Monday, September 25, 2006


Hi all, I really am here, just more quiet than usual.  I've had an awful cold that started last Sunday and is finally leaving me.  It was more annoying than painful.  You know the kind that keeps you up all night with a runny nose??!!  Then the cough.  I did find the right combo of over the counter stuff and finally got some rest about midweek. 

I did watch the kids Saturday night, thankfully my cold was nearly gone!  They were their usual cute selves.  Dayton is getting huge, he has a big fat baby belly and thinks I am just so funny!  Liz had to work so I got him to myself, that is after I played monster trucks with Jacob and tickled Dakota.  He took a nap during that fun.   

The kids kept my mind off the silliness of my normal life, my job, traffic, bills, the weather, my hubby's job, etc.  God does bless us in wonderful and magically ways!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

stop rainning already!

It's been raining here since Sunday ... ick!  As I've said before:  big rain means no work for my hubby  = no pay.  He should be going back Friday which is ok, but he's driving me nuts with the sitting on Ebay...looking at motorcycle stuff, polishing his motorcycle...ok not that nuts he does cook the dinner and run Liz to school (walking the mile in the rain would stink for her), and tomorrow take her to her job.  Hopefully this little break in work will remind him that he still needs to line work up for the winter, just for his attitude alone.  He has a few things lined up already.  Besides I told him the only way he get to go to Disney when we go see my dad over break is to make some extra $$$$.  Personally, I'd rather lay on the beach like last year.  Plus he decided to buy Jeremy's fancy motorcycle...if he wants play he needs to earn the pay right??!

Gas is finally going down in these parts...$2.63 from $3.20 ish, which was one of the highest in the nation.  My little car gets great milage, we only spent $180.00 on gas on our trip last year.  I am ready for some fun on the gulf!  It's in the 60's here already and I had to try and figure out the heat on my new bus 60.  Monday the wet, hot blooded junior high kids fogged my windows up so bad I could hardly see.  I hadn't turned some knobs to make heat so now I know.

So far things are going well.   I do have a very young Early childhood group that are not very verbal.  They tend to scream alot, plus I have more girls than last year.  High pitch screeching can be a bit much...  All part of the job, my monitor is awesome, skilled and as with any new school year we will all adjust to each other. 

My junior kids are still a dream...I wonder when they will wake up and become normal??!!!

Tomorrow night Jeremy and Tracey are going are babysitting.  I haven't seen the kids in 2 Dayton is huge...hope I can pry him out of Liz's hands!!

That is if Jacob lets me, Dakota is all about Papa so at least we have enough big peoplelove to pass around...

see ya!


Sunday, September 10, 2006

2996 project...9/11 tribute

Martin Boryczewski
A Mother's Tribute to an All-Star Son

These are not my words but from an article written about Martin.

May 17, 2002

In his mother's home, Martin Boryczewski's bedroom remains as it was the day he died -- the bed neatly made, sports posters and photographs on the wall along with some of his trophies in their usual places.

It's a room full of memories.

Boryczewski, 29, an institutional stock trader for Cantor Fitzgerald, pursued a dream before eventually joining the firm: He was a good enough baseball player to be signed by the Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates, playing four years for minor league teams in their organizations.

Boryczewski was on the 104th floor of Tower One, along with several of his colleagues, when the tower was struck Sept. 11. His family thinks this is where he died that day.

Three months before the terrorist attacks, he began to gradually move out of his mother's home in Parsippany, N.J., and into a Hoboken, N.J., condominium. "Everything is left the way it was," the trader's mother, Krystyna Boryczewski, said.

Her son was a sportsman who loved fishing as well as baseball. He graduated with a business degree from St. Peter's College in Jersey City.

Before joining Cantor Fitzgerald, where he worked for about 18 months, he was employed at several other bond firms, including National Discount Brokers.

But his first love was baseball. "Marty was a catcher and a very good pitcher," his mother recalled.

Golf was also another of his passions. His mother said he started in that sport when he was about 12. She said that a week before the tragedy, he bought a new set of golf clubs, and that they stand unused in a corner of that bedroom of remembrance. An unopened box of fishing gear he ordered also is at home.

In the garage, there's a bass boat that Boryczewski used for fly fishing. He would often tow it to the Poconos in Pennsylvania with his father, Michael, who is divorced from his mother. Together, he and his dad would try their luck at a nearby lake.

Krystyna Boryczewski recalled that about 10 days before the terrorist attacks, her son went deep sea fishing off the Jersey Shore with his boss, Paul Furmato, in Furmato's larger boat, and caught a 110-pound tuna. "There are tuna steaks still in my freezer," she said.

Boryczewski was principled, his mother said. "He was full of integrity. That was very important to him." At a memorial service for him at St. Christopher's Church in Parsippany, Susan Penitone, the wife of a close friend, read from a poem Boryczewski wrote when she was pregnant.

"It was about how God was giving them a gift. Marty used to write poetry and was a very spiritual person, too," his mother said. In addition to his mother and father, Boryczewski is survived by two older sisters, Julie and Michele Boryczewski of Parsippany.--Bill Kaufman (Newsday)

Martin's family one year after 9/11 at the memorial site.

To me this young man had his whole life ahead of him.  His time was filled with his passions: his family & friends, fishing & baseball.  He is deeply missed by his family and friends....


The 2996 project link...

Saturday, September 9, 2006

the week in review

I feel so out of touch...I've spent most of the morning trying to get caught up with all my journal alerts.  The internet is a strange and wonderful place.  Where else can I get caught up on my kid's life except through his girlfriend's myspace?  I did learn today that they went to Chicago, had a party, his girlfriend got her carpets cleaned and isn't sure she likes her new classes at school.  She also isn't sure about "them", oh yeah and she's home today for somebody's birthday, I think her sister.  I did talk to my son last night and we are planning on getting together next weekend.  He's 21, I remember being 21, he's out livin' life, just like I did when I was 21.

 I don't ever dare go on Liz's myspace, ick teen angst is an ugly thing.  She is doing fine as far as I can tell.  She mad about her English class, says the teacher is an idiot and the kids are boring.  She likes an English class that will debate her, darn it!  She's doing her training at Kohl's.  She does not like the idea of having to 'sell' the Kohl's theme of using their credit card, which they push in their training videos, oops I almost said films...God I am old!  She is working today setting up the store.  First jobs suck, mine was at a hamburger joint (joint???) and I gained 20 pound in one summer...too much eating on the job I guess.  She'll be ok though, she's miles ahead of me in self confidence, more like me now.

My job is doing ok, the high school route that was added to my morning route, is a group of half asleep kids who are both polite and quiet.  The company that has that part of town is short 20 drivers, we are not so short so we have 5 of their buses with our drivers in them.  They were hoping to take over all our busing in the near future.  I do not see that happening anytime soon.  They have already had a couple of accidents too, minor bumping to each other, but none the less they are not making a good impression so far.

We went to the high school football game last night, beautiful full moon, and all it was a pleasant evening.  My dil is a math teacher there and does crowd control during the games.  My kids used to play high school football, this was the first game Mark and I had been to since 2000.  I always say I am stuck in the 90's...sometimes I feel so old, & I miss the days when my kids were young.  But then I remember I have now, I am wiser, and need to remember to appreciate now.  Tomorrow comes soon enough...back then I didn't appreciate all those kids or my I can.

Plus I have my freedom!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I really need to get some updated pictures...Dayton is getting huge!


Monday, September 4, 2006

Labor day

This weekend marks the end of summer and with it cool air and autumn fun.  I always have mixed emotions regarding fall.  I love the cool weather, the crisp feeling of the air, the leaves changing, the pumpkin farms to visit, but after fall comes winter.  I can take winter for about 2 weeks and then I am all for it to end.  Here in the midwest (northern Illinois) our winters can be harsh, cold, icy, snowy, blowy you name it we have it.  But I am not going to go there yet.  It's still only September 4th, plenty of warm days ahead.

We had a nice relaxing weekend.  There was a lot of families at the campground.  We didn't take the boys as they both had runny noses and were very crabby.  We did stop over twice to visit and get our baby hugs.  I ended up putting both Dayton (who is not sick) and Jacob to sleep last night.  

We hung out as a nice old married couple and chatted with some other campers, had a bonfire, and cooked hot dogs.  It did rain last night, loads...but fortunately we have  a trailer so we were dry.  A few others were not so dry.   I do remember our tent camping days and getting really wet during storms.

My work week last week went fine.  They did add a high school route onto my morning route.  Our district is so big that we have to contract out some of the schools as we do not have enough buses.  The company isn't able to do their routes in a timely manner so me and a couple of other drivers are taking them.  Morning high school routes are easy, high school kids are not awake at 7:00 am.  They sit, mouth hanging open, eyes glazed over or listening to CD players. (or IPods for the rich kids ;)  )

My junior high route kids were happy to see me.  The grade school kids aren't  quite sure what to make of me.   They are good so far.  My midday route is 3 and 4 year olds.  I still have the same monitor, and she awesome.  I had two little girls that I thought were twins, but they ended up being two of quads!  Mom has 2 teenagers and then the quads, 3 girls, 1 boy.  God bless her!


Saturday, September 2, 2006

gone fishin'


update when I get's too gorgeous to be inside!