Monday, February 27, 2006

OOOOPS! Sorry!

Sorry for all the alerts!  My computer was being bad!

My Timmy is 24 today!

  My oldest son is 24 today.  This picture is from his frat-Phi Kappa Theta.  It was the picture that was hung up in the hallway with all the rest of the guys wearing the same color suit and tie.  He cleans up pretty well!

Happy birthday to my boy!!!  I love you a---lotsa!


My Timmy is 24 today!

  My oldest son is 24 today.  This picture is from his frat-Phi Kappa Theta.  It was the picture that was hung up in the hallway with all the rest of the guys wearing the same color suit and tie.  He cleans up pretty well!

Happy birthday to my boy!!!  I love you a---lotsa!


Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am aight!

I am doing better.  I'm thinking my head cold or my normally low blood pressure, or going from a warm bed to a freezing outside to let the dogs out, or even all of the above made me have a dizzy spell.  No matter, I enjoyed my day off.  Made the week nice and short and now sitting here on a Saturday night I feel like my old self again.

It was very funny to listen to my kids from my Junior High pm route though, you'd of thought the devil himself was driving that bus!  The girl that subbed is of the type that would rather threaten them with idle threats than actually be friendly.  I've subbed before, and trust me kids usually check you out first then try and act up.  Of course this girl is very young, not had any kids of her own yet, so she always acts like a cop when dealing with kids. 

They said she was an A-1 witch, and called here a few other choice words.  I said, "awww you should appreciate me then!"  They do, even the two I wrote up for throwing stuff and standing up were little angels.  Made for a great week!

We spend today helping my brother Ken work on his new bedroom.  Two of my sons came to help.  I hung out with 7 year old Brialyn.  She's already a mini adult, or maybe I am still a kid so we got a long great.  My sister in law Cheryl was with Rylan at the hospital most of the day.  She is still trying to keep up with the other two kids activities, plus go to the hospital.  Which I can plainly see wears her out.  She's trying to be there for all her kids, but sometimes you just can't be fair with your time.  I had 8 kids I know this!  I tried to tell her this, but you know how mom's are they don't listen.

She did have some baby clothes that her girlfriend had bought Rylan, they are size Premie, which I have never seen before.  They are soooooooooo tiny.  And the diapers!  They look like doll diapers.  My brother was incorrect with his email the boys were only 3 pounds 6 ounces not 5.  The baby is up to 3 - 12 now which is good.

He's breathing on his own and actually taking some meals without a feeding tube.  His due date was April 15, so he could come home anytime before that.  The nurses moved him into the "going home soon room" at the hospital, which is a positive sign.

That's why I am doing all I can to help my brother, I want his baby to have a home to come to that is all built, drywalled and painted.  That will take the pressure off my brother and keep his wife happy. 

We are going back tomorrow, so hopefully we can accomplish a lot.

Going now, I am own house stuff to do!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i am sissy

Picked up the kids on Sunday night.  Had a fun evening and managed to get them to bed pretty early.  I think they are finally used to our house and checked out most of the place that they know they are able to go.  The both are so funny.  Jacob talked none stop about Monster trucks.  We have 2 trucks here along with a bunch of match box cars.  He likes to line them up and jump them like he sees on TV or like Saturday real life.  Until baby monster Dakota comes and walks all over them.  Oh boy.  But such is the life of siblings.  We that had them all went through it.  

On Monday morning I woke up to bring Dakota down stairs to get him a drink.  I was holding him and had a huge dizzy spell.  I broke out in a cold sweat.  I had to call out to Mark and then had to sit down.  I ended up being talked into (by Mark) calling off work today.  I have 31 sick days, so I do have them available.  But it's so weird to me with this job to call in.  I NEVER do that!  Actually I never have called in sick in the 3 years I've been there.  I took off for my surgery (2 days), my son's surgery (1 day) and the funeral.  I feel ok, but the whole dizzy thing sorta freaked me out.  I am sure it has to do with all the germs and bugs that have been going around lately.  Being locked up in a closed bus with the world's biggest germ carriers would do that.  But I am so overly posessive with my bus, (I know you all know THAT!), my kids and route, that it feels weird to not be there.  Plus the dispatcher always makes it sound like you are putting her out when you call in.  Oh well, enough of that talk, I am going to finish up on here and go rest.  By tomorrow hopefully I will be good as new!  Especially since it's going to be 40's, and I only work my am and pm routes on Wednesdays.

Have a great day!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

wow was i out of it!


Wow I must of been totally out of it yesterday!  First I get to work and hear how my routes went fine, not a hitch.  My bus tells me otherwise.  There was a plastic piece that fit over some wiring that had been broken off, no biggie I think.  Something went wrong with my stop sign and eight way system and the service door, which I had just had all the wiring replaced last month including a new stop sign.  Before that my door rusted off the bus so they replaced it with a brand new one, it's hard to close the door, but I only weigh 120 pounds and if I can close it anybody can do it without a struggle.  Then I get to my elementary kids and they are so happy to see me.  Seems the poor driver took a wrong turn, was 20 minutes late and it was pouring rain.  The afternoon guy who tends to be alittle out there anyway, dropped them off at the wrong stops, and drove too fast, this in a downpour.  Sub drivers do have it rough, they are thrown in first thing in the morning, and expected to a good job.  My route is confusing anyway.  Also the guy let them listen to the radio which is a huge 'no, no'.  No radio's while kids are on board because they distract the driver, and it's hard to hear traffic, trains, etc.  Then I hear that my normally naughty boy for me was hopping seats and the bus driver didn't do anything about it.  So he and I had a talk, I asked him to be good because I was going to be gone.  I guess 'good' is relative, especially to an 8 year old.  I do have a planned day off in April, I'll be drawing up a map for that.  My bus is my pride and joy, it may be old, but I've had it for 2 years.  I know every rattle, groan, and drip.  Makes me angry when some else monkeys with it for no reason. 

Then last night when we were out I realized that I didn't plug my bus in.  We have to plug our buses in every night to keep the engine block warm so it will start easier.  So I figure no worries I'll go this morning right after I drop off Liz for play practice.  The bus isn't going anywhere until Tuesday morning anyway.  So I get to work and no bus!  It's not parked in the normal 30 spot.  It's -6 outside with -25 wind chills, I look around and can't find it.  Maybe it's in the shop.  One of our mechanics is at base making sure everybody can start their buses for the sports trips today.  He told me he'd look for it and plug it in if it's not already down.  Maybe it's mad at me for leaving it and ran away.  Maybe it went to the Monster truck show with my grandson!

Last night when I made my journal entry I had trouble with my computer, I have a bad driver and once and while this thing will just turn off.  Either AOL or my computer saved my entry four times!  Oh well, my beautiful babies got to be shown four times, right?!!!

So today I am going to do some baby proofing, and get another gate to block off parts of my house.  It is no day to be outside.  It's beautiful blue skies, but brrrrrrrrr cold!

But this cold snap will be over by tomorrow, thankfully!  My natural gas bill is high enough. 

We are supposed to be in the 30's by Monday.  I am so ready for winter to be over.

I have tulips that I had brought inside a month ago and put them in a pot by a sunny window.  They are beginning to bloom.  They didn't get warm enough though because the are only about 6 inches tall rather than 14 inches tall.  They are pretty though.  Yellow with red stripes.  COME ON SPRING!


Stay warm!


Friday, February 17, 2006

Guess who's coming to spend the night with 'a-ma' Sunday night???

This two dolls!

"a-ma, you wanna play playdough?"

"can I go see dada??"

We saw the boys this evening and Dakota is back to his old naughty self!  Jacob is excited because he is going to Monster trucks with his daddy tomorrow.  I am off Monday so we are keeping the boys until Monday night. 

Tracey had to repeatly explain to Jacob when Saturday (monster trucks) was and when Sunday (Grandma Rose day) was.  So hard for a two year old!

YEA!!! baby time~

Guess who's coming to spend the night with 'a-ma' Sunday night???

This two dolls!

"a-ma, you wanna play playdough?"

"can I go see dada??"

We saw the boys this evening and Dakota is back to his old naughty self!  Jacob is excited because he is going to Monster trucks with his daddy tomorrow.  I am off Monday so we are keeping the boys until Monday night. 

Tracey had to repeatly explain to Jacob when Saturday (monster trucks) was and when Sunday (Grandma Rose day) was.  So hard for a two year old!

YEA!!! baby time~

Guess who's coming to spend the night with 'a-ma' Sunday night???

This two dolls!

"a-ma, you wanna play playdough?"

"can I go see dada??"

We saw the boys this evening and Dakota is back to his old naughty self!  Jacob is excited because he is going to Monster trucks with his daddy tomorrow.  I am off Monday so we are keeping the boys until Monday night. 

Tracey had to repeatly explain to Jacob when Saturday (monster trucks) was and when Sunday (Grandma Rose day) was.  So hard for a two year old!

YEA!!! baby time~

Thursday, February 16, 2006


My mother died in April of 1999.  She was the glue that held my family together.  I have three younger brothers.  She had four children in five years and started having babies at the age of 17, which is the same age as my daughter.  So much for a young girl to handle.  Sure she had my father, but back in those days, the woman did all the work.

No matter what we all knew we had our mother to turn to when this world got to crazy.  She was a rock.  A housewife who's only job ever was to be our mother.  As I grew up and became a mother myself I began to see my mother differently.  At the time I used to see her as a weak person, she was very high strung, smoked too much and drank too much wine every single night.  But her personality never, ever changed, she was always the same loving woman.  always.  Even after she quit all her vices and still five years later developed lung cancer. She was strong, and never complained.  After her death we no longer had her to keep us connected.  We all got caught up in life.

So today when my brother and his family had the funeral for little Tyson, I was happy to see all of my family together.  Ever since my mother's death we have gone on with our lives, dealing with the daily business of raising families, working and paying the bills.

It took a sad event to bring us back together again.  Don't get me wrong, I see my brothers here and there, Matt's wedding, 2 of the came, Tim's graduation, 1 of them came.  But it's not the same as all of us being together.

It was a glorious reunion.  Time stood still and it felt like only yesterday that we had last seen each other.  My own children, all three of them came today also.  They saw that my brothers and I had been a part for so long.  They vowed to never let life get in the way of spending time together.  I hope they keep that promise.

When the world gets rough, family is the one thing I have always known I could count on.  And after today I am going to be around more, make more time, be less consumed by my own little world.  Get reaquinted with my nieces and nephews, my brothers, my family.

The funeral was sad, my brother's friends from high school were there.  It's as if when bad things happen, the troops come in and hold us up.  It was wonderful.  His church had a luncheon afterward, you know the type with fruit salad, potatoe salad, hot beef and yellow cake.  Made things easier, safer, a place to talk and reflect, plan our future.  We said goodbye to little Tyson, who always will be in our hearts.  Right now there's a little boy named Rylan who is getting stronger, healthier who will be welcomed with open arms to his wonderful now more grateful family.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day to all my sweeties!  

Things are ok around here.  Mark's been working which is great for this time of year when he usually is still laid off.  He does have a head cold like everybody else, but he's a trooper going to work with only a little whining. 

My poor kids on the bus are all chapped where I can tell they have been rubbing their little noses.  They come back all snotty and runny.  Poor things.  I was treated to some sweet Valentines too.  They are basically sweet kids who try really hard to please me.

At least the elementary kids.

My girl on my junior high route is suspended for 2 weeks.  Her sister tried to get lippy with me blaming me for her being off, I told her simply that she did it to herself and if she wanted to she could join her.  That made quiet down.  The rest are still not behaving and not listening and not believing that they could lose their ride too.  They will believe when they see their own name on a conduct report. 

My nephew's funeral is Thursday and I am taking off the whole day.  I am basically all my brother has from his childhood as my dad is in Florida, my mom is dead, and my two younger brothers are pretty clueless.  I am a believer in family.  They need my support.

Otherwise I am going to enjoy my candy holiday and leave you with a HAPPY SWEETIE DAY! turn your speakers up~!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

thank you !

Thank you everyone for all of your kind thoughts and prayers.  I did talk to my brother today and they are doing as well as can be expected.  Since they were told a few months ago that one of their babies would die they accepted his death and have been very pro-active on what they wanted to do for him and themselves to grieve.  When he was born alive they started to believe in miracles, but some doctors tried to tell them he was not going to make it.  Fortunately he did not have to suffer very long. 

Now they are concentrating on getting Cheryl strong, burring their son, and taking the other son home.  They are both very strong people, they both lost spouses tragically, I know they will be fine.  They have family and their belief in God to keep them strong.

Me?  I've been hibernating.  Recharging for the week ahead.  And that feels just right!


Saturday, February 11, 2006

sad news

Little Tyson died last night in my brother's arms around 6:00 pm last night.  I am not sure what happened, but I think his bladder was just too damaged and his little body just couldn't survive.  We were able to talk to Cheryl right after the phone call.  Her parents were due back and all she wanted was for us to go to my brother and be with him.  I did that for her, I was pretty sure by the time I got to the other hospital Ken would be gone.  His cell phone was turned off.  I went for her so she could at least have some peace knowing my brother was not alone. 

We did not make it in time, he had held his son for awhile and then left to be with Cheryl.  I did get him on the phone and we did talk.  We all knew that this was a possiblity, the little guys death I am sure was a blessing.  The doctor's feel he had a genetic defect.  It is a sad thing.

Thankfully they have a healthy son to bring home.  And is he healthy!  He's taking in  fluids through a tube and is doing very well.  Cheryl beamed as she talked about holding her boy.  Her only regret is that she never got to hold Tyson.  Another sad thing.

There are no why's in this world.  Things just happen.  And we go on. But at least this little family (Cheryl has 2 older children a boy and a girl) will be a big family soon.  They should be able to take Rylan home soon.

Thank you for all the kind words thoughts and prayers!

Friday, February 10, 2006

baby update

Ok, I am now more informed.  Baby A is named Rylan and weighed in at a huge 5 pounds 6 ounces and 16 1/2 inches this is at 8 weeks premature!  His mommy got to hold him yesterday and he is doing great.  Baby B Tyson weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces (still big) and still holding his own.  He had to be transfered to Luthern General in Chicago for his care.  This I look at as a great sign, he is getting the best care possible.

I am going  up to the hospital this evening.  Keep on sending prayers and good thoughts, my brother is finally being more optimistic. He's gone from planning a funeral to sleeping over night at his son's hospital bed. 

My grandson Dakota is  improving greatly.  We went up to see him last night, Wednesday he was too cranky.  My son and daughter in law have been taking turns staying with him overnight.  Jacob was up there too running around the hallway.  If all goes well he'll be out tonight. 

I am just glad it's Friday...there's still a lot of sick kids and sick drivers.  All not good stuff, between the colds and the stomach's been a long winter.

I am ready for spring!


Wednesday, February 8, 2006

They're here!

My neice Jeni and I went to the hospital at around 10:30, the twins indeed were born this morning around 7:30 am.  They are both boys and ALIVE!  Twin B is named Kailin (not sure of the spelling) and immediately peed on the doc when he came out via c-section.  Twin A is named Tyson.  He  is a sick baby, but alive.  His bladder was full of fluid and they aren't sure if he's little lungs even developed.  They will be testing him to see what can be done through surgery to repair his bladder.  Hopefully his lungs are big enough for him to make it.  We are all hopeful. 

We only stayed a short bit as Cheryl needed to rest plus her mom was getting antsy to come in the room to see her.  Seems mother/daughter have some 'issues' and Cheryl didn't want her mother's "bitching" to ruin her day.  ooookay...

Then Mark calls me seems little Dakota is in the hospital (not the same as my sister-in-law, drats!) he is being observed and on oxygen for virual bronchitis.  So tonight we are going up there to visit.  My poor little guy!

And it's only Wednesday....

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

head cold!

A nasty virus is going around and my little grandbaby Dakota is really sick!  First they thought he had pink eye, then a cold, then pnemonia, now after a test it's a virus.  Poor kid, at least my stepson, his daddy is able to be home with him.  My daughter in law had to take 3 days off last week to take him to the doctor.  And Jacob was sick before him.  I hope I didn't give it to him because I have a head cold too. 

I had a bunch of kids sick on my routes too.  Even the naughty ones got it.  Fever, sniffles, ick!   

My problem child got written up again yesterday for swearing at me.  But today she must of been clued in about the luxery of riding a warm bus verses walking 5 miles home in the 20 degree windys if she got kicked off the bus and was overly nice to me today.  Not one arguement.  I was nice but not my usual friendly self.  This little one needs to earn back my trust.  I still fill bad though how little must a kid think of themselves to act out so much?  I've put my foot down with the rest, walking around the back of bus to socialize while I am going 55 down a highway is pushing it.  I moving to more drastic measures via written conduct reports.  That should do the trick.

On Sunday my stepmom called seems she talked to my sister-in-law who is having the twins.  Even after I asked my brother what I could do to help he still didn't tell me that he is building a master bedroom for himself and his wife.  And it's not done.  My husband and stepsons are in the trades, they did most of the work on their own houses, including electrical, and dry wall.  I called him and volunteered my family to help.  He was thrilled and I scolded him for trying to do everything on his own. 

Tomorrow his wife is due to have a c-section with the twins.  I have no midday so I am planning on heading to the hospital for moral support.  Fingers crossed and many prayers for  a good outcome.  I have always believed in the power of prayer and miracles.  They do happen. 


Saturday, February 4, 2006

this and that

This has been a weird week.  My junior high pm route group are acting up,again.  There's been an ongoing fight with two sets of girls, each group sisters.   Now girl fights are not nice.  They hiss, they spit, they say things that make no sense to a rational human.  I tend to ignore them, tell them to sit down and knock it off...usually they listen.  Not this week.  This week one of them told their mommy on me, she feels I don't properly listen to her complaints.   Especially when she is screaming at me about how unfair I am.   This first happened at the beginning of the year.  Her mother called my supervisiors, but this only got her own daughter in trouble for lying so this time she went straight to the school.  The school's way of handling this was to put the trouble maker in the front seat of the bus.  This only makes things worse for me, now I get to enjoy the foul mouth of this child and listen to her stories of her 11 year life.  So Friday as I drop off the girl who feels I suck as a bus driver, naughty girl decides to scream out the window.  I forget what all she said mostly because this kid talks so fast I can't understand it anyway.  So I wrote her up.  I am sick and tired of trying to be nice to these kids.  They don't appreciate it they only take advantage of me.  And every time miss naughty girl decides to pick a fight with this girl I am going write her up.  The big problem is this...the last time her sister got in trouble and got kicked off the bus for 3 days the mother made them walk home, they live about 5 long highway miles from the school.  Very, Very unsafe for a 12 year old girl.  :::sigh:::  I guess I can only do the best I can, I can't change the world or the world's kids.  Which by the way some of them have become the most disrespectful group yet.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl.  Personally I don't care about the game.  To me it's all pretend and entertainment.  They pay these guys big money to entertain us, it could be Paris Hilton and Bill Cosby smacking each other around for I all I care.  We are going to Jeremy and Tracey's for a party.  For me it's all about playing with the babies.  Luckily the party will be downstairs in the basement that he and my husband have been finishing.  I can relax and play chooo chooo train with Jacob.

My brother and his wife are expecting twins.  This poor guy buried his first wife after she mixed some medication and went to sleep and didn't wake up.  She didn't do it on purpose she did a dumb deadly mistake.  She was 5 months pregnant with a baby girl.  His present wife is about 30 weeks and they think one of the twins is dying.  I went to the hospital last night and she is hopeful but realistic.  She on total bed rest and is marking the days until they can induce labor or do a c-section.  Makes me sad.  My brother is a great guy and works his butt off to support his wife and the two children she brought to their marriage.  I am sure that all of this will work out.  I gotta believe that God will cause the best outcome for his whole family.  It just plain sucks though. 

Other than a few other family issues with Mark's ex, which are ongoing because the woman is a straight up nut my life is running on normal.  The weather turned cold again, but I can deal with 30's.  My father's Florida home survived the 10 inches of rain he had Friday, with a dry house.  Mark is working again at least for next week, and I get a day off in two weeks and am keeping the boys overnight.

Life is good...gonna go enjoy it...

Thursday, February 2, 2006

is it spring yet?



                                               did he see it?

I am ready for spring!