Wednesday, August 31, 2005

day off

It's already Wednesday!  I am off today.  Monday was our Mock School Day and with the exception of one wrong turn I did pretty well, considering the village is re-doing the road in front of the Junior High.  So I had rearrange my route some. There's a bunch of new drivers and they seem friendly and nice.  My neice who is 23 got hired this school year too.  I helped  her get a monitor position.  Hopefully the kid will last as she was living with her dad (my brother) and he got them evicted.  Now she is living on the southside of Chicago with her boyfriend.  It's an hour away.  I told her she can stay here during the week as I have plenty of room.  My brother has a very huge ongoing drinking problem.  I mean to the point of having had a DUI, a bad accident (should have had a DUI), been in treatment once, been to AA a few time, but never quite got it.  His son who is 18 was in jail last year because the goofball was with a group of kids and broke into a house and trashed it for fun.  That kid is trying to stay straight, finish school and work.  My brother's ex was also living with them, and that woman is the type that tries to get hurt at any job she is at to collect whole smoldering type bomb finally blew with my brother just giving up and getting them kicked out of their apartment. I am figuring he did it on purpose to get everybody away from him.  His ex took my nephew and got a studio apartment.  My brother I guess is staying with a friend.  Hopefully he doesn't kill himself. 

It's hard to watch family members mess up...but I was the one doing the messing up once, but I straightened up and now am with the rest of the crazy world just trying to make it in these unpredictable times .  At least I am up here in boring Illinois where the only effects of Katrina are the slight wind.  Otherwise I feel like so sad and sorry for all those poor folks who lost everything.  I no longer feel worthy of my complaining about my itty bitty little problems.  So I will just be grateful for the wonderful life I have. 

Last Saturday when we babysat for the boys, both kids woke up at midnight not feeling well. Dakota is teething up a storm....a steady stream of drool coming out of his little mouth, he's also learning how to crawl which is so entertaining to watch.  Jacob got sick and I let him stay with me on the couch until his parents got home.  Jacob is still sick, he gets sick a lot, but both his mother and grandmother (the babysitter) smoke, which with this asthma is awful.  But I mind my own business. 

Wow kids are a lot of work!  But being a grandparent means you get to leave the hard stuff to the mom and dad!

Yesterday was our big school district meeting.  There are now over 1000 employees in my district.  We have 16 school total with at least 1 new school being built a year until the housing growth levels off.  Who knows when that can be.  I wish it meant job security for me, but we have a limit to as how big the department can get. 

They did a presentation about everyday Heroes.  And yours truly was even pictured!  They took my picture last year while I was showing kids how to evacuate the bus in an emergency.  The lovely shot showed my mouth open and talking to the bus of kids.  They sure showed me at my normal best...always talking.  I do know myself though!  I got teased by my fellow bus drivers, but I was flattered to be included.

Today I am off, yesterday I took Liz to get her shoes and tops for the new year.  We have an outdoor outlet mall near here and I got some great deals.  I really don't know how I did all that shopping when I was shopping for 5 kids.  Of course the fees at school weren't like they are now.  We are charged for everything at Liz's school, lab fees, registration fees, etc.

With the gas going up 20 cents in one day yesterday I will be riding my bike at least a couple of trips back and forth to work.  It's only a mile but all those miles add up.  My sister in law in Michigan said they were rationing gas to only letting folks buy $20 worth.  I am a child of the 70's so I remember gas rationing.  And it was a big hardship to a teenage girl who wanted to drive her 1969 Ford Fairlane around looking for boys, and even had my parents giving me the gas money!  I often tell my kids to enjoy being a kid, growing up sucks and you have to actually make the money you put into your gas tank.

The world it is a changing...but we are strong and hopefully people will start car pooling and using less gas.  I know I am lazy a lot too, and drive when I could just walk.  Gonna practice what I preach.

That's about it, I slept in this morning, will work Thursday & Friday all day and have the long weekend off.  As will my husband.  The weather is beautiful, it's the promise of a beautiful holiday weekend. 

Be safe all...

Friday, August 26, 2005

wow it's friday

Wow it's Friday!  This week has sped by.  Probably because I am back at the lovely place call "a full time job", which my really isn't.  It's just a 8 hour job spread out over 9 hours this year...with huge breaks between routes.

Ok kids The Cat is behaving.  I've removed any items that he may find inviting to pee on and at night I lock him in his own private bathroom.  The nut is still loving us and lets us put him in there.  Who says cats are the smartest animal are nuts.

At work I got all my routes picked.  I don't have to be at work until 7 am now, and done by 4:00pm.  Which is awesome because then I can drop Liz off at school on the way.  I don't mind her walking the mile to school during the nice weather, but our winters get pretty nasty.  And her boyfriend is now in college so now she can just use dear old mom for a lift.  I only have 2 schools both in the morning and afternoon this year ... a very easy Junior route in a good neighborhood with kids that actually have parents that discipline them.  So they are afraid if you threaten to write them up.  My grade school is near my neighborhood.  There's some tight spots but it'll be fine.  Plus I am driving this cute little girl that used to go the day care center I dropped at last year and once in a while she'd try and sneak on my bus just to see me!  My midday is a Early childhood route.  They are all preschool age and go 4 days a week.  So I have Wednesdays off from 9 until 2:30.  LOVE IT!  I also get a monitor for this route.  So cool!  It's all over the place so I have to hustle.  But I get the extra pay too.

All and all it's been nice to be back.  We had our all day training yesterday and they hired a lot of new people.  Made a few policy changes, otherwise it's all pretty much *go to work* *do my job* and *go home*.  But the nice thing is I like who I am driving.  And have a lot of time during the day to go home and get things done here too.  Afterall I still am a wife and a mother.  Have to do that work too!  I am lucky to have the best of both worlds.

Speaking of being a wife, my husband has been trying something's him not getting all upset at things he can't do anything about.  Like bad drivers, his lazy coworkers, (or hungover which ever the case may be).  AND it's freaking me out!

This week he hasn't complained or yelled once over the phone to me.  Which he usually lets me hear all his complaints.  Weird....I hope he's not sick or something.  Either way I am enjoying the calm.  It's a nice change of pace.

Babysitting all night on Saturday as the kids are going to a wedding.  We are going to the grandkids house so it should be a fun evening. 

AS always, have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

my pain in the butt cat

In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats.
- English proverb

my $500 cat is at it again.  if my husband didn't love the boy so much he'd surely be out on his hind end or at least posted in the newspaper with the rest of the pets up for adoption.  seems mr newton thinks it's ok to pee on whatever he feels like.  i read online that he is looking for something soft and that seems to be what he is using.  my dirty towels laying in front of the washer, my daughter's bedding she used when she camped out on the computer room floor with her friends.  eh gawd haven't i gone through enough pain for this animal???   i also read (thank the Gods for the internet and search engines) that cats do not like the smell of citrus.  so it's off to by some citrus cleaners to clean the pee spots.  i've changed & scrubbed the littler boxes.  i also have closed the doors to the room he likes to use ... AND now when i am not around to watch over the big pain i have been locking him in the cat bathroom.  GOD this animal is a bad boy!  a few years back i had this problem with him and the bathroom jail worked just wasn't so bad back then.  the cat went from not being able to pee to being able to pee way too much.  :::sigh:::  me and my big stupid heart...oh well, i shall win this battle and make my pet once more the lovable litter box going cat i once loved and enjoyed. 

such a wonderful way to spend a lovely, still hot and humid even after the weatherman said it would cool of saturday afternoon. 

otherwise i spent the day laying around the house not doing anything but eat, nap and eat somemore....oh throw in some mindless tv.

this after spending yesterday watching the grandkids...which i enjoyed...time to go back to what i was doing...a whole lot of nothing! 

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Yesterday I actually accomplished a lot.  Mowed the grass. We have a tiny 1/2 corner city lot.  Most of which is my plants.  So it only really took me a short time to do .  Then Liz and I painted the new computer room.  It's sort of a peach color.  It was the can that I thought would be terra cotta for my bedroom.  The paint I eventually got for my room was from the "oops" bin at the hardware store for 5 bucks.  AND it was the exact color i wanted.  I am really bad about picking out color too...but since I didn't use this for my room I used it for the computer room.  Only a bit of trim to finish and it's done.  I actually didn't mind painting either...I ususally hate all the dripping and clean up...but I was a trooper and did it.  Plus Liz and her girlfriend Emily were there so it was a-ok.  It's so interesting to listen to the teenage mind as they discuss their lifes...God I don't remember being that insightful...I mean these girls were actually making sense---I don't remember ever making sense at 16!  This is Em from Liz's birthday party last year. 



It's at my childhood home of which my father just moved out of .  I get my green thumb from him.  My husband throws a fit when Liz dresses like this...which she tries to do at any chance.  He always that kid some clothes that fit.  If he only witnessed the guts and butts that I get to see on a daily basis at the local high school.

Oh the humanity!!!

It's raining again, a nice soft gentle one.  Too bad the weather channel only called for 40% chance and that was for tonight....when the weather channel has been exactly the opposite all summer long.  Except for the heat...they've guessed that correctly!

I'm off...need to go work and take a look at the posted routes.  Have a great day!


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

this & that

First off what in heck is happening in this world???  Are we so self centered and afraid that we have forgotten how to actually show another human being an act of kindness??????????????????  

My issue is this....yesterday I went to the store to pick up my I am driving down my little street I see a girl who is wearing bike riding gear, you know the spandex, the shoes, the helmet  except she's not riding her bke she's carrying it.  She looks really young and I am not sure if she's an adult or a kid.  I drive past her and then I am thinking, ish that poor I take a chance (if she's a child I don't want to freak her know that whole stranger danger thing) and I go back.  Seems the poor girl (she is 20), popped a tire and had been walking for 4 miles!  Her knee was skinned up too.  Luckily I had my husband's truck so I asked if she wanted a ride.  She said 'oh yeah!'.  Her house was only about a mile away but it was a rough mile down a busy highway.  MY point is this...why don't people help each other any more???????????   Where is the humanity???  I told my son about this girl and of course the nut says, "was she hot??".  Whoa...hormones and young men.   I am not saying this for a pat on the back, but it's just who I am, I am a big believer in the Golden Rule, Karma, and just being nice to each other. 

Ok off the soapbox.  This morning I was greeted with a call from my sweetheart of a DIL seems I DO get to babysit this week.  On Friday!!  She told my hubby's ex that I want the kids, plus the ex is wanting to go to her trailer with Mark's brother's ex.  Guess they want to do some gossiping about their ex's.  You know an EX BASHING PARTY.  Oh for pete's sake get a life girls.  For me the only way I got free of my own ex was to get over him...and stop wishing him dead....then I moved on and got a life.  Oh well this is my humble opinion that if people have nothing better to do but talk about me and mine, then they really have a sad boring life, because honestly I am not all that thrilling!!!

Here's some of my joys from the FAIR---------->

My little man Koda...the kid I swear looks like a little man!

Liz and Tim .. My BIG babies!!

Jacob right after the Goats tried to eat his shirt...that's his momma, Tracey pointing out that goats are a-ok the piggy's too!  Jacob's shirt says, 'mommy's little headbanger" sweet...

Can you tell how proud I am of my family???? I am not worthy!!!




Tuesday, August 16, 2005

wedding pic of me and hubby

Me and my HUBBY!

He's not smiling but inside he's as happy as his beautiful wife!!!!!  As soon as I order the professional shots I'll post them.  They have them online so you can order them but they are super expensive.  

another of us with Mark's second son Jim...I raised this little darling!


The only picture of the bride and groom I took, Ish!  I suck!!!


Life is just one damned thing after another.
- Elbert Hubbard

Day 2 of being off work.  I tried to post an entry yesterday but AOL was doing it's thing of NOT working so I started one, my hubby came home so I just deleted it.  Wasn't all that exciting anyway.

My day yesterday?  Cleaned the bathroom, & I mean cleaned it!  Much easier now that I don't have 4 boys using it.  Such excitement!

It's beautiful outside and after the 3 days of rain last week our grass is finally growing!  Needs mowing too.

I also am going to paint my computer room which used to be my bedroom.  For some reason we never got around to painting it after all these 10 plus years of living here.  It's your basic white.  Before we moved upstairs to the larger room that 2 of the boys used to have we did paint that room.  It's a terra cotta color which I love....Our home is very old, built sometime in the mid 1800's.  It has short ceilings and small rooms.  I think it's been added on to at least 2 times.  But it's home and now I finally have the time to paint the neglected rooms.  With only one child left at home I still have another empty bedroom upstairs that was painted I think a few years ago....the closets in this house are huge, which can be a curse to a pack rat like me...I am getting better though, this week I am going to do some more purging ... I always feel so refreshed after a good dumping of junk.

That's about all the excitement for now, except Walgreen's called last night to tell me that I had somebody elses disc for my picutres, I told the girl that I hadn't picked up my pictures yet, so they still had it there...somebody had my wedding pictures, glad I was my usual poking self at picking them up....I'll do that today.  Hopefully I'll get my own pictures of people that I am related to!


Sunday, August 14, 2005


Never raise your hands to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected.
--Red Buttons

Spent yesterday babysitting Jacob and Dakota.  It rained all day so we stayed inside.   Those two kids are such nuts.  All day long I heard..." 'andma come on...go this way!"  We chased each other, we giggled, we rolled around the house.  I never had so much drool, slobber, and kisses since my own kids were babies.  I even got both of the boys to take a nap. 

And then we got to go home after Tracee cooked us an awesome meal of pork chops and potatoes all on the grill....ah the life of a grandparent!

Friday, August 12, 2005


Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows.
- Jennifer Unlimited


Whelp!  I'm done, I am finally finished with my summer route and I have a whole week off!  After this week I will be back to it...with route selections, training, and the annual district brainwashing.  It's always some dumb theme run by some professional company that tries to get us all "rah rah" and crap....and it is crap.  Most of the time the older teachers sit in the audience and gossip while the new ones sit up straight and listen intently like if they don't they'll get fired.  PLLLLLEEEEEEEEEAZE...but it's manatory and I get paid to go so I'll sit and  look interested for a couple of hours.  Plus I think we get donuts and you know if there's food a bus driver will come!

Yesterday it finally rained here.  Mark went into work for 4 hours and then came home.  We then finished getting my dad packed and cleaned at his house.  He's been there since 1971, he's got rid a lot of my mom's stuff in 1999 when she died, but he remarried a few years ago and brought Toni's stuff in his house.  So there was like over 30 years of stuff in that place.  He has an attic with a huge train set in it, plus a garage with all sorts of Mechanic's equipment.  Mark strained his back lifting stuff, but since he only worked 2 hours today (show up pay he actually didn't work) I am sure he was looking for an excuse to pass out today so that's what he's been doing ALL day sleeping just using his back as an excuse.

I don't care, I like being alone...

So I've been catching up on journals (when stupid aol isn't reseting itself) and I was watching really stupid TV.  I realized I need to get a life when I was watching with morbid fasination this show on E about all thes rich brats (one was the owner of Yahoo's daughter, one was Anthony Quinn's son, Pat Benatar's daughter, a baseball player's daughter, can't remember the rest of the snots.) and they send them to Colorado to a Horse camp.  On the plane ride the Yahool girl was hitting on AQ's son, the bball player's daughter was getting all miffed about...  This one kid who was from London, he's some Lord's son was all like
"Ewww American's, there so into their designer fashions!"  I wonder what will happen next week????Gotta love the rich spoiled children who get their one shows.

After I got bored with that show I switched to that show on VH1 with the celebs trying to lose weight...that show is really sad too...way too much screaming and yelling for me!  I really should be spending my time doing some productive, but hey I am off work out of traffic and now it's time for my mind just go idle for tonight.  Tomorrow I'll find something useful to fill it with.

So Mark will be off again tomorrow, because all the jobs are still too wet.  The rain has really been needed though.  Illinois is having one of the biggest droughts on record.  You couldn't tell it from my Sunflower - it's huge!  I have a roll of film with pictures from the fair (my grandkids) and a picture of my giant flower so I just need ot march my happy rear end to the Walgreens and get it developed before winter or the kids start school!

Mark's ex's sister in law passed away on Wednesday from a brain tumor. She was a grand lady and along with the rest of Mark's ex's family always got along with both Mark and I.  Tomorrow is the funeral so we will be watching the grandbabies.  It's a sad seems like the good die young as she was only 63, but she went quick.  I watched my mother take a long year to die from cancer.  For the cure got to difficult and she gave up and faded away.   Cancer is nasty...and for me I hope I grow up to be a little gray haired old lady who will be too old to drive a bus, but able to monitor...I gotta find a way to pay those little stinkers back .... me and my cain...we will be able to keep the peace on any bus ride! 


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

here comes the president


Coming by chopper?? 

Don't expect President Bush's motorcade to clog Fox Valley roadways this morning. He's coming by helicopter.

No body is talking officially, and a White House spokesman said the Secret Service will not reveal how President Bush will travel until this morning.

But the president is expected to travel via helicopter from O'Hare International Airport in Chicago to Caterpillar's Aurora plant on Route 31 in Oswego Township.

The president is scheduled to be at Caterpillar late this morning for the signing of the transportation bill. 

8/10/05-the Beacon News.  

President Bush is coming to my town today.  As the article states he is coming to CAT to sign a bill.  Denny Hastert, as we call him, Denny, because he is an Oswego grad,  was intrumental in getting this bill passed.    This morning on my route I experienced the traffic jam as folks came to see the President.  They were all parking in a huge newly graded field and taking Shuttle buses to the Cat building where he'll speak.  No we did not get that job, a company called Laidlaw actually had buses lined up taking the folks I would have loved to have that assignment!   As I write the President just signed the bill so when I leave to get my student I better give myself plenty of time as I am sure my timing will be justwhen folks are trying to leave.  The police did an awesome job of traffic control though...because the route I take is a very busy highway...on a good day it's heavy duty jammed.   Such excitment for my little town!    

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

last weekend

It was a very long weekend filled with a lot activity.  Friday night we went to the fair, Tim and Liz joined us.  Got to have some corn on the cob.  AND some homemade blueberry pie, you know the your grandma would make!  YUM!  Then Jeremy and Tracey came with the boys.  Jacob went into the small farm animals pen and the poor kid got ganged up by a couple of little goats...he  freaked out!  He was OK though after a while when his Mom to the rescue.  We all stayed for the truck and tractor pulls.  Jacob loved the big "lawnmowers", which is what he calls them!  Little Dakota is getting so big too he's trying to figure out how to scoot around...he's 7 months now so he'll be crawling before we know it.  I took pictures and my stepmom gave me her scanner so when I get it hooked up I'll share..

Saturday we spent at the trailer, but first went to Jeremy's to see the kids.  And enjoyed their swimming pool.  There's still a lot of needless stress going on in the home.  Tracey's sick of Mark's ex watching the boys...she has two new dogs and the boys keep coming home covered in dog hair, lately every time I am with Tracey she is seeking counsel from me...she's thinking she will get a 3rd shift job at Walmart so she can have Jeremy keep the boys and she won't have to use Mark's ex or any's very sad, too, and it's too bad that Mark's ex can't figure out how to NOT be so self centered.  Jacob had very bad asthma at one time too, and pet hair can't be good for him.  Tracey has a huge list of complaints: she doesn't feed them what she wants them to have (mostly junk), she props Dakota's bottle, the new puppies are biting the boys toes, she lets Jacob throw fits.  I could go on.  I've said this often enough children belong with their mothers if at all possible, and I still believe all she is doing is providing an income for Mark's ex. But my job now is to be a good listener and give suggestions.  Hopefully Tracey won't get herself pregnant again so she will have too many kids for Mark's ex to watch ;) !  Sorry that was evil I know...but I am not making this up!

Then Sunday we helped my father pack for Florida.  He has 35 years of stuff in that house plus my stepmom's stuff, I did get his freezer and a computer desk AND his house plants.  I will miss them, but he's spirit loves Florida and at 69 he deserves to be happy!  Besides he will have a built in pool and Florida isn't that far away to visit!

3 more days of school for my Summer route and I am ready to be off.  I am a spoiled bus driver who is used to my summers off.  I'll have a week and then go back to do some bidding and training and meetings start in two weeks or so...ah rest ... looking forward to it...

Friday, August 5, 2005

A new day...

ah the dawn of a new's way cooler out and the attitude at the home front is just as cool.  We took the daughter and went to see Eric's new townhouse last evening.  It's still considered college living, but it's in a brand new development and a brand new quad.  The place is great, great appliances,  (I am jeolous of the washing machine!), nice high ceilings, with recessed lights, he's room is huge, with his own personal bathroom, deck exit, double sinks and his very own toliet.  And let me tell you this in a college town, with college parties, college over drinking, and college barfing going on...your own toliet IS important.  He is no longer going to college, he's a working man now, so he pays more and got the biggest bedroom with all the amenities.  We meet two of the roomies and they both are upperclassmen and very nice.  Nice is good, older college age better, as the odds of them flunking out and going back to the parents, hence skipping out on the lease, are less.  That's what happened to Eric last year.   So I say good job kid! Proud of you!

Tonight we are headed to the Kendall county fair...this area is famous for our County fairs and town fests.  This is a small affair, but with plenty of corndogs, funnel cakes, live stock, goats in costumes, 4 H'ers running for County fair king and queen, truck and tractor pulls.  This is the event we are excited about as last year when Jacob was a wee 1 year old he stood at the face and freaked out over the BIG TRUCKS AND TRACTORS (which he calls Lawn mowers) he kept screaming "ahhhhhhhhhh".  This year at 2 he should be in Heaven.  And since my darling hubby has been so moody we have yet to make it to their house in 3 WEEKS !! I am having a baby jones!!!  Tim and Liz are going with us so I am realy excited.  I enjoy my children now that they aren't little pains, they actually are nice to be around, most of the time.

I didn't get in trouble over the bus driver thing.  Actually she was right behind me again today.  I was a good girl and didn't go up to her bus and tell her off, best to be a professional, after all I did nothing wrong.  And as one of you dear readers commented this boy needs something to play with other than the door handle so I will bring him something to read to pass the 15 minutes we are made to wait.  Today I gave him a small recipe book that another driver had left in the bus so that's all I had and that kept him quiet for awhile...he hasn't been naughty up until this week.  We both are ready for a break and next week is our last week so if he can be good so can I.


Thursday, August 4, 2005

is it friday yet???????

Not my temper tantrum although I am due for's been one of those weeks.  It's been hot, hot, hot...and when it's hot Mr Rose chooses to deal with it by simply and plainly FREAKING OUT.  He managed to behave Monday night when I wouldn't turn on the air conditoner it wasn't that hot and I ususally end up freezing in the morning.  He's been building up to a good freak out for days now.  He can never stop griping about the guys at work.  This is a habit he's had since as long as I've know him so I accept it.  He's a perfectionist when it comes to work and nobody can ever live up to his strict standards.  So....... last night he got angry because I let Liz go out to eat with Mike and his mom.  Oh my God did I hear all she does is run, how she needs to get a job, all the other kids had jobs, and her license! why doesn't she have her license yet???  She's not driving one of my cars in the winter with no license!  What is she going to do in the winter???  WALK to school!!  And her trip for Choir in the spring, I AM NOT PAYING FOR THAT!!!


I just stood there and said nothing.  Did no good, it never does.  We were supposed to go to the trailer and see my grandkids, but a block away he was too irrated to I got to spend the evening with my stewing pissed off mate....he did feel bad, said, "sorry I am an asshole."  DUH!

After 10 years of marriage I know this is part of the deal...just as he has to put up with my habits, quirks and from time to time maladjustments...BUT it's just too HOT to have to listen to it!

Anyway, to top off my lovely week, I was sitting in line at the school waiting to drop of my child and he likes to mess with the emergency door, it's a long boring wait and lately he's been getting pretty rowdy...I am well able and trained to take care of it...well Miss another school bus driver decides to tell me, she gets out of her bus and approachs my window..."do you know there's a little boy's playing with your door?'

The door only has a loud buzzer and I can hear it...I am not a deaf old bag yet!!!  I politely thank her and nod...GOOD GOD people take care of yourself!!!

Oh well...I am off to some more traffic, I'll write more later...if it's cools off that is!


I am back ... and I did get 'talked' to about the incident at the school with my student.  ISH!  I had a huge feeling that this bus driver would make an issue out what happened.  All the kid was doing was lifting the handle so he could hear the buzzer.  I am sure Miss perfect bus driver thought I was too busy reading my US magazine and deaf and dumb and perhaps blind and didn't see/hear/ignored my student who btw was seat belted in his seat and wasn't going anywhere.  Luckily for me the Special Service Supervisor is so cool, I think her and I were separated at birth.  She is the only one who can talk non stop like I do, plus she understands how my mind works.  She also used to be a driver, so she questioned me and said "oh I figured that it was something like that"!  But what irks me is this noisy driver went to the Co-ops director!  I have seen plenty of things at that school that I don't approve/like/think is unsafe and only go to my own supervisor to disuss it. 

Oh well, I am done, I feel better.  I won't hold a grudge, these things happen, it's just my perfectionist attitude (oops, now I sound like my husband!), actually it's my own ego, other people can do what they do...hey it's their problem to deal with.   That is my attitude at work, but that's another story!



RENT"S coming November 11, it's one movie that my daughter and I can agree on!!!

In daylights
In sunsets
In midnights
In cups of coffee
In inches
In miles
In laughter
In strife.
In 525,600 minutes
How do you measure a year in the life?
How about love?
Measure your life in love.

Monday, August 1, 2005

ah monday




Hey all it's it must be hot...yep it's hot again, but I suppose that beats the alternative and that would be winter!  Where we live there is definite seasons, and pretty marked too.  I have about 1/3rd of my summer 'break' left so I am going to keep chilling and enjoying it.  My route ends in 2 weeks, I'll have a week off and then bidding, and a bit of training.  Not too much effort...we don't officially go back until September 1st.  I'll be bidding on a kindergarten midday route too, so I will be getting 8 hours in thorughout the course of the day, with a few gaps between runs.  The nice part is I live only a few minutes from base so I can run home if I want. I am not taking a late route again this year, I don't like coming home at 5:00pm.  I am aiming to get something that ends at 4:00 pm.  I like being home before dark in the afternoon.  The school district has also changed the school hours, making the high school start the earliest, which will really cramp my kid's style!  She likes to stay up late and sleep in, even as a baby she was a night owl.  It will take some getting used to, but change is good.

My little tomatoes are starting to ripen.  A kid at the high school at the end of the school year gave me 6 tomato plants.  I had no idea what type they were.  5 are little cherry tomatoes that are sweet, and one looks like a normal size.  Which is ok, because I just plain LOVE tomatoes.  AND blueberries, which are 99 cents a pint in the stores and I am going to stock up and freeze some for the winter....I am getting wise in my middle age!  Save some for the winter....which I am also going to do with can goods.  Things are going very well here work wise, with our Semi finally gone, and Mark and I both working it's not so scary around here anymore $$$ wise, bills are actually getting caught up.  Whew God and hard work pay off...toss in some willingness and you got it made.  Plus my pickup truck will be payed off in December ... YIPEEE!  An automobile that I will actually own that I don't have to make payments on, it's been nearly 10 years since I've had that. 

We had a nice LAZY weekend.  We spent Saturday night star gazing with two other couples at the campground.  It was fun hanging out around their little campfire and chit chatting.  Made me feel almost like my old sociable self again.

Eric is moving to a new apartment next week so we are going to help him on Thursday.  And Mark wants to spend a midweek night at the Trailer on Wednesday...why not?  They have a nice shower house and it's only 20 mnutes away, some people commute farther than that every single day...I am just spoiled!

Have a great day all!