Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!!



Happy Halloween Everybody!

I am feeling much better thank you!

We had an awesome evening with the grandkids...we went to the pumpkin farm.  Jacob thought he should be able to drive the tractor that the farmer was using to pull the haywagon. The kid is 2 years old and he already wants to drive the big tractor!  This place was geared to younger kids so they both had fun.  Even grandpa had fun!They even had a huge pile of corn kernals for the kids to dig in.  I volunteered to babysit Friday as I am off work.  Whoo hoo more baby fun!

Time to go back to work and pick up my little goblins from school...hopefully they won't be too sugared up!

Have a safe evening!  And no haunting allowed!


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pumpkin farm and a runny nose


We all have the sniffles in our house, actually it's more like a running faucet, but since Mark and I are troopers we go on.  Neither one of us makes it a habit to ever call in sick.  At my job we get 10 sick days a year, plus 2 personal days, which really aren't personal because the dispatcher always wants to know what we want the days for.  She's like a cop when it comes to calling in sick.  But it hasn't stop the masses that have been off for the past week.  A few are off on sick leave.  It's the nature of the beast at my type of job, we get many retired folks, mom's, and such.  Although quite a few of the men aren't all that old ---many in there 50's.  Must be nice.  Retired at 50.   Not me I'll be working until they pry the key's out of my cold dead hand. :)


I am feeling a lot better right at this moment.  I am at the point though were I want to spray disinfectant in the faces of my bus passengers.  Those germly little creatures are spreading the love around and it's very annoying.  I haven't felt sick enough to be down, but I had a sore throat and an annoying cough when I try to sleep.  But last night was better. 

I have been resting every evening, pre napping as Mark calls it before bed.

Besides the day is too beautiful to be sick!


This afternoon we have plans to take the grandkids to a pumpkin farm.  And since Jacob has been sick too, I don't feel bad bringing my germs over.  I am sure I am no longer contagious anyway.  He'll probably give me what he has.  Afterward we will be babysitting as Tracey and Jeremy are going to a comedy show.


The day is glorious here in the Midwest.  Bright sun, no clouds and a high in the 70's.


So we should have a great time.

Of course I'll take pictures.


Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Monday, October 24, 2005

~ERIC's 21~


21 years ago today I gave birth to my son Eric, time flys.

He is my most unique child...he will always be my boy!



Saturday, October 22, 2005

mike's home! mike's home!


Life is now happy again in our household, because a happy teen is a happy home!

Monika also is in town so the little group plus their friend Jimmy are off doing what teens do.  Eat, visit, and talk!

I have no trips this weekend so I am going to spend the day doing housework...and then grocery shopping.

Suzy the below picture is for you-------------->  BUZZ<-----------------

I am thinking he was the one who took the above picture and kept these two in line!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy birthday LIZ!


My baby girl is 17 years old today!  She was born on October 20th 1988, at 1:10 in the afternoon, weighing 6 pound 3 ounces, 18 inches, blond hair and blue beautiful only daughter!  She is my pride and JOY!  AND the best daughter a mom could have!  I love her!


Liz and Mike's beagle...they love each other!

She's spending her birthday at drama club doing tech for the upcoming play.  Then she is joining the club at the other school for their play, Hamlet.

Turtle pie (Baskin Robbins frozen ice cream pie) will have to wait until tomorrow night...we will just have to have a birthday weekend!

Oh yeah, Mike's coming home for a visit on Friday night so I am sure I will not see my child the whole weekend.  Oh well I am used to teens...but I love it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

everything's alright...

Ok so this afternoon I don't have a midday because my kid's don't go on Wednesdays.  So I spent the day torturing my poor niece.  Whining about my junior high bus situation and how I could have done things different and guess what?  I couldn't have done it any different!

When I came back to work for PM routes my supervisor talked to me again and said that she thought I was a great driver and did a fine job.  She had another driver ride with me.  Seems the other driver stuck up for me, said I had a hard route, and that the kids were very tough, but had respect for me. 

The girls that had the 'situation' were dealt with at school as the mother called everybody in town and complained about what happened, and I guess that meant she called the school.  Since her daughter was also getting in trouble she called my boss again and said I was a liar, which I asked what did I lie about and she said I dunno she wouldn't say.  I am thinking this mom has issues, so I am not worried afterall, what happened was really an accident.  The girl bumped into another girl who had a bottle of water and oil (a science project, was supposed to be a lava lamp), which spilled on her book bag.  She claims the girl threw it at her.  Which I doubt happened, but I didn't see it.  I feel bad for the accused because she said she just said she did it because she knew they wouldn't believe her.  I guess I didn't react well enough, like calling the cops in or the swat team, to make this mom happy.


All I know is what I know and I am sticking to that.  I did my job, I care about her children, and I am fair.  I want to get them home safely, her daughters both are disruptive about as much as the rest of them.  So live goes on and so do I!

Now I am off to spend time with my son Tim bought a new car last night it's a program car, with some miles, not much.  It's a 2005 Impala, silver and very classy.  He got a deceit rate too, with no co-signer...not badfor a kid who just got out of college.  Mark and I went with and since we knew the kid there it was quite quick and painless!


I am a horrible bus driver

It's times like these that make a person lose faith in humanity.  I am being accused of being an horrible bus driver.  Now I don't take this personally, but a situation happened on my junior high route that I think is being blown out of proportion. Of course one of the kids had to have mother who loves to defend her, even when she had a part in the drama.  The driver whom I inherited this rowdy group from made the error in judgement and gave this mom the phone number to our base. Therefore, said mother could call my work and scream at whomever would listen to her. These girls have issues with each other that I was not aware of.  This situtation is an ongoing school issue, NOT a bus issue.  Actually, it's a neighborhood issue, so if I am horrible so are the teachers, the principal, the assistant principal and that stupid real estate agent that sold the house to the 'bad' girls who pick on this mom's kid.  Hopefully my boss will do as she said and give this mother what she wants a GOOD bus driver who will properly defend her poor innocent 7th grader.  And I go on & be horrible to some more worthy children.


'nough said, I am going shopping to buy my perfect daughter some birthday gifts!

Which include a frozen turtle ice cream pie, thank God for ice cream!

PS the black eye is a prop...she was in a play...


Monday, October 17, 2005


The weather is great, get out and smell the air!  Autumn is finally here!

We drove around yesterday, just my kid, my hubby and me!  Just looking at the awe of autumn.  Then we had food! 


A prefect Sunday!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

sunny saturday

great day !!!   i have a trip, but was able to drop the volleyball team at the school right down the block.  so i have few hours to kill and the coach knows were i am at.


gonna catch up on some stuff ...then go outside where it is a gorgeous midwest fall day!  spending time with grandkids tomorrow...A PERFECT WEEKEND!

Have a great one!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

it's beginning to look a lot like fall!!


This is one of my BIG sunflowers.  I planted some other seeds but the lack of rain made them either not come up or they are just now popping out.  Anyway, the old neighborhood is finally showing it's colors and I LOVE IT!  Oranges, reds and yellows, brightens any day.  That's my house in the background, Mark and I are fighting over what color to paint it, it really needs it to.  I think I'll just drag him to the store and see what strikes me at the time.

On Monday I went to the Botanical Gardens for my field trip and it was lovely.  With the exception of a few screaming little darlings being forced by their mothers to gain some culture on a school holiday, I had a nice peaceful walk.  My group was very small so I let them go on and I went out on my own.  I visited the Japanese Gardens, and really enjoyed the Rose garden also.  The place is awesome and am going to try and get my husband out there before the fall comes to an end.  I met an older couple pushing another lady in a wheelchair and they were commenting on the Lambs ears, and how soft they were. We had a nice conversation and I was really struck by what the one lady said...she said, " that the plants gave her hope "...I found it very good advice and hanging on to that.

Everybody needs a little hope now and I am sending some your way also...have a wonderful day and get out and get some fresh air! 

Saturday, October 8, 2005


Liz and Tracey

My daughter Liz has finally snapped out of her funk!  Most likely not because of my nagging about being happy, or enjoy high school, or that she'll see her boyfriend Mike soon enough BUT because Mike is coming home sooner than she thought.  He's coming on October 21st the day after her birthday.  Even though she went to the dance with a friend which is a boy she and Mike still consider themselves "going" out.  They have a great friendship which I think is what keeps them from getting their feelings in the way.  Pretty amazing for teens today.

I am so proud of my daughter...she is truly a miracle and I am blessed to have her in my life! 

I am going to the antique auto show with Mark, and his son Jeremy and Tracey.  My trip lasted until 11:15 last night.  I feel a cold coming on, but I slept in and rested most of the morning.  So it'll be fun and I'll be fine.

I somehow signed up for a trip on Monday (our day off Columbus day).  It's to the Chicago Botanical Gradens.  An awesome place, but it's all tollway driving North of the City.  But it won't be bad driving and I am going to really enjoy the place.  I love plants and am allowed to go in with  the class for free!, so I am very excited.  PLUS I get paid to enjoy!

Enjoy the weekend!!  My brother-in-law Mitch made it Colorado, today it's supposed to be 80's there and then by Monday snow and 30"s!  Wow!


Friday, October 7, 2005

1 more pic ~~

Jacob on his 2nd birthday this past summer.  On Monday night when we were over at his house closing up the pool he wanted to go home with his "an-ma".  Warmed my heart! 

Gotta go start my day... it's freezing here, but I am not turning on the heat.  We have an old boiler and by the time the water goes through the system and warms the house, we would be gone.  I just put more clothes on.  Besides it's only OCTOBER!  Next week promises a return to the 70's, perfect in my book.


Have a wonderful day!



Thursday, October 6, 2005

bus 30 journal

Follow this link to see my bus 30!

I am back!

Here I am! it's a lovely day here in the midwest after a week of hot and humid temps we are now in the 60's!  Whoa!  When we went to bed last night it was hot and sticky and this morning Mark said the living room curtains were sticking straight out with a very cold breeze.  The sweetheart closed all the windows for me, knowing I would be cold when I got up.  We are very opposite that way -- I am always cold him, hot.  Except when I am having an occasional hot flash ~ JOY!

The trees are begining to show some color...I LOVE IT!

This week has gone well, with a few minor crisis, hubby's lunch box containing all his keys went flying of his semi and was "lost" for a bit, but a landscaper found it, put up a sign with our name on it (my stepson had written our last name on it, no I don't label my husband's stuff, which I probably should start doing!) and said call this number for your Keys.  The keys were very important especially the shop key to his work.  He was very upset when this happened, he had a major full fledged fit.  But after he met up with the guy he realized he knew him from our children and all was well. 

Otherwise a nice quiet week...AND I love it!  I am working all day tomorrow with my am routes, doing bus evactes at layover, the rest of my routes and then a football trip about an hour away...bringing a book and a's gonna be a long night but $$$ will it be nice!  Then a three day weekend...gotta love the school calendar of holidays!

Here's another pic of my funny funny grandbaby!

Good Morning...I'll be back!

Now you know why I brag!  More later....

Saturday, October 1, 2005

ahhhhh peace and quiet


got a candle burning...80's music planning on the tv...back up popcorn standing by.  already in the fluffy velour pants.  my time now!  gonna catch up on the gazillion alerts i have and then bad tv here i come!

tracey did liz's hair today.  so i played with dakota for nearly 2 glorious hours!  of course i took pictures, the kid changes so fast!   he now can wave bye bye and is trying to talk you know baby babble.  it's so cute!   we played with his cars and he showed me his new walkie thingy.  it's a round plastic game that lets him stand up and has things to play with.  although he would rather play with the drawers containing the dvds or pull on the radio cord.  kids always love what they can't have.  toys today are so, you know so modern.  what happened to those thrilling walkers that kids used to tip over and bash their heads in on? or having a kid creep around the coffee table and slip and fall...oh yeah those were dangerous...modern children have it so much safer than their parents...of course they could always jump on their power wheels and escape all that's danger.

the princess looked beautiful and tracey has no sisters so she was lovin' doing the too, i have no sisters.  then it was off to homecoming with somebody's aunt doing the driving and a mom bringing her home.  cool.

Mark spent the afternoon on the nextel babbling to me how awesome jeremy's new (old) car is.  it's a 50's something and he took jeremy to wisconsin to buy it.  all he could talk about is:  "wanna an old truck" hmmmmm why do men seem to want want and more want big expensive toys.  :::sigh:::

ok on to peace!