Saturday, October 20, 2007

too warm for fall

The weather is extremely warm here in the Midwest for mid October.  Today was a lovely 75, tomorrow promises to be warmer.  The trees which should be a blaze with color are just now, reds, yellows.  I know this because my son Eric will be 23 on the 24th and I remember coming home with him from the hospital to a lovely autumn show.   Every time in the past I tried to have an outdoor birthday party for Liz or Eric it was so cold we froze. 

Today I watched the grand kids at their house, Mark's ex was there in the morning.  They baked ... I reaped the rewards...yummy cupcakes and cookies.  We were cordial, I have little regard for her as a person, she is the type that never takes responsibility for her actions, ever.  But I do show respect to her, she is my stepkid's mother.  Later the boys and I played outside and then indoors in their bedroom.  Jacob did not want me to leave.  

Dakota is officially growing up.  He posed for this shot at the farm and he no longer says, "me" when referring to himself, he now says "I".  The little guy is growing up!


So far this has been a great weekend...Mark even took a walk around the neighborhood with me!  Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Liz turns 19

Tomorrow my girl turns 19.  Wow does time fly by.  Seems only a while ago we were playing Barbie & doll house...her favorites.

My niece happened to have these pictures posted to here face book blog.  She must have a scanner, I do not. 

This is Liz's first Christmas.  Look at how lovely my hair is....a grown out perm dyed reddish...I was a single mom of three, no job, living with my parents...

This must be when Liz was around 1 or so...with my niece, Jeni...still living with my folks, except now my brother (Jeni's dad) and nephew live with us & my folks.   Saints they were!

The child never liked to wear clothes...Looking back I realize how faith and a lot of hard work can bring a little family into a wonderful life.   My children and I have come so far!

My kid today...she designed this bouquet in floral design last school year.  Sometimes I do believe she raised me.  She is an old soul and wise beyond her years.  She is my idol, my heart and I am so very proud to be her mother.

Happy Birthday Liz!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A boy & his ruff


If you look on Bandit's head you can see he even held onto Dakota's motorcycle guy for him...smiling the whole time.....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

working for a living....

I am finally able to take a moment to update!  My work schedule has become so full that I have only bits and moments of time to jump on the computer!  Mark and I both have been blessed with extra hours.  YAY!

I had the boys all last weekend.  It was very hot, 90's, but we had already planned a trip to the Pumpkin Farm.  Mark was working so Liz came with me.  The boys had a blast.  I am the type that would rather see them enjoy whatever they choose at this type of place rather than run through and see every thing...they were able to play in the corn, dig in the sand, climb a straw bale pile.  We took a ride in a wagon pulled by 2 draft horses.  The man who was steering the horses  let the kids sit up front with him.


Lucky Grandma had great timing too.  The farm was having a special event complete with Monster Trucks.  Jacob's favorite Gravedigger was there! 

The day was topped off with yummy Apple cinnamon donuts!  Go Grandma!!