4 boys before this one has desensitized me to all the B.S. that their little teenage minds can come up with.  Been there, lived through that!  But as with the other 4 they will find their way...some of them are still wandering around but they will hopefully get it before they get too old!  And then I get grandbabies!!  Oh yeah, I may get the grandbaby this weekend!  They were talking about coming by the campground and letting him play in the lake.  Yippeee!  He is getting so cute, he is a short little chubby guy and soooo funny.  Babies I love 'em!  Here's to a happy day!!!!  rose

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Whooo hooo nobody left over at the end of the route!!

Well, it was finally the first day of school here, and what does dear old Rose do first thing???  Well, I drove right past the first street I was supposed to turn on....only lost 4 minutes and I got away with it because it was afterall the first day.  AND was it crazzzzzy !!!  We lost our normal dispatcher so alreay we had a handicap.  And then the beautiful new school is only housing 9th and 10th graders so the we have to send two buses to both schools in the same area.  And you would think that high schoolers would have the brains to remember what bus they got on in the morning.  We spent 1/2 hour at the high school because all the kids couldn't figure our where they want and of course everybody was late.  And then the poor grade school kids couldn't figure out what bus they were supposed to get on either, or better yet they didn't get off at their stop.  My morning 'mind blip' was my only problem.  I have really cool junior high and high school kids.  My grade school route is very small mostly a group that go to a day care and those kids are tattle talers, but I already got the "NICE bus driver" stamp of approval by a 5th grader.  So I guess I pass the first day test.  I just love kids, I look at them as my own, or better yet like grandkids, I can spoil them and then send them home.  I also have a late route after the normal one for the alternative school kids, there's only 3 and who every has to stay after for detention.  So I will get extra hours for that and not have to do a kindergarten route.  Hubby wanted me to do a kindergarten route, but I said that I would only do that if he helped with cooking, shopping and cleaning, so he said.....ok just sub.  When the kids are older I'll do it, but I need to be keep this house together, plus keep my sanity...or what's left of it!  All and all it was a great day...Liz looked so cute too, she had a little (NOT TOO SHORT) skirt and cute top on, with these cute pink ballet shoes.  My BABY is growing up!!!!!  I am lucky because I leave in the morning before she is up and about, but I get to see her walking home from the high school.  

So...more's good to be back!  Rose~