Friday, December 31, 2004

happy 2005

wow what an awesome day!


First off I want to say the Motorcycle ride was awesome!  It's 55 degrees here, with the sun it's perfect!   Here in the midwest you have to enjoy these days while you can!

I would also like to say Happy Anniversary to my dear online friend Barb. She and John, I am sure are celebrating their happy day!

The guys are watching Purdue in the bowl game and I think I am going to find something to eat...all that fresh air made me hungry.

the end of 2004


Well it's the end of 2004 and I must say this has been quite a year...I had kids coming and going so much that I can't keep track of the moves...but at least they didn't bring wives and kids so with them!!!  

Here's the news clip regarding my stepson:

Man injured, another charged in stabbing at bar

sun news services

OSWEGO — A Naperville man remained hospitalized Wednesday after being stabbed by a patron in a bar fight early Tuesday morning, Oswego police said.

D J, 37, of Naperville, an employee at The Cantina Bar and Grill, was stabbed at about 12:20 a.m. at the bar, on the 2700 block of Route 34, police said.

E A, 21, of  Oswego, has been charged with three counts of aggravated battery and three counts of armed violence in the stabbing, police said.

J was cut and was bleeding profusely from a wound in the upper torso, police said.  was taken to Rush-Copley Medical Center in Aurora, where he was good condition Wednesday afternoon, hospital officials said.

A and two other men were slightly injured in the incident, police said.

J W, 23, of Oswego, and James Gossett, 25, of Aurora, suffered knife wounds on their hands but did not require hospitalization, police said.

Police have not released the cause of the fight, which is under investigation. Additional charges are possible, police said.


      I used intials to protect the innocent...which I know is public knowledge but anyway...this article brought a couple calls from my dear loved ones...first was my ex via my son with the newspaper article which by the way is suitable for framing, then came the call from my father, who didn't return my call at Christmas, but had to call for this juicy piece.  Dad's doing ok after his surgery he had in November aided by a lot of pain killers.  I jokely told him that I would stage his intervention shortly.  Next came my middle brother, he was quite drunk of course lately that is the only way he calls me...after listening to him tell me that he knew the kid that did the stabbing because he and his father came into the gas station he works at.  This kid swears up and down he was jumped by these guys and that he was trying to get his construction knife out of his pocket because it was stabbing him...I got sick of listening to my brother say the "f" word every other word and said "gotta go"... Which brings me to this...after all the years my father and brother went through watching me be the drunk in the family how could they both behave just like I know like the sister with "the problem"???   My brother has had a couple of DUI's been to treatment, been to AA, but I guess the insanity of the disease was too strong.   So I sit here and watch my family do their thing....happy in the knowledge that I will wake up tomorrow knowing exactly what I did last night...and pray that they too have that moment of clarity where they ask God to restore them to sanity...   So gang you all be safe tonight, be grateful we live in a land where we have choices, where we try everyday to do the right thing...I am truly grateful for you have been a God sent.  You are here when I am sad, happy, crazy, whine...whatever.  You taught me what friends are for and that there are truly awesome people in this world.  Love you guys!   Peace!


Thursday, December 30, 2004


Another wonderful day...worry free...afterall I am in the arms of the Angels...

My eyes are on the Lord

What a freedom that is...

My children are all doing their own things over the New Year holiday...I made them all promise NOT to DRIVE!


I am using my Blockbuster gift a good movie with my honey...

Then to celebrate 2005

WHY! A nice ride on the Harley!

What a way to start the New Year!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

He is the way the truth and the Light

It's getting close!

Well the end of 2004 is a few days away and to tell you the truth I am ready for a new beginning...I have to say that I learned a lot this faith grew by measures that I could never count and for that I am grateful.

~I got grandkids this year...and our relationship with my stepson and his wife is growing...

~My oldest son got a job offer and will be graduating in the Spring ready to go to work...

~My middle son is on his own and becoming aware of what he want his life to be...

~My daughter is growing up to be a wonderful young lady...she is one of my best friends...

~My youngest stepson moved back with his mother...sometimes you have let someone you love go to truly let them grow...

~My middle stepson is building his own home and will marry next summer...

~My 2nd stepson is out of the house and on his own, hopefully figuring some things out for himself...but life is a process and he may have a long way to go...

~Finally Mark's 4th son, he seems to be growing up although he still has his set backs...but no one perfect...

~My relationship with Mark is unbelievably grows better everyday....although we still annoy each other...but hey you have to have some fun right??

~My job is great...

~Mark's job is great...

~I have you all in mean more to me than you will ever know....

~And most of all Ihave GOD!  and my Father in Heaven Loves me...and wants what's best for me!

So I guess this is my gratitude list...these are things I need to always remember...and be happy for....

~I always need to remember that life is about the journey not the destination....and what a sweet ride it is

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Another good day

Good Evening all...

Today was a wonderful day...I worked for over 5 hours and we still didn't finish our project so I will work again on Thursday.  God truly is blessing us with me getting the extra work.  Plus Mark worked today also...We had a scare though, Mark's son Jim is 25 and he still thinks the party life is the way to go...he was in his favorite bar last night when a guy who was angry for being kicked out earlier pulled a knife stabbed the owner and cut Jim's hands up ... they both are ok, but his idiot is getting charge with attempted murder...I guess Jim held the guy until the police came.  Hopefully this will be an eye opener for Jim...but as I know full well the best lessons in life are learned by experience.

This Bible verse fits me perfectly...

2Corinthians 4:17-18:  For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal

...Hmmmmmm.  You know  I have always had issues with lack...growing up without alot of things I looked toward things to make me feel better...but they never I see why money is what God is using to get my attention...sure I could do what I always have done blamed my husband, work night and day, borrow from my father...(which I never pay back), but on I must fix my eyes on the unseen, and trust that mighty voice that is inside me...which is the voice of God.

As I said today was a good day, I got to spend it with a girl who survived cancer not once but twice, the very cancer that took her own mother.  Friends don't come easy for me...I have many casual friends, but I really am not a very good friend...I tend to be a loner...maybe God will do something about never know...


Monday, December 27, 2004

time for some humor

hopefully my funny showed up!

beginning of the week

Things are beginning to come together for us financially.  We were supposed to come up with a lot of money for our mortgage, but the VA will be able to help us, we have many options.  And with VA they really help out the vets...My belief that God will take care of everything really is being shown to me...I must listen to that inner voice and take action.  Plus all this is showing Mark that he needs to take action too, not just we have a real marriage!

It sad to think that there are so many out in the world that are in trouble,not only financially but otherwise and they don't have God...I am praying for them too.

I must remember that there are always options and choices in this life, everything is not one way, not black and just gotta open your eyes, ask and you shall receive.

Otherwise Mark helped Tim get his brakes done finally on his truck.  He should be back to work tomorrow. I worked for 4 hours with a girl who survived cancer 2 times...we were checking addresses for our transportation department...this girl is a wonder...she stays so was cute though I was driving the school's van and she thought I was going to pull out in front of car...she said, "wow the doctor was right!  I have bigger chance of dying in a car accident than getting cancer back!"  Oops!  Glad I wasn't the one to cause the accident. 

Keep your chin up guys, God loves you and so do I!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Happy day after

Well it was wonderful day yesterday!  We woke up to a little bit of snow, actually the perfect amount.   About an inch.  We had to wake the kids up to open the gifts from Santa was fun listening to them tell stories of how they used to try and be loud to get us up when they were little.

I had my annual Chinese food, Liz and I went to the restaurant at 12:30 and the hand made sign said open Christmas day 12:00 am until 9:00 pm...hmmmmm

It was closed and I started whining...but then a van load of Chinese guys flew up....yippeee Christmas is saved!

Mark's kids all popped in and to tell you the truth I wonder about his Middle son and his finance' they have been together since high school and are building a house.  This girl still doesn't have any faith in him.  They stayed about 1/2 hour and she wasn't happy to be here.  Oh well, we all learn don't we?  She is only 22, she'll grow up.

Today is spent laying around enjoying the pie, left over Chinese, and the mint oreo cookie ice cream I bought...I still do laundry on holidays...but hey I can't be totally "off" duty.  Otherwise I took 2 naps today!

Hope you all had a wonder Christmas!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

the stocking were hung ... in hopes of St Nick...

Now this old boy is my family's idea of old Saint Nick!  He'd have tattoo's and riding a Harley...

Mark and I had a joyous shopping experience and while we had one scrooge at the local KMart ... an angry guy swearing at the cashier...the 350 pound guy on oxygen in a wheel chair with his scarf wrapped around his face ringing the bell for the Salvation army...all the while blessing me for my few dollars I slide into his bucket more than made up for the few crabs.

We found what we needed stayed in budget and everything, we did not spend no where near as much as we usually do but no matter...and what we don't have at the end of the month for bills...well, God's got that covered.Peace banner

Liz's real dad sent her a card with a little money...he disappeared when she was 6 shortly after I got married.  I never married this man (thankfully for not getting married, I met him at a very low time in my life), he decided last year he wanted to be her, "father" again.  She only wrote him to tell him off, and I asked her to wait to meet up with him until she is out of high school.  That is a door that need not be opened right now.  Plus, now wife number 3 with 2 year old just divorced him this past summer and he got married again on December 13 to new wife number 4, wife 2 died from alcoholism, and wife 1 ran away to California and swore off men...ish...this guy is the truly insane...he does the same thing over and over expecting different results...thankfully he is in Oklahoma far away...he blames me and Liz for not keeping in contact with him...she was only 6 and was the type of kid that had to sit and what for when he felt like showing up...She realizes that Mark is her father and has always been there for her...she may not always like him, but he's still dad to her.  I don't really know why I needed to talk about this...but maybe it is part of what I am grateful for...NOT being that needy person that had to be part of that life style...loving "cave" men who would always be bums and never change....I am truly grateful for my marriage to my wonderful husband...I am truly blessed.

This evening at Jeremy's was so wonderful...The baby is still so cute, and he is so strong, he already lifts his head off your shoulder and looks around at the light.  We spent most of our evening playing with Jacob.  That kid is so cute.  At first he was afraid of Mark, but Liz got him to warm up and then after that...the fun began.  We got him a book filled with pictures of real truck, construction equipment, buses, firetrucks and he plopped on the floor, sat cross legged and just gazed at that book...Gotta love the little ones...

Again folks I am a blessed girl...this holiday could have been a real bummer for my family, but instead we chose to focus on what we have...the people, the family, the love...and for that I am truly blessed.

A blessed Christmas

Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good night!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

not a creature was stirring

I am becoming much more excited about the holiday...tomorrow Mark and I will brave the crowds and go gift shopping.  We have some ideas so that's a plus.  He has NEVER gone with me was always left up to me...maybe this last minute stuff will work out??!!

I finished Jacob's blanket and wow is it warm!  I love making's a winter time hobby that keeps your legs warm while you are working.  It's very cold here minus something with the wind chill...once it gets past 0 it doesn't matter the actual's just plain cold!

I am no longer freaking out about money or work or I have all I cute warm kitty curled up in my lap, my daughter talking religion to one of her guy friends on the phone, my boys are home ( will sort-a they are actually out at the moment), my hubby sleeping on the couch.  Jim stopped by, I raised this kid since he was 14 and now he is a man of I gave him a big hug and said hey Jim good to see you!  My stepsons aren't real good with hugs, or warmth...their mother isn't real warm...but I love them all and need to show it. 

Dale also "dropped" by, I am sure he saw Jim at the bank and figured it was safe to stop by.  I am sure he thought we would yell at him...he's been with his mother for 5 weeks...he got a different car, which is insured by his brother, so I can cancel his insurance...of course no one at that house bothered to tell us...he also told us he hasn't paid his bank loan because the payment book is here...I guess when he made his "great escape" he forgot the important things.  Then he said, "what do you guys want for Christmas?"  It was all I can do to not say, "$270 for your phone bill would be good", Mark said he almost said, "same thing we are getting you...nothing."  You'd have to know the humor in this household to really understand us.  With so many people we have to be crazy to survive!!!  And humor is always the best way to deal with life in general.

I guess their Mother (Mark's ex) is having Christmas tomorrow on Christmas eve and then going to Jeremy's for Christmas, which is perfect...we can see the babies for Christmas eve...I like that tradition...because for me take out Chinese and relaxing is what I am doing for Christmas...too many years I spent pleasing this year I am pleased to announce the new Rose...and boy is she a happy Rose!

Night all...

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is ... PEACE

Not only on this big old earth...

But peace in my family...

My wish is for all the formers, ex's, befores and afters to all get over it!  Get over the past, forgive the sins, the what-if's, the didn't do and the you did this's...

Get over the guilt, the hate, the anger, and jeolousy...

For unto this earth was born a savior...

Our Lord, Jesus...the gift of forgiveness that was given to us so long ago...

So today instead of being the one to expect forgiveness I am going to be the one to set the example and forgive...

First off I forgive myself...

Now I will look for the goodness in my family...and I will give my love and forgiveness to them...each and every one of them...

Now on to my new is that this kid can already scoot across the couch!  The visiting nurse was over and he figured out how to fall off the couch...he's ok, but wow the kids only a couple of days old and he's moving!  Good thing he's got a big brother to handle.


We are going over there for Christmas Eve...speaking of I will be the nut out there shopping, but that's ok...I love the rush...

Take care all...and hug your loved ones!  Tis the season!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

hey where's all the towels???

Wow what am I going to do after Christmas is over and I can't look for all these nifty graphics???

And where are ALL the towels???  Ahhhhh...the kids are home!!

He's here! He's here!!!

Annoucing the arrival of Dakota Charles

Little Kody was born yesterday around noon.  Mark, Liz and I went up to the hospital to see the little cutie last night.  I would have to say he's the most beautiful baby I have ever seen...even prettier than my own!  Really I am not just saying that either...he is a very pretty baby!  Lots of black hair (pointed head but that's normal!), and he makes all those cute baby noises.  Perfect little cute nose.  Little sweet face.  He didn't even cry when the nurse did a blood test!  Lucky for him he's good because big brother Jacob thinks he's a "kitty" and I was told by his mommy that Jacob pets him when he sees him.  Of course Jacob is only 18 months so mom and dad have their hands full...but they are doing great and very happy.  After a while another friend of theirs came.  She also has children...we both kept remembering our own children's births...I still remember looking in my childrens little eyes and thinking, "I made this wonderful creature"!

On to some more great news...My Purdue boy Tim went to where he worked summers in college and they made him a job offer...a very great  offer...which would mean he would stay here, the job has great benefits, and is very close by...and when he moves out he will still be close by.  I am glad about that...I really like the kid...and he gets along well with my hubby.  He graduates in all those years of school will be rewarded.  I am so happy!

So with all this happiness I am feeling the blessings of the season...the true grace of God...that all things do work out for the Good who love the Lord.  My fears, my freaking out, my all given to God.  THE only one in charge...I always will be taken care gift yesterday...was so beautiful...I felt so accepted by my stepson and his wife...I truly am a grandma and best of all my husbandis a grandpa...hopefully this will help him let go of the years of anger he has toward his first wife.  Hopefully, by our example she will loosen the hold she has on her boys and the grandchildren...I have chose to look at all this with a positive whole life...I am so blessed and the best is yet to come...

God loves you...just like my old favorite Angel, Monica on touched by an angel used to say...

And truly that is all that matters.

So gang, I am off of school/work for the Holiday...this year they are paying us like they do teachers, so my checks will be still the same, and that is a wonderful feeling...after years of not getting paid unless I worked, again I AM BLESSED.  Mark is working and although it's very cold I am covered by the one who Loves me BEST.

Make it a wonderful day all, and remember to look for the best in your loved ones, and most of all the best in yourself...because we truly do only pass this way once, and we need to savior every beautiful moment.



Monday, December 20, 2004

Everybody's home



Tim made it home...his truck had a Christmas miracle!!  The brakes unfroze...or maybe Tim just stopped screwing around with them and they decided to work...Who knows he's in college.

Eric will be back tonight all my babies are all home at once and let the comedy children all have the weirdest sense of humor...especially when they are watching the Simpsons....or any other dumb comedy show!  Right now my Purdue boy is explaining Algebra to my darling daughter who is getting an F.  Math is not her strong point.  She is getting A's in everything else...AN "F"!  Aren't F reserved for kids who do NOTHING in class????.  She shows up, she does her homework...BUT I have ammo...I have a future daughter in law who is  a Math teacher and my math wiz daughter thinks with the other side of her brain...the drama queen side...I am calling the teacher tomorrow and getting his side of the story...

Tomorrow is the day Dakota Charles will be born !  I am getting so excited.

It's finally warming up.  It reached 20 today...but the wind was so bad that I had to bundle up so much that I started was so cold out, but I still had goofy kids standing outside with no coat and wet hair!  ICK!!!

Gotta go work on my blanket...


Sunday, December 19, 2004

Brrrrrrrrrrrr it's cold


It's getting close isn't it???  Christmas!

 Liz went with her boyfriend ((EEEEK did I say that??)) to a family gig.  His family owes an excavating company and we joke that if something happens to my husband's company that he works for along with 4 of his kids they could all go work for the boyfriend's family biz.  I also say, that when this kid graduates this spring, I'll send Liz off to marry him after all she's 16, isn't that old enough???  Just kidding...I can be a big girl and finish raising my kids.  She is the last one and deserves us to stick it out until she graduates...but the temptation to sell it all and move to warmer climates sure does look good.  Especially when it's -7 here in good old Illinois.  I hate cold ... and the nice warm beach just sounds soooo good right now!

Whelp just enjoying my nice quiet house...won't be that way for long.

Have a great day...

Saturday, December 18, 2004

alls quiet on the home front

ani_snow003  We had a bit of snow this evening...way too cold with the wind chill to go out and enjoy the town's Christmas light display, maybe tomorrow evening. 



Today, I went out to the some more yarn, and bought a  few items to eat, stopped by my favorite health food store for some of my favorite tea.  At first I was upset by the rotten drivers, but then I decided to just lay back and observe the Crazy people.  I won't be able to do any real shopping until Thursday day for Mark so ... and if I have to be out there he's going with me!  Although I pretty much know what I need to get...thankfully nothing too extreme.

My oldest is coming home Sunday, finals are over, but he's having problems with the emergency brake sticking on his truck.  He'll figure it out...afterall he's a Engineering Major!

Eric called and told me he's feeling better.  I guess his father still thinks he should be in would think after failing two different times in two different schools that school is not a wise choice.  My ex has always lived in some sort of fantasy land...(you know where fairies live and everything is perfect)...which is very unfair to the boys.  Eric is perfectly happy working at Menards.  One of the Asst. Managers there just got a very large bonus check...what's wrong with that???

It still amazes me how my ex and Eric's ex girlfriend think they are helping by trying to run Eric's life.  They both would rather run others lives than look at their own.  I've been there done a whole lot of that!  After years of therapy, treatments, religion, chanting, praying, begging, looking inward, medicating, I have finally come to the place where I finally accept myself for what I am today...not an easy process, but I know that I will never be perfect..just a wonderful work in progress.  And trust me it's much easier to control my own life, and let others (including my own children) live their own lifes.  I would never had learned a thing had I not experienced my own stuff...I would never try and take that away from my own kids.  I love them too much.

Tonight was a great evening.  Mark and Liz sat and unknotted the mess I made of my new yarn and rolled into a ball for me.  I got lectured about how his mother always rolled her yarn and he helped her.  We all watched the movie "Remember the Titans".  I love that movie.  Liz commented that the girls finally out number the boys!  It was a very nice night.


Found out also that if my daugher in law does not have her baby by Tuesday the will induce her.  She's not overdue, I guess mothers today don't wait for nature anymore!  But that's cool, because then we can go up and visit Tuesday night.  I am so excited!  Hopefully, this baby will bring my husband and his ex on better never know this baby could be a Christmas Miracle!

Night all!

I started a new times!




Well it's Saturday and everybody's gone.  Mark's at work, Liz is a at a speech meet and Eric went back to his apartment.  The doctor did a blood test and no strep or mono...(mono makes me's the kissing disease!).  He went back to his apartment, because that is his home now and he can rest there.  Isn't it funny how our kids grow up and make their own lives and learn how to take care of themselves?  I think it's wonderful...especially since when mine grow up and I am no longer responsible, I can enjoy my time with MARK...we have always had kids and rarely had time alone.  Thankfully we both "like" each other...and our day will's so wonderful to have a mate that you can share your life with.

That is how I know that with God I can conquer all my lifes difficulties.  I look back at my a kid all I wanted was friends, and only found a few...I wanted a good marriage and had a cheating husband, after my divorce I tried to meet the wrong kind, who I could never change.  I wanted a happy life and only found myself drunk, lonely and scared.  But God changed all that...He changed me...

I stopped trying to run my life and I got all I wanted and much much more...I got sober, I got beautiful children, a soul mate who loves me, a wonderful home, job and life...I got me back....The beautiful child of God who deserves nothing but the best!

The difficulties I face today...are just that ... a part of life that I must go through to be be molded into the person that God would have me to be so that I can be ready for His wonderful blessings....God truly is an awesome God.

My life is proof of that!

Anyway, life is good, Christmas is coming and this is my favorite part.  Mark and I watched Rodulph last night, my kindergartener's are singing Jingle Bells in one big long drawn out loop. The lights of the cities are beautiful and I even enjoy watching the crazy people hurrying around trying to shop...ani_houses006


For me I know the secret that Christmas isn't about stuff, or shopping or's about LOVE...


and for me that's all that matters...

Have a safe and wonderful weekend...



 ani_angel020   Baby count down....he's not   

              here yet!                          ani_angel023           


Friday, December 17, 2004

finally friday

ani_angel009Well it seems Eric came home just in time to get sick...we think it's strep...isn't it funny how kids (even big ones) know when to come home...for some tlc?

He's going to the doctor at 1:00, at least he's big enough to take himself...I guess 20 is big enough right?  Even when they grow up they are still our babies!

Today should be our last day at school but because of all the building school started late so we have to go Monday and Tuesday next week too.  The weather is pretty nice though...sunny and not too cold.  NO snow yet...we sometimes get it a day or two before Christmas.

 Our high school marching band is going to the Rose Bowl in California...we are driving 15 bus loads to O'Hare on the 27 of December. I didn't take that trip though...too much traffic and Airports?  ECK  But is so exciting for our town!

Mark's working and should be working tomorrow too.  I have a field trip two next week.  So as it goes....I go onward...


Thursday, December 16, 2004

eric's home it's thursday

Eric (20 year old) came home for a visit...his college friends are home...he's talking right now telling me about his life...very interesting.

Just a note to say I'm doing a-ok!  love you guys!

Came home for break and realize just how right the world truly isn't about money, things, or objects, or even's all about people! 

And LOVE...

So far today I have reached out and talked to people at work I don't normally talk to...and guess what we have a lot in common!!!  :O !!!  Oh happy days!


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Wow it's Wednesday!

"It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving."
 ~ ~ Mother Teresa ~ ~

God Bless the Angels who have helped me along my remind me of how much we all must Love and take care of each other!~~~  Rose


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

terrific tuesday

I've made a conscience decision today to be a blessing, not to expect blessings.  I am tired of living in the state of worry.  I guess for me I have to get sick of being there to start to move out of it!    When I came into work today all the buses where running...after routes I went in and asked my boss if I should turn off the spares since they were still running.

The Clip Art of Christmas - Free Christmas clipart, Christmas cards and other Christmas clip art

 It's the little things that need to be done for people that I need to remember to do.   When I am full of myself I can't help others....  

Blinking Lights

I have to realize that there is a plan for my life and I should stop and enjoy the journey...after all time is so short here in this life...if you don't stop and smell the roses you might miss the beauty of the day...

Blinking Lights

No grandbaby yet...but the doctor changed my daughter-in-laws due date many times...and you now babies they come when they are ready...

Candy Cane


God bless you all and thanks for being here!  

Monday, December 13, 2004

Merry Monday

Merry Monday to all!  Whoo hoo hubby went to work today.  It's windy and freezing which in the construction biz is good news...firms up the mud.  We went to his Christmas party that some of the guys give from his work.  It was a lot of fun meeting some of the guys he talks about.  

My stepson's wife is due to have the baby boy anyday now.  It doesn't seem too awful long ago that we found out it was going to be a boy!  I have been busy making blankets.  The more I think about this Christmas and our lack of money the more creative I come up with ideas to make gifts...hmmm I wonder if somebody up there is trying to tell me something????  And with those thoughts comes appreciation for what I have!   Hmmm gratitude what a concept eh??

Anyway I am just happy today...and grateful...what more can  a person ask for right?

Mark put up our little "fake" tree, Saturday...we usually get a real one, but decided against it...that's ok...the tree has all our collection of decorations on it and I have put up lots of lights..makes me happy...again what else can I ask for but to be happy with where I am today...

Have a wonderful day all...gotta go!


Thursday, December 9, 2004

Well, I have some happy news!  A guy Mark used to work with had mentioned he wanted to buy the semi.  Well, this guy came by today and was looking at the kid went up to him and said, "may I help yoo?"  And he told her who he was and said he'd call Mark...Wow!!!  That would be so awesome, if it all worked out...especially now!  Even if it doesn't I will still believe that God is taking good care of us.

Mark won't be working the rest of the week, but with the cold weather coming this weekend the ground will freeze and firm up the they can go back to work Monday....which will really help with this mortgage thing.

I have come to believe how much these trails have helped me.  No more running to the bottle to escape my life.  After all it won't help.

I also realize what a blessing I am to the kids I drive...they are awesome!

I don't think Mark's ex got his email, because Dale has been driving his brother's car to school or his mother has been driving him.  It's not an easy drive either--- 45 minutes of very heavy traffic.  But I have no pity for either one of them.  She has taught both Dale and his 20 year old brother Dustin to act like 2 year olds, temper tantrums and all.  Anyway, my daughter told Dale that we had paid his insurance and he said "cool".  It's probably best she did not get the email...there wasn't really anything nice in it.

OH well gotta go...