Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The babies are coming!  Jeremy is renting the house next door to me...officially...and he's taking my stepson, Jim who's been here for nearly 2 years with him!!

The youngest, Dale after many threats and weeks went to Target this morning to apply for a stocking job...with Liz as his reference he is pretty sure he will be employed by weeks end.  He feels this job is beneath him as he is used to well paying construction jobs...but with the current economy his older brothers may be joining him. ;)

Mrs H is in the nursing home, healing, having us still work for her, and demanding to be sent home.  Guess I was wrong, she's feisty as ever and wants to keep on hanging around this earth for a while.  She often tells me St Peter asks God if it's time for her to come to Heaven...He says not yet!

Hubby's 35th reunion Friday evening get together. 

Fun, but Saturday's picnic was better...less alcohol by some...Here's some comments...D says, "I don't remember you, who were you?" to me...and " I had such a crush on Mark during junior high"   By the end of it all as with all things age is the great equalizer.  People I thought were snobs are now down to earth, others are trying too hard to look either young or older than their years.  Otherwise it was a great time.

Another busy work week...but busy is good...especially with 3 school days off in October...God I love my job!


lifes2odd said...

Since I didn't see any mention of it here I thought I should break the news, AOL journals are closing down on Oct 31!
Go here for more info -- http://journals.aol.com/journalseditor/magicsmoke/entries/2008/09/30/sad-but-true..journals-closing-its-doors/4061
This is so sad! I'll be posting my new blogger link on all my journals as soon as I'm up and running. I'm in a panic right now!
Martha :-(

plieck30 said...

Class reunions are kind of bitter sweet. I wanted to go but I didn't but I did go. I always think I am the only one who got older and fatter but others have too. lol Paula

suzypwr said...

Lucky you to get the grandchildren so close! It couldn't be better! I love class reunions.