Thursday, March 31, 2005

taking a break on the break

Well we lived through the storm.  It wasn't very bad here at all. Actually 2 lines of storms came through.  The first one was very wimpy at least here, it did do some damage in a roof was damaged in a nearby town and the 2nd rained alittle more.  I am glad for the rain in that it makes my beautiful garden grow, but being a very weather related job my hubby has I am always looking at the weather forcast.  Such a paradox!  Anyway it's very windy so that will dry out a lot of the ground so most likely Mark will work tomorrow.  He went in today to get his truck inspected.  Commercial Vehicles have to be inspected every 6 months.  So he did get 3 hours in.  And he told me that next week he starts 10 hour days and whoo hoo it's business as usually here at our house with the bill paying. 

I will be so relieved to be past all this money stuff.  We as Americans worry too much about our stuff and our bills and our money.  I learned over the past few years to stop the worry , I go to work and pay what I can and let God take care of the rest...a day at a time!

Today is gray and windy and Mark will be home soon. We both are fighting a sinis headache thing which is very annoying.  I don't feel sick just headachy (is that a word??) So today I think I am just going to chill out at home.  After all I am on BREAK!  

Also the news has been so depressing lately, it's one tragedy after another.  Terry Schiavo's case, the two little girls that were murdered by satan's own, the five year little girl who found her parents murdered and still had the sense to call 911, the prayers are with all these folks...

Be blessed my friends and hug your loved ones ... it's so important that they know you love them! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Here's Liz with her boyfriend Mike before the Turnabout dance.  They look so cute together!

Today it's beautiful day, warm, windy and a typical spring day!  I have all the windows open and my clothes drying on the clothes line.  I LOVE spring.  The kids are all outside playing.  It's supposed to rain tonight.  We have tornado watches until 8 pm.  I remember as a girl I used to freak out when there was a watch.  I would cry and hide down in the basement.  But then I grew up and lived through a few very bad storms.  One that cut a path through our town and the next town over.  Some people dead.  I was babysitting for my sponsor, it was about 13 years ago.  The kids were playing in the neighborhood and the girls were in the wading pool.  The sky got really really black and the wind kicked up.  The boys screamed for each other to head home from a few blocks over.  There was hail and wind, but we were fine.  Very scary stuff.

But today I have faith in my God.  He's seen me through so much.  And He will continue to watch over and protect all my loved ones.

Have beautiful day gang!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

ah spring break

Here's Liz's haircut riight after she got the cut and professional style

 Have you ever noticed it's so hard to style your hair like the pros do it???  That's why I have just a basic cut and until I go completely gray I am staying that way!  I used to have really short hair.  I'll try and post a pic of that!  My old lady customers used to call me a little boy.  No really a couple of them thought I was really a boy!  I still don't have a digital camera and my scanner doesn't work right, but if you get your film developed at Walgreens you can get a disc for 99 cents.  Which I think is so cool.  I love being able to see picture of you all and to show off my wonderful family...although I hate pictures of myself!

This week I have already gotten a lot done.  I had a bunch of appointments to make today for the future.  Liz's needs more contacts (she wears the soft ones), Mark needs an eye appointment and I need to go get my yearly fun.  So I took care of that already today. I went to the periodontist this morning and in a few minutes I have to leave to take Liz to the dentist.

It's still beautifully warm here and windy so I hung out my curtains.  I always hang things out until it get so cold they freeze on the line!

Enjoy the day! 

Monday, March 28, 2005

A Night with the babies!!!

We had an excellent time with the babies on Saturday!

Here's a picture of Grandpa (hubby) playing with Jacob.  Mark was so happy, because when we were getting ready to leave Jacob wanted to go with us!

Here's a picture of me and Dakota...he's such a good baby!  And at barely 3 months he is trying to sit up by himself! 


I told you all that Jacob is a bundle of fat baby love!!  See that "tattoo" on his chubby arm?  His Daddy has them along with grandpa...and he says "tattoo"...Ish a Harley boy in the making! 


Saturday, March 26, 2005


I am praying for a wonderful Easter Season.  This is a time of rebirth, renewal, and abundant joy.  May you and your family find joy and gladness this day.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

This graphic reminds me that I have eggs to decorate!  Liz and I will do that this afternoon.

Do you guys have crazy dreams???  I have always worked out my life through my dreams.  This morning I woke up and I knew I need to go to the bathroom ... too much tea last night.  But now that I am upstairs I am required to walk downstairs to the bathroom.  So I just went back to sleep.  All I did was dream about finding a bathroom!  I even took somebody else's bus to drive to a bathroom.   I had to climb over tables and chairs only to find a line or a maze of people or hallway, or I was in the wrong part of a locker room.  Ish I am weird. 

It's snowing here!  But the forcast says it' going to warm up by mid week!  Hopefully it won't rain like they are calling for.  But it's almost April so it's supposed to rain!


40°F 4°C
30°F -1°C
Liz made it home last night at midnight, but one of her girlfriend's gave her a ride home, which was awesome because I had dozed off.  It was great to not have to go out in the freezing cold.  She said the play wasn't that good because the lead Harold Hill, lost his voice and they had a voice over.  She also said that the leads were too old.  Drury Lane is a playhouse with profesionals, I wonder why they just didn't use an understudy.  She was in Music Man a few years ago in the Chorus.  She's such a critic! Eric is off this weekend so I am sure I will be seeing him because his girlfriend <Tina> will be home too from school.   Her mother mother is an awesome cook.  But her father and her a picky eaters.  Her mother is always happy to have my son over because that kid loves to eat.  His father (my ex) and his wife and son went to Florida for the Eric will spend some time here with us.   I hope you all enjoy the Easter weekend.  It certainly is a time of graditude and celebrations.  Enjoy your familys....

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Thursday

It's nice and quiet here tonight, it's raining a bit, which was predicted by the trusty weatherman.  The guys at Mark's work said it was going to snow 2 inches.  HEE that's funny.  I think it was wishful thinking, I think they just want tomorrow off, which they do have because of the rain.  I have learned one thing though over the years to NEVER believe the weathermen.  Mark used to freak out a the forcast, and I'd tell him if I walk outside in the morning and their snow, rain or whatever than I worry about what to do about it, not the night before.  Usually, weatherman are WRONG!  And forget about extend forecast...that's never right!

Boring TV night.  Which is fine by me, I am catching up on journaling, and drinking some tea.  I love tea.  I buy all the herbal kind that see that says relax, calming, nighty night.  I never realized how high strung and hyper I am until I got around truly slow people.  Most of the people at my work are retired so they just take their time.  A lot of them walk with canes too.  There is a girl who is more hyper than I am, I keep threatening to kidnap her and have her paint my house as she LOVES to paint.

Mark is upstairs, he got the call from his son that they won't be working tomorrow, which is nice because I'll be home too.  His son also invited us over Saturday night for dinner and to bring the babies their Easter bunnies.  Mark always threatens to bring a baby goat.  In the summer they always have a petting son at the local fest and they have the cutest goats.  But Jacob will have to settle for a 2 foot blue stuffed bunny for now.  Easier to take care of!  Liz will of course go too as she has no play practice over break.  She as at a play though tonight, she is at Druy Lane watching The Music Man.  When Mark and I were in highschool, Mark actually played the lead in Music Man!  The bad guy, he's name was Jigger Crane I think.  He was quite a good singer in high school. 

It's always so weird to look back and realize we went to high school at the same time.  He is 2 years older than me, but our school was small.  We really never had any contact with each other back then though.  I guess God has his perfect timing! 

Because Mark and I had quite a wild past.

That's it for now...I'll be around most of the weekend so I'll be popping in to see you all! 


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Last night Liz and I went to our local Walgreens.  There's a girl named Anna that rides my bus and we always tease each other about going to Walgreens because they have everything and it's always on sale.  Even one of the kids there told me I should get a job.  EVEN the recorded subliminal recording says that Walgreens is a great place for "older" folks to work because you get a DISCOUNT!!!

Their ad had Easter stuff on sale so Mark picked out what he wanted us to get Dakota and Jacob for Easter.  WE bought this huge blue rabbit, and a duck that is a puppet and it quacks...ah noisy toys a grandparents sweet sweet revenge.  We bought some other little things like a plastic truck and some bubbles.  NO candy though...Mark said his ex likes to sugar up the kids....I don't care if I am known as the non candy giving grandma...I never let my kids eat alot of candy when they were babies and 20 months is too young for all that candy. 

So it was a fun time...although Liz was a bit pouty.  She's not the baby her boyfriend is going on Vacation tomorrow and she's sad...Ah young love ... just too cute.  But that's good he's going to be gone ... that daughter of mine is mine next week.  I have  closets of old stuff from my kids growing up that I need to get rid of, plus some old furniture.  Who need all those old school papers anyway?

We have a online site here in my area call and you can give away all your old stuff rather than toss it.  You can join a local group and get notices of stuff that people want or what they are offering .  Very eco consious.  Good for mother earth.

Plus we need to finish painting her room.  And clear out the bedroom for the big boy he'll be graduated before I know it.  April is a pretty clear month for me...but May the fun begins.  Besides...I am looking forward to summer of camping and riding the motorcycle...::::sigh:::: can't come too soon.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Attitude of Graditude

I really am trying not to be such a downer in my journal today.  The world we live in has really been showing it's ugly side lately.  A child shot his fellow classmates, a family fighting over the end of woman's life, a madman creeps into our very homes and steals and murders our innocent children from the very safety of her own bed.  I woke up in fear and I was really pissed off...especially after for the 10th time the hose to my washing machine leaked and over flowed a bucked and flooded my dining room carpet.  One of these days that machine is going to just crash through the floor into the basement.   I started to get into the fear of old....lack, need, want...I started to get angry at God because I married a man who is so spoiled that he thinks that because he works he can nod at the bills and then do what ever he wants because he feels like he has gone without long enough. I guess it takes all these big horrific events in the world to make me realize my problems are itty bitty compared to the worlds.

Today I am going to count my grateful.  Be glad that I have a family, a job, a home, and a God that loves me NO matter how bad I act!

I am so grateful I have a husband that loves me and no matter his faults really tries to grow in our marriage.

I am grateful I have 5 stepsons and 2 sons that are becoming wonderful men.

I am grateful for my two grandbabies.

I am grateful for my little drama queen...

Last night Liz showed me this pictures she got off her Theater Groups website.  Her's my little girl (check out the haircut that I bragged about in a previous entry), she's supposed to be 8 months pregnant in this play and to tell you the truth it freaked me out...but she played the part to the hilt!

This next picture is of the whole group discussing their father's estate.  She sitting on the couch near the audience.


And I am grateful they all love me!

I have to remember the good in the world not the sad and the bad...we all learn from the tragic happenings of the world around us.  The school shootings, the children murdered before their time, but we must try every day to be a benefit, to be a positive light in the darkness that threatens to destroy all that is good in this world.


               I LOVE YOU GUYS &


Monday, March 21, 2005

Happy Spring!

This big picture of boooooooootiful flowers is in honor of SPRING!!

Ahhhh we've missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

wooooo I love those babies!!

This little baby is in honor of 2 of the cutist little boys ever!  And I did the graphic from photobucket....Barb wanted to know what Photobucket's a MUCH easier way to display graphics.  You go to and set up an account and all your graphics can be brought up there than you just hit the little camera thing up ^ there and copy and paste the URL of the graphic!  So much easier than going thourgh hometown like I was doing that too forever!

So our visit wiht Dakota and Jacob was AWESOME!  Dakota is nearly 3 months now and he is getting so big.  He is the sweetest baby.  He smiled and 'talked' to me as soon as he saw me.  He has chubby cheeks and black hair.  AND Jacob that kid took to me right away.  He was alittle afraid of Mark at first, but he warmed up to him right away.  He's so cute.  WE have plans for many outing with our grandbabies!  I don't even mind being a grandma...because they are just so much fun and it's true you get to have the fun and leave the whining to the parents!!!

My next purchase is going to be a digital camera, a must have for my grandbabies and my garden...oh and of course my DRAMA QUEEN.

Her show choir took 2nd place in competition yesterday.  Their tops were heavy Velvet with all these sequins...not washable.  These girls sweat in these things and boy do they smelled.  I took hers to get dry cleaned after her first performance 2 weeks ago, but the woman didn't understand me that I wanted them to pay attention to the arm pits...(language thing).  So out came the fabreeze (store brand).  I guess my bottle got alot of action at the show because rather than take their own costume home like my kid did they threw them all in a bin and had to guress which one was theirs.  EW!  At least I taught my kid one thing DON'T ever smell bad or wear somebody elses stinky clothes.

Otherwise it's a normal Sunday...Liz had her bowling banquet.  She agreed to be on a adult/child league with a girlfriend.  Poor kid is not a bowler.  Plus she has asthma and the cigarette smell drove her nuts.  She had me go with her.  It was only an hour, plus I got food!  Her average was 57 but she got a trophy!


Saturday, March 19, 2005

sunny saturday

Mark was up on the roof top this morning taking down the very old Christmas lights that have been up since Jim was in high school...he graduated in 1999!  And he calls me over and says "you've got stuff coming up!!"  Yep!  I've got the first tulips popping up!  That certainly means what every person around j-land has been hoping for ~~~ SPRING~~~~!!!  As I have said in the past I have what is called a city lot, which is really a 1/2 lot.  I live on a corner in the old part of town.  Most of the homes were built in the 1800's we are blessed with old Maples.  Stately grand old men who watch over our little slice of heaven.  I am about 2 blocks from downtown Oswego, which is trying to survive the mass of strip malls and super stores that are moving into the area.   I live 1 block from 2 of my favorites, the Dari Hut which is a hambuger/ice cream shop and  Elmer Fudge which sells all the old fashion candies...rock candy, dots, mallow cups...and candy by the scoop...yum!  And of course home made fudge.  The poor woman barely community trying to revamp downtown hope it is successful!

Anyway, my front yard has 2 grand king crimson maples, which kill all the a few years ago we just planted hostas, ferns, impatients, ivy (which I am training to grow up my Maple) and any other shade lovers I can find.  This place is my peaceful place.  And my dear hubby and children add to my place by picking out lovely gifts of a bird bath, a lawn bench and a fairy I call Violet after my mother....ah God's gift to us...FLOWERS!!!  And plants!!!

SPRING has sprung folks the birds announce it every morning....go out and enjoy.

We're going to see the grandbabies today...Dakota is already 3 months old, and Jacob is a big boy at 22 months. 

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Friday, March 18, 2005

whoo hooo it's Friday!

It's Friday and to tell you the truth I am glad, next week is a four day week and then we have Spring Break. 

Last night was Liz's choir concert.  The girls did great.  The big choirs such as concert choir and girls choir have been split with the new school so they were a little sparse but still enjoyable.  I take 5 of the girls for show choir to our school from the new one and I feel like they are my girls so it was even better.

I sat with my son Eric and his girlfirend Tina.  Tina and I are both very sarcastic at times so we had fun enjoying the show.  Eric didn't want to 'waste' his day off at his crappy old school so he was a grouch.  But no matter we had fun. I let Mark stay home he gets bored with some of these shows so usually when I let him stay home he's more than willing to go do something I want to do without rushing me.

Then I got in bed and my phone rings at 2 am.  It's Tim he had gone with a friend to Indy to watch the College playoffs as University of Illinois was playing and he had got back to Champaign Ill and his truck wouldn't start.  Now mind you I am in bed 2 and1/2 hours away.  What in the world am I supposed to do???  I tried to calm him down.  And it sort of worked...after all that's a mom job right?  This morning I went to work and asked the mechanics what it could be and they gave me some suggestions, he tried them and so far his truck started and he's heading home.  I 'll be glad when the kid gets graduated, works and is home.  Less Drama. And less drama is best for this girl. 

Chad Timberlake, Luther Head

So I am off...til next time ... whoo hoo the sun is out!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm not Irish but happy Pat's day

I am not Irish but I am wishing you all Top of the Morning to you all and many blessings this lovely day.  May all your dreams come true and there always be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for ya!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005



Got off work at 1:00 today so it's nice to be home this afternoon.  Doing some laundry and know normal stuff.  Liz has play practice. 

Mark is back to work at his regular job.  He seems to appreciate this job now, he even said he doesn't mind driving in traffic with all the crazy's.  Answer me this though people what on earth are so many people doing on the roads at any given time during the day.?  I am on a busy highway at noontime, and I can understand people going out for lunch.  BUT all day???  And why or why are they always on their cell phones??

Thursday is a pot luck day at work and I got "volunteered" to make the Corn beef and cabbage...actually a short, chubby sweetheart named Rosie ask me.  I am just going to start it in the morning and bring it in at midday.  I am not a big fan of corn beef...but I am a fan of Rosie's so I am in.  Beside I am real slacker when it comes to bringing in goodies....I am not "poor" anymore...(which I never was, just money challenged) so it's the least I can I said before these people will use any excuse for food! 

Monday, March 14, 2005

my day off

On my day off I did this so far:

Got up took Liz and Monika to school...of course I had to drive by the Junior high right when my sub was dropping off "my kids".  It was Sam (a girl) so I know she did a great job today with my "kids".  It's so weird I am like that with my school kids and my job...but I take pride in both.  Even kids I had last year steal smiles and waves at me when they get a chance.  I feel so blessed to be doing my calling in life, makes a person feel appreciated.  And Sam is an awesome girl she is only in her 20's, she's got 2 kids, and is a sweetheart.

Then I took a nap, at 7:30 this morning!  Got back up at 8:30, got Eric out of the house so he could to work.  Mark was home today too, so he, Tim and I went out for breakfast at NOON! 

Then we came home and laid around watching MTV with Timmy while Mark was on Ebay looking for motorcycle rims for the Harley.  He can get the rims for like 1/3 of the price they want at the shop.  Cool!

Now I am reading journals, and doing some laundry.  I only have to go out to pick up Liz's show choir outfit at the cleaners and get a few things at the Walgreens..

So far it's an awesome day off~just what the doctor order!

Tomorrow is a half day so I'll end up working until 1:00 but that cool...the temperature is sllllllllooooooooooowly warming up to a not so freezing 40 degrees!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

nice weekend

Well happy Sunday to you all!  My weekend has been very nice...just like the good old days.  My boys are here, and my hubby is home so it's all they say.  Liz's performance Friday night was wonderful!  The boys thought it was sort of long and boring, but I loved it.  My little drama queen is becoming quite an actress!

Yesterday was one of those lazy days were we paid a few bills, went to the grocery store and then just relaxed.  Mark slept alot but he earned it.

Tim and Eric were in and that was nice.

Today we took some gift cards for Joe's Crab Shack and had lunch...just Mark and I.   It was very good but now I am very full...time for a nap????  Nah....gonna go see what the gangs up to...

Tomorrow I have whooo hooo

I can catch up on journals as my email box was so full today!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

*****PRAISE REPORT!!*****


Wow this has been a day!!!  An awesome day!  It did snow which stunk but hey I am used to it.  I did ask for Monday off and I am sure it will get approved, and Tuesday is a 1/2 that's cool.

BUT the exciting news is this...while I was at work, Mark went to a friend's motorcycle shop and the other truck driver from his work was there...and he said they were going back to work tomorrow and he should call the boss and tell him he was he called him and most likely he will be going back to work tomorrow...whoo hooo, AND the guy that wanted to buy the semi wants to come over tomorrow and talk...WOW again.  And some stuff happened with Mark trading an old stereo for a motorcycle rim and new tire, but he's excited about that.  And I should be too because one of these days it will be Harley weather! 

So how cool is that???

I gotta say this ... God works in His time NOT mine, but HE does work!!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2005

brrrrrr still freezing

Ok weather fans it's still freezing here in the midwest!  Low's tonight dipping into the brrrrrrrrr chill teens.  I still have my long johns out!  We decided at work that the reason everybody is still 'not well' is because it's so darn cold.  And folks I am the type to NOT complain when it's hot!  Hot does not bother me.  So when the weather finally does warm up you will never hear a complaint outa me.  We don't even have air conditioning in this old house!  And believe me it can get very hot here in Illniois.  The summer that I was pregnant with Liz  it didn't rain the whole summer and the temperature was over a 100 a few times.  That was quite a summer. 

My daughter got mad at me tonight because I wasn't there when she was ready to come home from play practice.  I had the radio on and was singing to some 80's tune and didn't hear my phone ring. I was on my way, but I have learned to add time onto the time they say they will be done, the last week is always crazy and I am NOT going to sit in my car and wait for hours for her.   She was like "MOTHER"!!  Where were you????  Ish!  Kids!  But I am sure she will turn the tables on me soon enough.  Although I doubt it she pretty much loves her freedom and saw what rule bending did for her brothers...she doesn't like to get grounded especially from the computer.  It's always nice as a parent to know where a kids soft spot is!

Anyway, tomorrow is Mark's last day for sure at the Mail place they found him a replacement.  He has some things around here to keep him busy, for instance the village is getting testy about the Peterbilt (semi) in the driveway, and he really needs to find a place in the public eye to sell it.  He has some ideas.  Otherwise he can take over the housewife duties for a few days I am pooped.  I had him trained and everything!!  Used to come home to supper and the dishes done!

Time for bed...night all!

Monday, March 7, 2005

wah!!! It's too cold!!!

I am sorry that I am whining so much about the weather, but I am sick of it!  It's now a cold 30 and will be going down to 15 tonight with 20 to 30 mile an hour winds.  Ick and Ick and more ick!!!  I know it's only March 7th, but enough of the winter already.  Makes this girl want to move to warmer place much sooner than expected.  But alas, I am here for now :::::SIGH:::: deeply!

On a positive note, Eric (middle son) will be coming home this weekend to visit his college buds that will be home on break so I at least get to see him will he comes-to from sleep.... long enought to shower and head out to "play".  The big boy Tim will be here also, and that will be nice.  Hey !  I have a great IDEA I am going to take a day or two off from work next sense waiting until I get sick...hmmm wow I am so brillant!!  Something you all have been telling me to do 4-ever!! 

Just a normal day here, work, Liz is at play practice her big show is Friday.  She places a sister among four who are fighting over their parents will, also did I say she plays a girl who is 9 months pregnant and smokes and drinks!  ???  NICE!

She is also trying out for the musical at school which is about Dr Suess...I told her she should enjoy her high school days ... and participate as much as she can ... they pass by so quickly not to.

Her boyfriend is such a sweetheart.  He took her to practice, he never cares that she talks to other boys, and he even has a hard time talking in front of my husband and he takes her to church!  He is a very nice boy and comes from a nice family.  At least my kid learned from her mother to not settle for bums and not chase guys that hate woman (girls).  She did like a very troubled boy in Junior high...he broke up with her at her play practice and then said, "just kidding" this after she sobbed over him for days...I told her to tell the kid to hit the road, she did.  After that she liked another problem child...who I caught her kissing in front of the public pool (hubby doesn't know about this scene, he just didn't like the kid) that kid went away too.  I know this current boy is very nice, plus she is 16 and much more able to handle herself.  I've educated her since she was very young about love, sex and being in "love".  She's a smart cookie and we TALK that's what seems to be lacking in teens today.  No parents to listen to them or discipline them.  All the rest is her lifes journey.  I'll always be here for here, but she is separating from me more and more everyday. She wants to go to junior college after she graduates in 2007, which is a-ok by me...she's my BABY after all!

Time to clean up before I go get my drama queen.  Mark's last day is Wednesday so I get my HUBBY BACK then!!!  Wow it should be an exciting weekend!!


Sunday, March 6, 2005

Sunny Sunday

                           It's a sunny SUNDAY!!! 

                             I am up and about. 

                          I am going out to get a

                           much needed haircut. 

                     AND ENJOY THE SUN!!!! 

                     You all do the same...enjoy!

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Happy Weekend

It's a nice relaxing, lazy Saturday...enjoying the boredom...I remember telling my kids when they were bored during summer breaks from school ... just enjoy the boredom!  I use these days to recharge, relax and just generally chill out!  Plus you couldn't tell it was March already...still too cold!

Mark's talking to his stepmom on the phone right now, she lives in Montana.  She has health issues, basically her back.  She's been recovering from a couple of operations.  She's fortunate to have a very nice lady that takes in older folks to let them rehab there.  I am just glad she doing ok, Mark's real mom died in 1973, and his father died almost 7 years ago.  I always say appreciate your folks they grow old with Mark's mother she died suddenly after gallbladder surgery and had a heart attack...Mark was only 18 and he never really got over it.  Being married to me has helped because I take such good care of him!!!  :)

I just wish Mark's kids would get a clue!  The youngest is working on failing out of high school, weekly we get notices that he is skipping classes.  He is the product of a mother who allows her children to do what ever they want.  She simply says he's 18 and he's an adult.  But I have learned the best lessons in life are learned the hard hopefully Dale will get it.  It took us until the 7th kid to let go and let God, but hey at least we learned that we can't control certain things in life...they are going simply work out the way God planned them.  We can't live our kids lifes, we can't feel their pain and we can't protect them from all the bad experiences in life...who's to say if we had raised Dale since he was younger he would have turned out different...we all have our paths to walk ... he's just picking a rough one.

Ok enough...hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


Friday, March 4, 2005


Whoo hoo it's friday!!!  I made it without getting pink eye, the flu or otherwise.  All that whining must have worked!!!  Not really it was just one of those weeks were I was being so moody and ungrateful and just didn't want to participate in the world.  I have to remember too, that I am a 47 year old woman and my hormones play with my mind and moods.  So........ that being said, I upped my Calicum intake, rested and now I am good to go!

Grateful ALERT!!!!!   We had to come up with an installment plan for our Mortgage and they have all these rules about NEVER being late and such...but I didn't have the money on the 28th, soooo...I said, "ok God take this ... you've done such an awesome job with all this..."  and I called today and they never said one word about being late...she's even going to put it through tomorrow to be sure I have check covered on Monday.  GOD IS SO AWESOME ALL THE TIME!

I can never say that enough...I can be the biggest spoiled pain in the rear...but I must say that my life is so taken care of now....and Mark and I are both trying to be better people.  It's a crazy world out there.  He got his CB hooked up and now he gets to 'enjoy' the truckdriver world.  Truckdrivers are a unique far today he's heard plenty of arguements, a list of all the appliances people have in their semis (crock pots, microwaves and coffee pots) these are among the chit chat going on today plus Illinois and Indiana state police are doing random stops.  Good thing his truck doesn't go over the speed limit!!  But he's in a great mood and as much as the company he is at is upset with him about his departing he did get tomorrow off...He will work next week and hopefully be done.  The guy that is his supervisor though is one of those people who thinks they can bully him into staying.  They gave him a better truck to use and when Mark reaffirmed his leaving the guy got all huffy and said,"why??? I gave you a good truck didn't I???".  Hmmmm....

Whelp I am off....

Thursday, March 3, 2005


I don't know why but I am very tired tonight.  Pobably a combo of things...all the sicky's at work, and kids getting sent to school sick, the cold weather...who knows, but I think I am going to bed early.

One thing though Liz's concert was very good.  The girls did 3 songs....we are family, stop in the name of love and shining star.  Their choir director can't dance so he has the other director  teach one girl and she tries to teach the rest.  5 of the girls are from Oswego East (the new school, which only has 9th and 10th graders) and the rest from Oswego High.  They have class at Oswego High last period ( I bring the 5 over) and the teacher with the dance skills is at East and doesn't teach the class...get it?  Anyway, their last song's routine was by a student who could actually dance and you could was great!  I am so proud of my brave daughter...I was never brave enough to sing, dance or act.  I try not to be stage mom but it's hard.  She also has a play coming up March 11, she has a lead!   

Can you tell I am pround momma!!????


Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Still very cold!!!

It's still very cold but hey it's March so the end is in sight.  Mark is going to work at his temp job next week too, as construction is still slow here.  It's still a blessing, and this job doesn't want him to leave so they are kissing up to him. They are fixing the truck, and actually gave him a nice one to use today.  I think he is adjusting.  It's just that right now he is at the place spiritually where he thinks that certain things that happen are "signs".  Like all the bulk mail centers he went to were not ready and he had to wait...he told me that was a 'bad' sign...I told him that sometimes you know what happens and it's not necessarily a 'sign' from GOD!  He already knows he wants to go back to his regular job.  This one is just that a temp job...that he needs it and they need him.  PERIOD!  And the weather is still bad, and construction is slow so....hang out and do your job.  I was told a long time ago by an AA speaker in Chicago at this crusty old meeting that had bums, and businessman alike listening to...she said God wants us to be spiritual and going to work and being responsible is spiritual...amen to that.

Liz has a concert tonight at the new school.   I am looking forward not only to listening to a fine concert, but I get to see the new's supposed to be state of the art.  She wanted to go early and I had to work ... but she was able to catch the bus shuttle between tax dollars at work!!  for once!

So I am I said in my school bus journal, PINK EYE is roaming the schools and my eyes have been itchy and feeling weird all day...I actually hope I get it...I need a sick day!!!  I know I know I should take one, BUT today 11 people called in sick...I need to at least barf...hmmmmmmmm 

gotta drama queen awaits me....

Tuesday, March 1, 2005


ICK Winter's back and it's cold and breezy.  We got probably an inch of snow, but it's enough to be annoying.  Indiana got worse, blowing icy conditions so Mark had to drive slow and watch trucks and cars go into the ditch.  He is safe though, but late.  His boss called him and said "why? are you quiting???"  Why do some people NOT take NO for answer?  Do they think that if they ask enough he will change his answer to YES?  Hmmmm....why would Mark give up an awesome job for a not so awesome job?  I guess the guy has to try.  Mark is a fine employee who always shows up on time and does his job the right way.  I can see why they would want him to continue to work there.  But no way...the stress would not be good for my husband.  Northern Indiana is the worst to drive in the winter...the lake does crazy things to the snow.  Makes it deep and dangerous.  Thank goodness he only has a few days left of this...

Other than that I am trying to stay warm.  Long johns and sweats...Triny and Suzanne from What not to Wear would surely grab me and try to make me over today, but hey I am dressing for warmth not fashion.  Although I woud LOVE to have them redo me...I am stuck somewhere in time...not sure where... 

At least the sun is out!!!  Have a happy day!