Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday monday!!

It's rainy today ... at least it's not snow like the rest of the world.  Mark's home today...he went to the bank-refinanced the semi (which will make it easier to sell, as someone can make payments + he put our other business loan in with it), got a haircut and talked to Home Depot about a job next winter....all in alittle over an hour...what a guy...I should take a hint from him...all that would have taken me all day...

I watched Oprah...she had on my favorite girls from what not to wear...the BBC version.  They were grabbing woman in the mall and telling them how they could lose 15 pounds by just wearing proper underwear~and wearing the right clothes.  TLC has  version of that show, but they aren't as funny.  I guess originals are always better.  I also used to watch a gardening make over show called Ground Force but the orginal host left so :::pout::: I don't watch that much either.  Oh well! 

Hopefully, the rain will green everything up...anyhoo...gotta do some dishes and pay attention to my hubby! <3  Then it's off to work, again....


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Happy 23rd Timmy!!!

Today my big boy Timmy is 23!!  This is one of the graphics I sent him....I don't know why my graphic didn't show up in my last entry..I saw it...oh well...I'll keep practicing.

23 years ago I had my first child....I was so excited, but that kid took forever to birth.  I was in labor for 2 days.  His father worked nights so my girlfriend Carla sat with me and timed my contractions.  Being that time was my first child I didn't know what to expect, I mean I read every baby book there was...but when it's happening to you...I had been to the doctor that morning and said, "I am in Labor", he said nah not yet....he wasn't my regular doctor, it was his partner.  So just to prove him wrong I went into labor~for real.  We headed to the hospital in the middle of the night and it took me forever to have that kid.  I finally had him at 4:43 pm in the afternoon, my blue eyed, 7 pound 14 ounce bundle of joy....which has grown in to my 6 foot 230 pound bundle of adult joy. 

Our children grow up so fast......but wee ones or big ones....we still love them just the same...afterall they are our babies all the same!!!



Saturday, February 26, 2005

hee hee


Hee Hee ... this girl has figured out graphics so now I am very dangerous!!!!

Next I want the programs that let you make the graphics!!!!  

NAH!  I spend way too much time online anyway!


All quiet here in my home

Here it is Saturday night and I am all alone, will not really hubby's upstairs asleep.  He only has less than a week and he will be done.  He's so funny, he talks about how much he hates this job, but yet he says things like, "well, if they gave me a better truck, or if they took the govern off so I could go as fast as I wanted, or you know if they didn't make wait to do my drop off until certain time...blah, blah...blah...I'd stay...I just say NO NO and did you hear me but NO!!!!

Then he thinks he should get a second job at Home he then could be gone even more!  I remind him that there is a Harley in garage dying to get out and 2 grandkids we owe some camping and blah blah blah...BLAH!

Oh yeah...and NASCAR, and big breakfast the campground...

There's one thing to work and then there's another thing to work and not live.  I promised him I would get a route at work this summer, even if I monitor, that made him happy.

Speaking of grandkids, Dakota who is only 2 months old weighs in at 14 pounds...that's double his birth weight.  His big brother is a big boy...but ish ... what are they feeding that kid!  Mark's ex has the kids most of the time.  She insists on babysitting while their mother works.  So she driver 30 minutes to meet her and picks them up.  Now most people would say "ah isn't that a nice lady", but if you knew the woman you'd know she is just trying to run those kids life.  She planned their wedding, the home, and now she is trying to raise their kids, she ran Jacobs birthday party.  I am sure my daughter in law one day will have her fill and then I want to be the fly on the wall to witness the blast!  Oh well, I'd rather be the grandma, and not the babysitter.

Plus Mark and his ex have 5 kids...too many for her to be able to hog all the future grandkids...Matt will be getting married in July and his finance' really doesn't get along real will with Mark's ex.  She does me so ... grandbaby's here I come.

Speaking of Matt, his house isalmost ready and tomorrow night we are going over to check it out. 

I always wonder why people have to be so narrow minded and such a martyr to have to act the way Mark's ex does.  But as I have always tried to do is just live and let long as Mark's kids treat him well...I am good. 

I've spent most of the evening sending emails to my son.  Tim will be 23 tomorrow....and the tag lounge has sent me some awesome graphics so I have been obnoxious and just piling the emails on...ahhh the beauty of electronics  you can drive your kid nuts with a push of a botton.!! 


Happy Saturday

                             ~~~Happy Saturday~~~

I am up and going to enjoy my Saturday.  I really need to dust and there is always laundry.  But today I am just going to enjoy.  I haven't been on a walk with my dogs in so long.  It's time to get out and about my little town.

It's still really gray here and I know I sound like a broken record, but I am so ready for spring!  I am a gardener.  My front yard is all plants, with 2 large Maples.  We could never grow grass so we keep adding more and more perennals:  hostas, ferns, ivy that grows up my Maple.  Then we add impatients because those plants really love shade. I call it my therapy.  This year though I need to get a load of manure.  That should get everything growing strong and healthy.  We want to put more of vegetable garden in too.  I love home grown tomatoes.  I have pretty good luck with tomatoes.

Can you all tell I am ready for SPRING!!!

Have an awesome Saturday!!


Friday, February 25, 2005

naughty aol...

graphic tag lounge...

AOL is being so naughty again today.  Oh well!

I made reservations today for a motel for Tim's graduation.  He will be graduating in May on Saturday at 2:30 so I want to stay in a hotel.  I picked a nice Motel 8, in Remington Indiana, now it's not the Ritz on some beach but it will work as a nice getaway.  Normally I am the cheap type that just grins and bears it.  To drive there it would be a 3 hour trip and I would like to enjoy my kid's graduation.  Not look like I slept in my clothes.  Tim worked hard for this education as did I...Purdue is a fine school and I imagine the graduation will be very nice.  Anyway...I'm springing for the motel...besides it has a pool...

Today I also took Liz to get a good cut and style at a REAL salon.  NOT the great clips for a cheapy cut, but a real salon.  The kid has been so patient and good during all the insanity of the last few months.  It wasn't too expensive and her hair looks adorable.  A cute little bob, parted down the side.  She has a good face for it.I'll post pictures soon...

Well the "boss" should be home soon, he made a pact with his angels to behave today and he actually has. Mark realizes screaming at me only hurts me...(DUH) and that he shouldn't be doing that.  He's the type that has to come to these things on his his own time.  But he usually figures things out pretty quickly...ah marriage...not an easy feat, but when it's going good...JOY!


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Oh what a beautiful day!

Oh what a beautiful day it turned out to be!  The sun did come out!  And good news Mark will be able to join the human race again!  His boss said to give notice at this temp job for March 5!  Hopefully the guy will be able to survive until then.  He doesn't deal with stress and it's all I can do to not knock him out...but that happens when he gets home anyway after a long day at the wheel.  He get so frustrated and doesn't understand the term 'doing your time' or 'temporary'.  He freaks out at heavy traffic or if he will be late.  He could never do my job!  I am always on a time schedule, cars act like I am invisable, you can't ever cuss out a driver, honk or even wave your hands at them or they will report you!  I did my paper route for 6 long years and  some days I didn't sleep around the clock...or I had to do the night route and then do a daytime one.  And that was all around the 5 kids, my darling hubby and the housework.  I am not bragging, I guess I am a stronger person.  I freak out in other ways...I guess.... I bet that's why God didn't let men have babies!  They would never be able to make it the 9 months!!!

Anyway, it's almost over...and we are slowly getting caught up $$$wise...I am still juggling, but I have such good practice at this FAITH thing that it's all up to God!

Well I am off tomorrow so I am going to kick back and relax tonight...that's after going out and getting Liz at play practice.

Night all...

graphic tag lounge

Today is Thursday, but since tomorrow is a day off it is Friday to me...just a normal day at the school district...'cept it's gloomy again.  I don't know about you all, but where I live all the new houses are some various shade of with the gray sky, brown grass, everything looks like a big blob of brownish gray.  Hopefully the sun will come out and brighten up the landscape.

I've always liked all the goofy sayings people come up with... like the one above...they make me smile ... like a ray of sunshine in a otherwise gloomy day.

Hope your day has a ray of shineshine in it!!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

This is my CAT Newton!!!!

graphic tag lounge~


This is exactly how my naughty cat Newton looks like!  Can you all tell spring is in this girl!!!  and I am ready for warmer days!!!!



Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Graphic ~ Tag Lounge!

Oh GOOD LORD I think I finally figured out how to post pictures without copying and pasting which by the way is stealing...Took me long enough but as always persistance paid off!!

Today felt like a Monday even though it was did end up being a - ok though.  I really didn't feel like being at work...until about 4:00 when the sun finally came out...something about that sun!

I started my day off by dumping coffee and grounds all over my counter top...then I had to untangle my cord that plugs my bus in...

After that I thought ... just get through the morning routes...

Then Eric came over and wanted to trade his telephone for the one that Dale had (big phone bill boy).  He was lacking sleep as his assistant manager job requires him to work a lot of hours.  So he was crabby and got all huffy with me because he thought the sales lady at the phone store was giving me the run around.  But dear old mom fixed everything...between him and my hubby the two of them and their all work and no play thing is going to drive me nuts.

Mark wants me to take off work Monday so we can spend time with the grandbabies.  I haven't seen the baby since Christmas so he's 2 months old.  I should be able to get off, I have never taken off ever.  Sad isn't it?  I have like 25 assorted days off and I never take off!  Seem Mark's son and his wife are going on a week long vacation and Mark's ex will have the boys...what's new she has the boys all the time anyway!  But I'll stop and not be has a way balancing out things!

Today was the referendum to see if the School District will cut everything including , sports, band, fine arts, teachers, etc...and most of all US.

Judging from the way the polls looked I am sure it will hopefully I still have a job come summer.

Ok Liz wants on...I am done doing the happy dance for my graphics...

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Got up and watched my Lakewood Creek service, with Mark.  Joel talked about procrastinating and how we as people always put things off.  God gives a feeling to do things and we put them off until another day.  Hmmm interesting. I'm guilt of that!

Now I am updating and reading journals.

soon our house will be filled with the sounds of the first Nascar race of the year..THE DAYTONA 500~.

.Mark is very much a race fan of all sorts, drag racing, Busch, Indy, go-carts (just kidding), but he is a fan.  Before we married he actually raced non professionally, he does LOVE it.  We've been to a few races and to tell you the truth they bore me to tears...I ususally become hypnotized by the round and round and round and nod off.  A few years ago I actually fell asleep and leaned on a big guy next to me.  But that was when I was working nights and didn't sleeping much.

The things we do for our men!

But Mark has done 'girly' things for me...and that's how marriages should be.

Later we are going to go see Mark's son Matt's house he and his finance' are building.  Matt is only 24 but really very successful at his job as a heavy equipment operator.  Good for him!

So that's my Sunday and YES I am relaxing...I have a whole race to nod off to ... you know round and round and round!  Until CRASH!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I was just talking to my daughter Liz and it seems her friend Monika's family will be ok.  They are going to sell their house, pay their debt and go their separate ways.  The man in the household is Monika's stepdad.  She has a brother who is his.  It seems they are at least looking out for the children.  Stepdad is from another country, and drinks too much.  As with most households with drinking problems...problems get magnified..and all out of focus.  Drinking becomes the focus and nothing else matters but cleaning up the mess. 

I am hoping that this all turns out which it seems it is...thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.

The worlds children are our children and they are our responsiblity...we must see to it they are safe, healthy and most of all LOVED!


"The Sky is the Limit" Poster

This picture with the sunrays shining through the clouds always makes me think of God.  How He reachs down to give us a nice big HUG. This week I was HUGGED a lot!!!

It's the weekend and am I ever going to enjoy it!  I do have a pile of laundry (not as big as when I had all 5 kids here), a bathroom that really needs a good scrubbing, and a dirty kitchen floor, but hey I am up to it.  Or no...I'll just spend all day reading'll do both!

That's the nice part about Saturdays...I get to spend them how ever I want! 

The stress of the pass few months is finally gone, even my poor old body is feeling much better....I can see how too much stress can really harm a person.  It's supposed to snow tonight but that's ok Mark is off tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be difficult traveling in Indianan, as the Lake (Michigan) effects the snow fall in a major way.

Well I am off to read and visit!  Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Friday, February 18, 2005

finally friday

It's finally Friday!!  Today was a long day in that I haven't been sleeping well, I keep waking up or keep getting woke up by hubby at midnight so he can go to work.  Or maybe I was just ready for it to be Friday!  The kids are beginning to get Spring fever...although the weather says February and the temperature is still brisk...these kids are very antsy.

Mark found out today that he should be going back to his normal job in about a week depending on the weather this weekend.  I am ready for it.  I told him if he EVER complains about his job I get to kick him where it counts...(I was a bit more graphic).  The guy has a tendency to get on a roll and goes on and on and on.

But he has own lessons to learn in this life, I am on the road with him...but I pretty much listen wait for the screaming to stop and then say ok now what?

MEN, gotta love 'em.  Especially our husbands.

I did get my tickets to see Joel Osteen in Chicago in May.  This should be a very exciting event.  Joel is a very moving speaker, very humble, very 'real'.  I am looking forward to it.  I have found it so difficult to find a church that I really can feel at home in.  Even as a child I was on a search...I would go with the neighbor kids, and when we moved when I was 12 I found another family to go with.  My parents weren't real strong church goers...mostly the only holiday type.  But me I knew there was something in those buildings I wanted.

As a teen I went to church 3 times a week...but the message only made me fear God.  I watched people sin in the church and then be asked to leave.  Soon I discovered bars and I too was the sinner.  So I figured what the heck...I was going to hell I may as well have fun.  Then I married and my marriage failed.  I lost my faith and my hope.  Then God showed me a moment of clarity and I listened.

I found God in sobriety...He was a loving God like a Father...But I basically used God to keep me sober.  I joined a Buddhist group that chanted, but they really didn't believe in God.  I liked the idea of karma, cause and effect, but the idea of chanting to a box for what I wanted really didn't sit well with me.

Then things started going really well for me, great Marriage, nice home, good family.  I didn't really need God anymore.  After all I was sober right???  Well then really heavy duty things started happening and I felt like I was a boat lost at sea.  I found a pray group on line, I found my dear friend Barb.  I found God.  This time I hung around and let God do whatever He needed to do with make me the person that He intended for me to be.

One day last spring Mark was watching TV and found Joel, and the Lakewood Church and we were home...through the medium of TV I hear God's message.  I only wished I could find a church here that made me feel so at home.

But for now this is where God wants me to be.  Because I hear Him loud and clear.  He is my Father and I am His job is to do His work here on Earth...and right now that is to Love and care for everyone who I come in contact with on a daily basis.  I am not perfect, oh no!  Today I slipped and called another driver an ass, in front of a bunch of kids (they didn't catch it), but I am work in progress...


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Monika and Liz

AOL finally let me put this picture's Liz on the left...and Monika on the right.  This kid is such a gifted young girl.  I told her you all are praying for her and her family.  She was so happy!  It's so difficult being a child in a situation where the kid has to be the adult.  But I know God will watch over her...Thanks all...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Prayer Alert

My daughter's friend Monika needs your prayers.  I know the power of prayer!  It's worked everyday, in every way for me and my family.  Monika is a beautiful, gifted child.  Her stepfather it threatening to leave the family, she has a young brother and her mother has health issues.  They will soon lose their home.  We have offered our home to Monika, but their culture demands that the family stay together.  Right now she and her mother and brother need God's loving intervention.  Thanks GANG!!

God Bless you!


WoW!!!  So happy to feel like NORMAL again.  I guess we are given trails in life to test our faith, and I am hoping I past.  I am sure I did as life is a journey certainly not a destination!  And as I am beginning to truly understand that I have more to learn in life. 

A couple at work lost their 15 year old very sad, I don't know the details, but one thing I will be so very grateful about is that my children are ok, healthy and safe.  And today I will be happy and try and brighten someone else's day.

My favorite TV minister is coming to Chicago in May and they do reserve seats for a small fee.  I am able to do that tomorrow before they go out to the general public.  And I can even do that online...which I think is so cool.  We all should feel so lucky to have the really is a time saver.  Mark wants to make the day be just US and go to dinner too.  It will be so nice to have my buddy back!  I can see why people don't stay at the company he is working for now, they work them straight through until they quit.  But for's a gift from God and I am looking at it that way.  Mark does a good job...and today he is actually cheerful! 


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!

free smiley backgrounds, wallpaper, animated gifs, clip art happy games too!

I Passed!!  I PASSED!!  2 other drivers and my boss and I drove about 30 minutes to the Secretary of State DMV and took our retest for the State Audit.  And to tell you the truth they were about as thrilled to give us the test as we were to take it!  The ladies are like, "ish we'll be glad when this is over!"  I went 2nd and watched the 1st girl was very easy...thankfully.  You know it's like anything in life...the dreaded UNKNOWN!!  But I am so glad it's over...we even had Pizza Hut afterward...I told you all that bus drivers LOVE to eat. 

I am pooped tonight though because I had to come back and run my PM routes, seems my little "problem" boy on my kindergarten route pushed somebody and got in trouble and my junior high kids said the sub driver wouldn't let them!  I guess I am nice...

That's it for now I am just soooooooooo all I have to do is make sure the referendum passes and then I will have a job...<fingers crossed>  We'll know after the 22nd....but as I have said everything WILL be alright!!

Mark is getting used to working the hours...He leaves here at 1:00 am drives to Chicago...then to Indiana, and back again...usually getting home at around 5:00 pm.  He's been getting some quick cat it's better for him he's wayyyyyy less crabby...he is taking off Sunday for the Daytona 500...have to watch his NASCAR!!  The weather here is quickly changing so he'll be back to his normal job very soon.  And we can have our normal marriage back!!  But with everything in life there is sacrafice...and then the rewards...spring and it's on the HARLEY!!!  Something wonderful to look forward to!!


Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day!!

Well my whining finally did me in.  Seems I whined in front of the trainer who was supposed to drive with me today and she took me into the bosses office and said, that since I felt I didn't need anymore training I shouldn't waste her time.  Ish!  I agreed, I shouldn't waste her time.  For the LOVE OF PETE!!  I know how to drive a school bus!  And if I flunk my state driving test tomorrow I should not be on the road with children!!  Ok that's over with and now I am going to enjoy my day....

My sweetheart is somewhere in Indiana, but at least I will get to have him home for a few hours....spring will be here soon and he can go back to working like a normal person who gets days day at  a time spring will be here...and then whoo hooo I get my life and my hubby back!!

Hug somebody today...!!  And I will leave my whiner at home and be nice and happy today...even for a wet, rainy monday!  After all I get to spend my day with a bunch of happy children who love to celebrate the holidays!  Plus they bring the bus driver CHOCOLATE!!!

hrts-lovice16.gif (4632 bytes)

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Love is....

Love is patient;  love is kind.
Love is not envious or boastful
or arrogant or rude.  
It does not insist on its own way:
it is not irritable or resentful; 
it does not rejoice in wrong doing,
but rejoices in truth.
Love bears all things,
believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things  
And now faith, hope, and love abide, 
and the greatest of these is love.


I've been thinking alot about Love, not only because of the holiday, but because of all the things I have been experiencing in my life over the past years.  When I first started my relationship with Mark I was really a wounded soul.  I had so many ideas about relationships but always picked the wrong person.  My old friend Katie used to say I had a bad "picker".  Not the other person's fault just wasn't the right person. 

When Mark came into my life we were two people who had been hurt in the past, but we had so many things in common...most importantly was Morals and Values.  We only dated 6 months before we got married on April 1, 1995.  Since that day we have been through so much ... but with each trail came growth and together we have honored our commitment and will continue to do so until we see each other on the other side.

I believe Love to be an action's not that you do things for the other person to control them, it's because you love them.  And you know that your love will be returned.  Love is the security to know that your mate will put you about any other human being...but will never forsake their responsiblities.  I believe that Love is the greatest gift God has ever given mankind.  And I am going to continue to look for ways to be more loving and kind to my fellow man...

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Spring is air ... even though it's still only February here in the Midwest, but the sun is shining and the chillis missing from the air.  When my daughter gets up we are going to go get her boyfriend one of those giant cookies as a gift for Valentines Day.  Last night she was making up a list of all the reasons why she thinks he is special.  If being broke has taught me and as I see my kid one thing that caring about people isn't about money.  This is something I have always believed even growing up, but it's so hard to be a believer when you are surrounded by ads telling us we have to have the biggest and the best of everything, Music videos and their bling bling, kids wearing holey pants that they actually pay big dollars for!  A sad state for we as parents, Americans and people.

But I fear a but whoopin' is in the works for us...we have lived fat and lazy for so long as Americans.  Unappreciative and thinking we are entitled to the "American Dream"  Oops, I better get off my soap box!  I am just glad that I myself am a much more humbler person, sure there's still residual stuff going around my house, but it's getting better.  AND I HAVE HOPE, and lucky for this girl so does Mark.  Nothing like a tired, angry hopeless hubby to ruin your Friday.  Poor guy got stuck in Indiana, because the truck meeting him with the mail was late.  He then found out he doesn't get paid until next week, and to top it off he's truck was never repaired and they want him to do it on the road.  This after a full day of driving.  He made it into Chicago just as rush hours was building.  Hey Ha was he steamed.  And because of the beauty of cell I got to hear all about it.  Which is ok, when you are married to someone you understand how they processes things.  He's a yell first ask questions later type of guy.  His boss told him to just sleep at the terminal in the city, but the sweet thing he  told him he actually liked his wife and wanted to come home!  Awwww that's me!  But he has little time but to come home eat and sleep.

Well kids I have time to journal hop going to take advantage of my time on the computer!  Have a beautiful weekend!  Go hug somebody and tell them how much you LOVE THEM!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

All's quiet and nice like I like it!!

It was a nice quiet day.  Did some a quick nap (in the bus) and now I am tucking my hubby in bed.  The poor guy has little time to relax before he gets some sleep and it's up and out on the road.  He likes this run better, less traffic in Chicago...Chicago drivers are crazy, and rude and generally bad, along with the roads...they say there are two seasons in Chicago, winter road construction and summer road construction.  Mark says he can tell the difference as soon as he leaves Indiana.  He also doesn't like that the truck has a 'governor' which keeps his speed under 65-or so.  He's always driven a semi, and he's good at it.  I like this run better he's home more and it's easier to get a routine, which I crave.

But soon enough he will be back at his construction job and all will be well, with normal weekends and evenings.  I just want my HUBBY BACK!! but I am willing to sacrafice this time ... it's well worth it...

It's weird though now that my problems are taken care of I need to make sure I relax and grateful and happy....I think it's my nature to always be looking at the 'drama' in life.  The stress...I am going to start looking toward my hobbies and my enjoyments...thankfully spring is around the corner and camping season will be here soon enough.  I find great joy in that!

Well all thanks for being there for me...alls well here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

God's answered me

God's answered my prayers in a major way...Mark will be working as many days as he wants as so many people are quitting this company he is working for.  The time schedules are very strict and being the pro trucker driver he is he has no problem keeping them.  That's one of the things I love about my husband he's not afraied of work.

I am working an extra 2 hours a day also...Thank YOU GOD!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Alone on Superbowl Sunday


Today is Superbowl Sunday and I can honestly saw I am glad I don't have to participate.  Don't get me wrong if hubby was home we would be sitting in front of the tube.  Me lying on the coach nodding off and saying "uh huh, uh huh" to all Mark's comments, or as was planned we would be at a guy Mark works with house watching the game, and watching most of them drink themselves into a such fun.  But I would have cheerfully gone because Mark's boys would have been there and the guys are actually ok. 

Sometimes it's weird to be a sober person (who once was a drunk person) in this world.  Most people can hold their liquor and just occasionally overdo.  Some can't but since as a rule we don't hang out with the crowd from Mark's work we really don't pay attention.  It is funny though on rain days to watch the line of construction workers head off to the local water hole after their two hour show up time is over.  I try not to judge because the rule with me is live and let live.  Just don't drink and drive, I gotta be on those roads too, and I know exactly how alcohol can lead you to believe that you can still drive. 

So today Mark is back at work.  This company is starved for drivers as they work them to the ground if they can.  Since it's mail delivery it's 365 days a year.  There is no overtime after 40 hours or 8 for that matter.  But for us this's a means to an end...until he goes back to his other job.  He doesn't mind it and was home this morning at 5 to be able to sleep until 11.  For this week he will be working 3 am to 3 pm.   And since he doesn't have to go back to work until 3 am on Tuesday morning when he comes home tomorrow morning at 5 am they call that a day off...if that makes since.  It's a different world in the over the road trucking business.  But for now it will help pay our bills so that's cool.

I need to tear myself away from this computer but I just love catching up with all of you!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Today started off with my nose running (gross I know), but I was feeling ok.  Mark came home to sleep at 5 am and will be going back out at noon.  Liz and I took off to get my bus ready (not my bus but the bus I am assigned to) and I was doing my pretrip and the bus is new so I am not familiar with it.  I am checking the emergency windows and darn if I don't slam my engagement ring into the latch.  Out popped the diamond.  I was really upset (actually more than that).  I had Liz search for it with the flashlight but it was dark and we need to go get the Speech team.  So off we went. I figured I would look for it when I returned and it was light.   The brakes on the new buses are touchy so after I got the team the very first stop light I send all their food flying...hmmm nice start.  But I made it to the school and since it was a drop and return I went back to the base and with the other driver we looked around for my diamond.  He showed me how to move the seat bottom and I couldn't find it.  I swept the bus (it was pretty dirty) still no stone.  So I sent him on his way.  I then said a quick prayer...I mean it's a thing but it's my symbol of my I look again between the seat and the wall...I slide my finger across the ledge and there it is!!!  I wasn't quite sure at first so I did one of those (we ALL have done it!) please God's and YES it was it!  I bent the pronges pretty good but the jewelry store will fix it.  They've had to fix it before when I bent it.


whoo hooo I am smiling!!

Now I am going to take a nap...I earned it!!  I have to go back at 4:30 to get the team.

Have an awesome all things seek God!!!

Friday, February 4, 2005


Things are better...I don't feel good, I have a cold, but things are better.  Mark got a job running 4th class mail from Chicago to Kentucky...he's not happy to be away...because he misses me (and me him), but they do know he wants to go back to his regular job when the weather turns and they are fine with that.  It would have been better if we had know that he was going to be laid off until March up front but I guess not all people are honest and ethical.  Mark could have been working for the past month, but it been worth the lesson in faith that has been learned.  Because God does come through no matter what.  And I have finally got it through my thick head that ALL my needs will be taking care of.

I guess I have some deep seeded issues from childhood, my mother came from a poor family and she passed that feeling of lack onto me. 

I know today that it's not about the stuff it's about the heart, and the feeling of lack can be there no matter how much money or stuff you have.  I'll take the love of a good old fashion hardworking man.  So today dear friends  everything is a-ok and although I am sick, I am truly blessed.

God does love us...and no matter how much we may feel like we are in the eye of the's all an ilusion a lie....God will come thorugh no matter what!!

Thanks for being there for I am going to go get some tea and a cold pill!

Because tomorrow I am driving my daughter's speech team to a meet and she's actually happy about it!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

God will never give us more than we can handle...?!!

God always answers our prayer. Either He changes the circumstances, or He supplies sufficient power to overcome them.

I think that I am flunking when it comes to this test of faith.  Seems nobody at Mark's place of employment (or his son for that matter), bothered to tell him that the job he was supposed to start isn't going to happen...seems it got cancelled.  Mark's son knew this last Friday.  Mark called him today...hmm...This kid tends to have his mother's tendencies, like being clueless!!!  Doesn't matter we made some decisions yesterday...when we decided we didn't want to lose our vehicles or anything else for that matter.  Mark was in a gas station and who should he see but an old work friend who sent him to a guy who is looking for a year round driver.  Mark went there today and has an interview somewhere else tomorrow.  They both pay well...and well I am happy to see him taking action.  He's not good at that yet so I am proud of him. 

Yesterday I walked into work, thinking "ahhhh at least my job is my sancurary"...ooops my boss called me into her office.  Seems 7 of us are being audited by the State of good ole' Illinois to be retested for our CDL's and bus permits.  We have to do the skills and the driving again, but with them, not the 3rd party tester we have at work.  Hmmm so much for peace at work. 

So now...I must just sit and trust...I did get some extra hours for that will help...I am not going to waste my night fretting...just trusting...relaxing in my trust that God will make things right.