Saturday, May 27, 2006

I have bats!

I got up this morning and went into our spare bedroom that used to be Matt and Tim's to look for a pen.  Something was flying around my head, I thought it was an awful big moth, then I realized it was a bat!  We had one a long time ago when the kids were still here and Jim the big brave guy he is caught it with a pillow case and let it outside.  Chickens that Mark and I are took the easy way and since the windows were already open I had him open the screens from the outside (he climbed a ladder) and then he swat it with a broom (it was hanging on the closet door) and it flew around in circles for a while before it frew out the window.   Whew!  The neighbor said it was probably a fruit bat, but so what it's like mice and spiders they look innocent but the still give me the willies!

my front yard so far this spring...without the pond

front yard last spring below...we've had a really wet spring and now with the warm weather it is growing in very well, including the weeds!  I have more ferns too mostly from the neighbor, (the white house) who mows his down!   My ivy is filling in very nicely.

My front yard is a work in progress and my therapy...the hostas never talk back and they only need some water and a little food and they are happy!

have  a great Saturday!


Friday, May 26, 2006

long weekend!

I've seemed to have fixed my computer so my voodoo dance over it must of worked, for now. It's the same dance I do over my boiler every winter.  Sometimes you just have to wait for what you want in life.  But that's ok, now that my computer will take my picture discs, I will take a picture of the motorcycle.  We will be spending a lot of time on it this summer.  As matter of fact we just took a ride out in the country a while ago.  There's nothing like it!

Here's the proud grandma with the boys....they are getting so big too!

Tracey is right on schedule to deliver baby #3 the end of July.  They still are deciding on a name.  She already knows she's having a boy.  I still have trouble getting used to being so sure of the sex of babies.  Way back when it was either a guess or the doctor was wrong 1/2 of the time.  Mark's fourth son was a girl until he was born a "he".  Of course he just celebrated his 22 birthday on the 24th so things have come a long way in the baby game.  I didn't have much influence on that boy, he and his younger brother spend some time with us, but was mostly protected from mean stepmom by their mother, (Mark's ex).  He did let me hug him on his birthday and he seems to be growing up, which is a good thing.  He has an apartment, a car payment and a job!

I have volunteered to help Tracey this summer as much as she wants me to...she will have her hands full with 3 and will be quitting work which makes me really, really happy.  They are able to afford it.  I think it will be easier on all of them, but mostly for the boys.

Liz did get a job offer, from the park district.  It's not for pay, but to help during the 4 day Prairie fest over Father's day weekend.  The lady that called her recognized her reference as her boyfriend's mother and wanted to know how she knew her.  Liz told her that she dates her son, Mike.  Seems that lady is related to Mike's father!  She told Liz that she will do all she can to help her with a job opportunity.  I have taught my daughter about volunteering anyway, so this will be a great experience for her.  

Here I am at the book signing.  The old guy on the right is my hubby, Mark, he may be gray, but at least he'll always have his hair!

I am off to start the 3 day's going to be hot, sunny and beautiful! 

Happy birthday Lisa Jo!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


My family is mainly boys.  I am the oldest and only girl, I have 3 younger brothers.  I always said that if I had had a sister I probably would have have given her away.  My husband has 5 sons, I have 2.  Liz is my only daughter and while I love her dearly and call her my miracle child there are days that she tries really, really hard to drive me crazy!  With the boys they got mad, stomped around, ate something and got over whatever was bothering them.  NOT Liz!

This past weekend she spent most of it crying.  Not just weeping, not just sniffle sniffle, but all out bawling, snot running, hiccuping sobs.  It got so bad on Sunday that Mark suggested I take her to the therapist she saw back in junior high for her "normal" growing pains.  The reason for the sobbing?  She didn't get her way.  She seems to think that if she pretends to do what we ask of her (look for a job, pick up her room, and walk the dog, before she goes out) then that means she can spend all the rest of her time with Mike.  NOPE!  She's not married to him yet and before we play we do our responsiblities.  She's better now though.  We sat down over the course of this week and discussed things step by step, over and over and she seems to get "it".  Whatever "it" is she seems to be able to discuss things without freaking out.

Lucky for her Mark's matured and grown as a father, he is much more patient and rational than he used to be.  We both realize that 'this too, shall pass', and to not take any of this personally.  We both realize that growing up is hard and she's our last--- we did ok with the rest so we'll do fine raising  her.

She is also delighted to be on the Drama Club board, which is some leadership position in theater for next year.  After this past weekend she should make the starring role in the next play! ;)  She is signed up for the summer theater which is the Pride and the Prejudice.  Maybe she can work out some of her attitude there!

Nah, I really am thankful for this kid, she has a huge heart, a loving spirit, and an all around great person!  I wouldn't trade her for 10 boys!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I need a new computer!

Just when I thought the drama of the past month was over, life threw some more my way!  Early this week while at Curves ( yes I still go at least three times a week, cheaper then a shrink!) an older lady that lives near me was giving me the update on some recent deaths in her church.  A side note here, my town used to be very, very small, in fact we were a very nice little farm town until the developers and the chain stores invaded us....progress I guess.  I've been told that I am very good at retaining gossip, but in my town the old timers aren't gossiping we are just informing the current events to one another.  Anyway, Mrs. N. told me that a gentleman had passed who happened to be the father of my best friend from high school.  D and I along with our  friend C all were buddies from 8th grade on.  Even after high school.  But we all went our separate ways after each of us divorced.  C and I see each other often because our daughters are in Choir and go to the same high school.  D was my Matron of Honor in both of my weddings.  D has had major health issues over the years, along with some really bad luck involving her choice in husbands, she's had 3.

I went to the wake on Tuesday and I knew before hand my old friend D was not doing well.  She's had all sorts of ailments over the years and because of these and years of smoking she is on oxygen.  She was so happy to see me, even with her illnesses she still had the old gleam in her eye from long ago.  C even showed up and it was like old times, if only for a short bit.  The mother in D's family is a nurse, the whole family in her mind is dying and has been for many many years!  It was a very surreal experience, one that made me grateful for my health and my own crazy  family.  D is being taken care of though, hopefully she will be enjoying some better days ahead.  I do have her phone number and will be calling her.  Hopefully, her sister's prediction (she is also sickly) of her upcoming death will be wrong.

I was driving happily home from work last night only to be greeted by my hubby who was in the middle of a major tantrum.  Work woes (the other truck driver is a stoner, who regularly blames my husband of breaking his truck) and the fact that thiscomputer was acting up again.  My computer is very, very old.  It was my fathers and I think he gave it to me shortly after my mom died in 1999.  It crashed once and a kid at Eric's school restored it for me.  Now it won't read my disc for my photos.  I have more bragging baby pictures on it too!  BLAH!  I think it's time for a new one, but I am getting a camera first!

I guess you will all have to settle for pictures of the new baby, brother's son, who was born in February.  Many of you remember he and his twin Tyson were born premature and Tyson died a couple of days after his birth.  I still haven't seen Rylan, my husband is still miffed at my brother for never inviting us over after he helped him build a bedroom.  I'll make him swallow his pride and we will ride over there soon, I'd really like to see the kid before he goes to college ;)

  Rylan shortly after his birth...

  Rylan is 3 1/2 months now!


Otherwise the motorcycle is running great finally and the weather is sunny and perfect for a ride.  Now if the daughter would find a job so the hubby will be happy we can all take a step back relax and enjoy the upcoming summer...I know I WILL, dispite it all!



Friday, May 19, 2006

i am not lost!

Here I am!  Last weekend my computer was hacked and my aol account was frozen, took me an hour to get someone to unfreeze it.  It happened again today, even though I changed my password and added spyware protection!  There are days I just feel like getting rid of this stupid service but I've been with AOL since 3.0 A LONG TIME!  So I'll just deal.

Mother's day was a nice relaxing day for me.  Eric had slept over and Tim came over in the afternoon.  The sweethearts gave me a gift certificate for 1 hour spa massage!   Of which I will be using right after this school year from hell ends the beginning of next month!  Liz bought a necklace from Hallmark , one is for the mom and the other for the child, very nice of her. 

My two stepsons that I raised even called to wish me a Happy day too!  I was pleasantly surprised.

More later!



Saturday, May 13, 2006

T. D. Jakes, grandbabies and mother's day cards

One of Mark and my favorite ministers who is also an author was having a book signing this morning so we drove the hour to the Borders to see him.  It was an honor to shake hands with a man who truly is a great teacher of the bible.  I have gained much strength from his ministering each and every morning, as he has a ministery that is televised.  We also met some really awesome freindly people there, one of which was a little African American lady.  She used to teach, but is now a librarian, all she wanted was for the copy of the Library book authored by T.D. Jakes to be autographed.  She was very early and misunderstood the time he would arrive.  Another lady offered to have it signed and she then would drop it by the library for her afterward.  Before she left she made sure we had a pamphlet that showed her work on behave of Africa, she told us she was black all year long, not just for one month a year.  What a spirit that lady has!  Just as I was losing my faith in mankind I get a wonderful reminder this rainy gloomy day.

Which brings me to my whiny attitude regarding the rain.  I am sure this rain is a long awaited answer to some poor farmer who has endured the drought we've had of late.  So no more whining, at least my husband has a job to go to and a raise next month.  It will stop some day hopefully soon!

We also babysat with the grandkids this evening.  It's only been three weeks since I've seen them, but felt like forever!  They are just as cute as ever!  Dakota did get mad at me tonight because even though I can't understand one word of his baby babble I cleary understood he was quite mad at me for not being talked into giving him a bottle.  He had to settle for a sippy cup and a nice long rock with grandma before bed.  The whole time he shook his head no while saying night, night.  I was so pleased that my sweeheart for a daughter in law gave me a card for mother's day.  My stepsons never honor me on Mother's Day, I am sure they are afraid their mother would have a fit.  But I know in my heart by how they treat me that I am loved and respected by them. After all actions speak louder than mere words and acknowledgments on Hallmark holidays.

My boys will be here tomorrow, my daughter will hang out too, even though her boyfriend is back for the summer from college. I will relax, let my husband cook/clean up, laugh with my kids and be grateful for what I have and the simple fact that the best is yet to come.  I am loved and that's what matters!


Happy mother's day!

Friday, May 12, 2006

rain rain GO AWAY!!!

My area of the world is stuck in some sort of rain/cold/windy vortex from hell!  It's been raining, cold, windy and just plain horrible for 2 days, and it's not supposed to move out until next week!  Put it this way it feels like March except all dressed up instead of mid May!  UGH!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

-Marcel Proust
This has been a good week work wise.  I came in on Monday and my supervisor was very cool about everything that happened last week on the bus.  I deleted my entry discribing the incident.  I guess I just don't want all that out there in the universe.  Bad Karma and all that! ;)
The powers that be got another driver to trade junior high routes with me.  His is closer and although this bunch will probably be just as rowdy there route is quick and I think they will be easier and hopeful less vicious.  There is a bunch of them though they fill up the whole bus!  Either way first sign of trouble I am getting a camera, a monitor and doing write ups. 
But I have a postive attitude so it'll all be fine.
Otherwise we have been doing some work around our home.  We gave the kid's basketball hoop and our trampoline to my midday monitor.  She has 2 middle school aged girls and they will have plenty of use for it.  Of course as we were driving over to her home it started raining! 
Now that I am down to one very lazy, non digging older dog I am going to work on planting my backyard.  We want to put a patio or is it deck out there.  It's fenced in and has been the dogs territory for 10 years!  I do miss my dog though he was a good boy.  When my other dog is inside my one cat loves to sit by him on the back porch, like he thinks he needs a friend to replace his old pal. 
Can't believe it's Wednesday already!


Sunday, May 7, 2006

What's important

Mark got up and went golfing this morning with his son Matt, Matt's father in law and a friend (Justin) of Matt's who is also dating Matt's wife (Brandy) cousin (Tiffany).  Does that make any sense?  If the girls are cousins and since sometimes we call Justin Matt's long lost brother does that make them all related??  Nah!

Anyway, my sense of humor is back and today I decided to look at my life the way I am used to...POSITIVE!

I have realized not only has my job been stressful, but so has Mark's.  He works in constuction so he only gets paid when he works so paying bills can be a first come first served proposition.  Especially after a long winter.  He still does not understand that unemployment doesn't always cut it especially since we still have a few things we are still paying off from our semi dump truck we used to own.  But it always works out and stressing out about it never helps.  And so it goes.

Here are some good things that have been going on----> Focus on the Positive!

1.  We made our last payment on our Pick up truck---it's  now ours and it still running great!

2.  Mark may get into the Union which means a raise, and benefits=no more worries about retirement (??!!??), me paying $200 + a month for insurance at my job.

3. My son Eric got a promotion---he is now front end manager at Menards, he is the head of cashiers and service.  YEA! 

4. Tim's job is secure.  He is an Engineer at a Bearing company, they think so highly of him they want him to some day run the department.  The are moving the company to bigger building. 

5.  My stepson Dustin, who tends to be very immature and horrible with money, is  moving up at his job where his brothers and Mark work.  Now my husband can relax.  He is always worried about that kid!

6.  Mark wants Liz to get a job this summer.  She has tried a few places with no luck. She mentioned this to her boyfriend Mike's mom and she knows a lot of people,  plus their family owns a large construction business, she said she'd help her find a job!

7.  20 days until school is out!

8.  I am not driving a bus this summer!  I am off!

9.  I am getting a new grandson in July!

10.The sun is out!  Matt's invited us over to eat dinner!  who hooo I am not cooking

Happy rest of the weekend!     

Saturday, May 6, 2006


Tonight is the last performance of Liz's play BIG.  They usually do calls afterward and go until midnight.   

Here's some of Liz's crew.  She is Assistant to Stage Crew and will head it next year.  She is taking some photo's and framing them for her crew as little thank you gifts.  Very sweet.  At least I made a thoughtful kid!  Sorry I still am beating the crap out of myself!

I am sure I had something to do with the way my kid turned out!!

I really have a great kid!

This is Zoltar's box.  Liz wore a purple head dress and purple shirt.  She sat really, really still for her part!  The choir director was the voice.  They even had a piano that worked when the leads walked on it.

Mark and I both were very involved in High school plays.  He was the lead in two musicals.  He was even Harold Hill in the Music Man!



Sunny Saturday



I am feeling better today.   Liz's play was great, a bit too long for me, 3 hours, but as my darling daughter would say, "MOM, it's a musical!", it was supposed to be long.  She wasn't supposed to have a part, she didn't even tryout, she was one of the stage crew heads, but because she brought  the Zoltar machine out on stage, (the part where the kid wishes to be BIG), the director put her in the machine.  It was cute too she had to stay perfectly still during that scene.  She also was a delivery person, she was really really great!  THANK God I have a great kid.  I also saw a couple of my grade school kids whose mother thanked me for always being on time and taking such good care of her son.  She even hoped I would drive him and his little sister next year.  I also saw a girl I drove 3 years ago, she's now homeschooled but she was very sweet.  Made me feel like I wasn't such a failure. Sometimes I forget people make mistakes or at least I do and that I am not perfect.

I am thinking I'll be ok through this personal crisis.  It's really not about what happened, because I have been really edgy all week leading up to my incident with these girls.  I will figure out what I need to do different and correct my way of dealing with these types of kids.  Sometimes I forget I am not perfect and life really is about learning, growing and just plain being.  Works for me!

Now I am going outside it's a sunny beautiful day!