Tuesday, March 27, 2007

old dog/new tricks

This week we will be converting to A T & T dish for our TV as we already have DSL & phone service through them.  They offer a free year of TV so why not.  When I first had AOL back in 2000 I had dial up which of course only cavemen use, then I tried their DSL and it never would work even after having a tech here for 6 hours.  I finally kicked him out when we had to go to my stepson's graduation, this was 2002, June.  I then went  through my phone service... SBC/A T & T/ma bell/Illinois Bell or whatever they are calling themselves this week.  I got their DSL in 2002..never had a problem with them, ever.  So last week when I was with Liz at the Cingular now AT & T store (she bought a new cell phone that has "everything mom") I asked about the free TV offer.  I liked the deal so I signed up and they gave me a new modem that is wireless...and faster.  I still haven't hooked it up....am I getting old or what??..I believe like the old timers that if something is not broke why fix it.   I am sure after the guys hook up the satellite tv I will switch my dsl too.   Probably be happy too.

Yesterday the tech came to hook up the TV...seems a big tree that is growing into my house and needs to be cut down anyway (chain saw chain is broke so the delay tree removal has been since last summer), needs to be moved before they can put up the dish.  Ok cool, we go get the chain, but now the chain saw won't run.  We can either rent or borrow one.  Jeremy's is broke, his friends is not.  So Jim went to go get the saw.  He & Matt (my two step sons) will take down the tree plus the dead Magnolia in the corner of my front yard.  They are both not working yet because of all the rain. 

Kids come in handy sometimes don't they??

Monday, March 26, 2007

attitude adjustment

With the unseasonably warm weather and the sun, not to mention no school, my mood has brightened.  I don't know why, maybe because I chose to snap out of my funk, but I am feeling better. 

I have accomplished some things, my husband is at work **JOY** and am feeling my old positive self again.

Old happy rose is back...hopefully to stay.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

some updates...

I am still in a dark mood, well, ok not dark, maybe blue.  I am trying to snap out of it though.  My head cold left as quick as it came and I am feeling better that way. 

Maybe when the sun comes out I will brighten up....these things always pass though.  At least it's warm outside.

Here's some updates.  The crash that killed the children will never go away.  And with a lengthy court procedure to go along with it.  The driver who is 23, very young, pleaded not guilty of her crime yesterday in court.  She has a slick lawyer.  I feel sadness for her.  Granted pleading this way may be a legal posture, morally it leaves me cold.  I learned a long time ago about taking personal responsibility for our actions.  The families must be beside themselves.  Some are suing her, even the girl that was not injured.  The two surviving boys that were so critical are both home now slowly recovering. 

Fund raisers have been formed, people are looking for answers.

So far little has been learned as far as lessons from the tragedy.  K's brother was busted for under age drinking, pot and fighting last week.  

I feel so helpless to watch my town, my world.  3 teenagers one month after the accident in 3 separate incidents got busted for DUI.  All of them under 18.  One is Liz's friend.  Liz and  I are discussing ways that we can help our community. She is very against underage drinking.  Any ideas would be welcome.

Also, the boy that disappeared from Purdue 2 months ago and had been last seen at my son Tim's frat was found this past week.  Apparently he went to one of the dorms looking for his jacket, he got confused and opened a door that was an electric closet. He tripped and was instantly electrocuted.  God how awful. 

I know from my past experience all I need is some rest, some down time to reflect and recharge.  I will see my babies this next week and I know I will have my hope back.  They are such innocents, sweet and pure.  I could some of that.

With break next week I will be hanging around keeping in touch.  Have a great weekend.!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

crawling out from under my rock

One of my dearest J-land buds emailed me to make sure I was alive and will so I figured I'd come out of my cave and say hello!

Spring is here and I am shaking off the winter funk that has accumulated around me.  My husband is finally going back to work and we have been making some decisions about how we can save for next winter.  This one has been a rough one, but God has provided all our needs and my days are easier when I let go of the things I have no control over.  We have decided to take his raise and put it into an account to not be touched until layoff time.  Plus I will be working this summer.  This will prevent us from getting so far behind on our bills. 

With the warm sunny days...brighter days are ahead.  I enjoy working summers at the bus barn, as it's pretty laid back and shorter hours.

I am fine, we will be fine, and I am thankful I have caring friends to make sure I am all right.  Love you all

Although I am sick again, this time with a head cold, spring break is next week and I promise to be around!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

TGI nearly F

My son Tim turned 25 Tuesday.  He didn't feel well, so I knew there would be no alcohol involved in his happy day...j/k it was a work day & he is an Engineer at a Bearings company so I know he would have behaved anyway.  Now the weekend...

This week has been tough, the weather has been crazy, snow, sleet, chucks of ice failing from the sky and last night?  A thunderstorm!  The ground still has a lot of frost from the cold winter and the rain is flooding everything.  Ah  you gotta love the midwest this time of year!

My work has been more insane than normal.  The kids must be having cabin fever also as my normally good groups have been antzy and neglectful in following the rules.  The drivers who normally whine, bitch and moan over every little thing are magifying these behaviors.  Me?  I try to fly under the radar, keeps me out of trouble.

Today I tried out some of the free yoga programs offered my cable company.  Mostly deep breathing exercises that have helped my stress level.

My husband needs to get out of the house and my stepson being here is not helping.  He has some very bad habits that I doubt will change by him being here, at 27 he is quite set in his ways. 

Spring will cure most of this as they will both be too tired from working 10 hour days outside.  Fingers crossed for an early spring.

Liz is head of Tech crew and has performance tonight and tomorrow, I will attend tomorrow night.  I could use a good laugh!