Tuesday, June 17, 2008

boys and bikes...

Little Dayton a couple of weeks ago .... look at his mouth ... he's  making motorcycle noises....

Jacob is so proud of his new bike...complete with flames!

Dakota in his own little world.

Summer break has been wonderful!   It's a nice balance of off time and work time. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I watch the kids and so far it's been at their house.  Liz's car we got her ended up needing a lot of body work, so much so that it's basically junk.  We will call one of the many salvage dealers in the newspaper and have it hauled away.  She has been very busy with work (saving for another car) and then right afterward she goes to play practice.  She has been using my car, so some days I ride my bike the mile to the kids house to baby sit.  Dakota loves the park, and every time I come over he tries to convince me to take them there.  It's too long a walk for them and crossing a busy highway with 3 boys under 4 would be a nightmare.  His solution?  "grandma why can't you just put Dayton on your shoulders and me, you and Jacob can ride the bikes to the park!"

Funny boy.  Liz's afternoon practice is over this week.  I will have my car back and Dakota can have his park back.  Plus I'd love to take them to the local pool, museum, library, all the fun stuff summers are made of!  And I get to enjoy them with my grand babies!



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

fourth try

For some unknown reason...I can't seem to post an entry.  Either my computer, dsl, AOL, or perhaps the fairies that hide in my house do something to zap my entry.  Poof gone!

I will give my update short and sweet---->

school is over!  it's been overly hot, rainy, I got my garden in, Mark's working, I am working on Friday for a trip.   Liz is busy with work, and her plays so she has no time to be sad over the boyfriend.   The grand kids are great, the 2 year old is a hand full but that's normal.  My stepson is out of jail, but will probably be back, has no clue that he is the problem.

Eric got transferred to Ohio, from Wisconsin, a move up in the Menard's corporate ladder.  He's actually closer to here now. 

I have started a cardio kickboxing class that is only 2 dollars a time/or 15 dollars for 10 times.  It's in a huge gym with no air conditioning, and about 100 mostly woman.  It's really is a great stress reliever.

I have decided that no one but ME can take care of ME!!

so glad I'll be around more!

summer time and the livings easy!!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

one and half more days....

Give me  two more days and I"ll be back!!   School's out Thursday and my summer route doesn't start until July 8th.   Over a month of being a part timer!!!   Blogger heaven!!